Reiki is a super powerful healing modality. It is life-force energy and a Reiki Practitioner is attuned to this energy, able to channel it into others through intention. Reiki energy is used to assist in the self-healing journey of a client. While the Reiki practitioner does not do the actual healing, Reiki allows the recipient to receive it where needed and thus heal themselves. Reiki is used to heal many ailments and balance any focus of dis-ease. The body is extremely powerful in it’s ability to heal itself and Reiki acts as a support in that personal journey. The Practitioner places her hands on various parts of the body, and will intuitively scan for imbalances in the chakra system. We can notice aches and pains, often feeling it in our own bodies! Reiki can restore balance and well-being to you once again. It also aids in small discomforts, emotional trauma, stress, and relaxation. An open-mind helps to receive the Reiki energy more efficiently as well as an open heart. Your willingness and desire to heal what ails you is only an appointment away! Get ready to release what no longer serves you.

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