Mediumship is all about connecting with Spirit and your Loved ones on the other side. A Medium can successfully show you that the ones you love and miss the most have never left your side. The gift of Mediumship is extremely valuable in everyone’s life. Spirit communicates with me through visions (clairvoyance), words (clairaudience), feelings (clairsentience) and most of all SONG! Songs have profound healing effects on a broken heart. Spirit uses humour, love and expressive ways to get important messages to the client, often leaving them with a feeling of peace and relief. You will leave your reading with a new-found awareness of the Spirit world and a strong inner-knowing that they are with you always, just in a different way. Spirit vibrates in a higher frequency. When the soul leaves the body, the soul becomes energy. Energy is all around us and we can feel it in our day-to-day lives the same as we do sound, light and electricity. This may explain why you are unable to see them physically, touch them or hear them. A Medium can do this for you and share her gifts to help you in your time of healing.

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