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Angel Card-The Star

Another card drawn for the masses today: The Star-Archangel Jophiel. The first image that is shown on the card is pouring from an empty cup. Burning the candles at both ends.  Enough is enough. It is time to step into our true nature and take back our power. Taking time for yourself, quiet time, rest, Netlix binge for hours and all your favourite ways to recharge the battery! Let go of guilt and always doing the things.

The purple suit of this card indicates a spiritual aspect and to consider exploring nature, returning to reading books of self-development, taking courses and learning (only if they are a HELL YEAH) and meditation (of course! ;))

When you start to believe in yourself, magical things happen. Confidence grows, your light begins to glow brighter, you attract opportunities and more. Life gets more joyful. Dreams can come true. I am hearing, “a dream is wish your heart makes” and the journey is far from over. It’ s only just begun. I am sure that’s a song, too. 😉


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Angel Card-The Wheel

The Wheel signifies both small and large shifts not only within you, but also in the planet.  More and more people are feeling SO uncomfortable within their bodies and are needing to make changes now. No more can we sit idly by and allow others to make decisions for ourselves or tell us what we can and cannot do. Our soul will not allow us to shrivel and remain in the same, tight and constricting cocoon we have created over the last 20 years.

New beginnings are on the immediate horizon and we can begin to breathe huge sighs of relief soon. With all of the energies surrounding us as of late, this is a welcome change. IF you do not sit back and do nothing. You WILL need to take inspired action steps and follow the breadcrumbs in order to achieve and attract your ideas and wishes. A change is imminent.

This may be a career change (it is no longer in alignment with your life purpose and your soul contract) or a change in relationship. A feeling of stuckness, trapped-ness and being enclosed is becoming unbearable. However, this chain of emotions and uncomfortable-ness is for the highest and best for all.

Are you allowing the changes the Universe is giving you or are you in resistance? The more you resist, the more pain you may be in. Happiness is just a decision away. Go with the flow, change cannot be stopped and trust in your dreams.

The rose quartz is added to the card’s energy to remind us that we are love and that we are loved so much. The Universe isn’t punishing you. It is simply giving you what you have asked for.  <3


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Five Signs You Might Be a Medium

BLOGGER’S NOTE:  The feelings or sensations gift is called ClairSENTIENT not Clairaudience.

I had no idea.

I was so wrapped up in wiping noses and zipping zippers that I didn’t even see it coming. I wasn’t born with it, nor did I have a gift inside of me. Perhaps my intuition was growing and I was more apt at following my gut instincts lately, but I was led right to it. The day I saw a Medium in action changed my entire life.

That day will forever been embedded in the history and life of me. If anyone was to write a memoir of my life story, it would be the chapter where it all did a large u-turn on the road of my life. It’s a story that seems to fascinate people I meet and they want to know more. They ask me to tell them the story of how I became a Medium. How did a Mom of four kids, wife to a Fireman, lover of cats and changer of diapers end up speaking to the other side?

For me, it was quick. I went to an event much like the ones I do now. The medium was at the front delivering messages to the audience and she said, “There is a line-up of Spirit around the room ready to give messages to you!” I remember looking around and seeing nothing. I distinctly remember thinking, where?? I couldn’t see a thing except the anticipation and hope on the audience’s faces. I have to admit,the energy was palpable but I wasn’t sure if it was those invisible people I couldn’t see or  the ones I could see sitting around me. Either way, it was electric.

At the time, I had no idea what was to transpire. The trail of my new destiny was about to unfold before me and the Universe began to drop some people and events into my life that would lead me to  studying to be a Medium.

Three years later, I have quit my job teaching kindergarten kids to tie their shoes and how to stand in straight lines. I have hung up my library bag full of books on cats who wear white shoes and little girls who turn the color pink from eating too many cupcakes. I have gone from a woman who sings songs about alligator stew to a woman who can communicate with the unseen. How’s that for a life-change?

Like I said, I had no idea I was a medium. I didn’t hear bumps in the night nor did I have visions of tow trucks. (Which ended up being a prediction of mine later on and came true.) I only had one visit from a Spirit when I was a younger while staying at a friend’s cottage. I could see the outline of him but I was too freaked out to do anything so I fell asleep. I assume he got bored and left.

It wasn’t until I was told by a medium that I, too, was one. Exsqueeze me? I have no idea what you are talking about.

But then I got super curious. And then I got super passionate about learning how to navigate the unknown. I began to feel a tingling sensation to my right and above my head. I committed to getting quiet (meditation) and I felt and heard more. The more I meditated, the more I felt. The more I opened up and took action to further my learning, the more I understood and wasn’t afraid.


Fear is a big block when it comes to this type of work. Fear of the unknown, fear of what people will say, fear of negativity etc. Yes, this all comes with the territory. I believe it is part of the journey. An important part that is necessary to realize our abilities and to eventually be confident enough to serve others in a very powerful way.

With the help of my mentor, I was able to learn in a controlled and safe environment how to communicate with spirit. It’s not hard and also extremely fun to do. Spirit has a sense of humour (obviously) and is real.

Here are 5 ways to tell if you might be a Medium, too:

  1. You Are Drawn to All Things Spiritual.

That doesn’t necessarily mean if you are a crystal hoarder or light some sage once in a while that you are a Medium. It’s more of a magnetic pull. A bigger curiosity within you that grows every day. The more you ignore it, the more uncomfortable you get until you MUST seek out help and mentors. It’s when your social media news feed suddenly gets bombarded with posts from other mediums, healers and lightworkers. Spirit uses what you know to get your attention. Your curiosity continues  to grow each day until you can’t ignore it anymore.


joanna-kosinska-627636-unsplash (1)

2.  You Have Strong Feelings about Things.

Yes, we all have intuition or gut feelings. An inner GPS system, if you will. You may know something about a friend (she’s actually pregnant, even though she hasn’t told a soul) or you predict your Grandmother is about to have a heart attack (me). You feel tingles around you, or your arm hair stands up for no reason. You feel like someone is watching you but no one is there. You walk into a house and feel like there is a strong presence. Experiencing feelings and sensations is called Clairsentience. Congratulations. You have a sixth sense, or as I like to call it: a gift.



3.  Animals Seem to Follow You Around

I am not talking about your dog or that annoying fly buzzing around your head. I’m talking about large black crows that adorn your lawn or seem placed at the side of the road as you drive (me.) The deer that appeared out of “nowhere” or that frog you keep seeing everywhere you go. Spirit animals are an integral part of the spiritual journey. A seemingly magical quality to when they show up (not random) or your friends start calling you “Snow White.” It’s all about the magic.

4. If You Actually WANT to Meditate

For most people, meditation is a scary word. It feels overwhelming and time-consuming. Let me tell you: It’s not any of those things. It’s a way to get to know Spirit, connect to your true nature and nature itself. When you get quiet, you are able to now receive sensations, feelings, nudges, ideas, inspiration, and if you get really quite, messages from spirit. You may hear things more clearly (clairaudience) and receive guidance from guides or Angels that will assist you on  your path to mediumship or wherever you are headed. Meditation is key to opening you up to love and where spirit exists.

5.  You Have a Family History or Lineage

Even though this wasn’t the case with me, I have met and spoken to a few people who are actually born with the gift of mediumship. Their Grandmothers, their Grandmother’s Mothers’ and even their own Mother’s have told tales of dealing Tarot, mixing herbs or tea leaf readings. If you feel you have been blessed to be born with the gift of connecting with Spirit, go for it. It’s literally in you and your family would be proud for carrying on the traditions. And if your family doesn’t approve, even better.


I am sure there are more ways to tell if you may be a Medium. These are the ones I felt guided to share with you. Only YOU will know for sure. And if you’re still not sure, find out. Take a course or workshop on intuition. Start there and grow up into the big leap into Mediumship. It is rewarding work. It changes lives. It’s powerful alchemy. A gift that is meant to be shared with others and not hidden. But that is your journey to discover. I am just here to lend a hand.

For more information on Intro to Mediumship or Unearth Your Intuition:




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Don’t Wait

I have always wanted a tattoo.

There are a couple of reasons why I haven’t gotten one yet:

  1. I didn’t know what I wanted. I can’t just get a tattoo to get a tattoo. I wanted it to mean something.
  2. I kept putting it off  because: “one day” seemed like a perfectly logical time.

I have always known I wanted one, but I knew the perfect idea would come to me.  I never did book an appointment for these reasons.

Rewind to a few years ago:

My interest in all things Harry Potter came about when I was going through a very difficult transition and upheaval in my life. I had heard about the books but never took the time to invest in them let alone crack one open. And, as the Universe would have it, I was led to these literary classics that would assist me on my painful journey and transform it into a magical and spiritual path unbeknownst to me. Once that path was revealed to me, I felt like part two of my life movie was about to begin shooting.

I have always felt quite magical myself.  And I, like Harry, had been hiding in a closet under the stairs, too.  Here are some more, yet very critical similarities between myself and the most admired Hogwarts student:

  • Harry and I both wear glasses.
  • We both know a redhead.
  • We both have magical powers.
  • We both have to fight off the Dementors
  • We both summon Spirit Animals (Patronus vs. Crows-he uses a wand, I use my  mad manifestation skills.)
  • Harry pursues his mission no matter how difficult or impossible the task seems.
  • We both have Mentors, although mine are females and don’t go by the name of Dumbledore.
  • Most importantly, Harry Potter and I have also worn a cape of Invisibility.



I could relate so much to the stories and I was captivated by the magic of it all. Literally and symbolically.  Because who wouldn’t want to visit Hogwarts with its revolving staircases and get the chance to guzzle some Butter beer? I found myself scrambling to watch the movies after each book so I could compare the two and I always found something I could empathize with. It took on so much meaning to my soul that I have been a Potterhead ever since.

But, this wasn’t going to be a blog post about Harry or my tattoo.

This blog is about not waiting.

Today, I witnessed loss. I spent time with those who have recently lost a loved one. During the visitation, I was drawn to the television that was showing photos of time gone by. From this beautiful Mother’s early days to most recent photos with her grandchildren.  I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the moving pictures on the screen. I was enthralled with the beauty and love that I was observing with each flash of a captured moment. Ranging from snapshots of her eating pizza with her friends to exciting destinations she had visited over the span of her short life. I held my breath waiting for the next photo to come up so I could honour her in that moment. I wanted more.

Then it hit me.

The moment of clarity in the realization that we aren’t going to always be here. We are constantly creating memories and time moves incredibly quickly. We don’t possess time-turners, although I am sure there are days we wish we did.  And I bet you some galleons that her family and friends would do pretty much anything to get their hands on one today.

Here is what I know:harry

Waiting is unhelpful.

DECIDING is magical. The decision to finally do something about it; creating a life that means something, deciding the place you’ve always wanted to visit can be now; doing what your Soul is whispering to you (and then begins to shout at you,) is what LIFE is.  It’s what we all wish to find. It’s taking the leap and then figuring it out later. It’s saying, YES to adventure and not allowing FEAR to confine you to the shackles your mind places on yourself. Why do we wait for one day and next time?

What happens when you aren’t in your physical shoes any longer and now you can’t do the things?  Take a moment and let that sink in. Yes, we are infinite beings but only on this planet for a  short span of time.  We are here to be curious, create incredible things, tell stories, share secrets, speak our truths, spend our time with those we love most. Our spirit didn’t come here to hide, withhold, plan for later, dumb down, kick the dirt in shame  or put off until next year or when we retire.


I have been in fear mode and not done some of the things. I had small kids, had no money and been too afraid to navigate YYZ, too.  It wasn’t like I was born with bravery and am fearless. I just know that I am limitless, a fact I wish more people I love understood. Today, I googled: “How much does it cost to travel to Paris?” and yesterday I googled: “How much does it cost to go to Maui?” Two places I never believed I could visit.  A younger version of me, the one who hadn’t witnessed countless messages from spirit about the power of freedom, wouldn’t fathom the possibility of this even being a thing that could happen for me. Over my magical journey so far, I have learned to embrace the truth that we are love and fear is only present to keep us safe. There is no magic in safety.

The truth is:

We came to DO.

Get the tattoo.

Go on that trip.


Quit your job.

Go back to school.




Really live and not exist.

Don’t wait.



(This is the tattoo I have chosen. My appointment is booked for two weeks from writing this blog:)

The Patronus Charm (Expecto Patronum) is the most famous and one of the most powerful defensive charms known to wizardkind.[4] It is an immensely complicated and extremely difficult spell, that evokes a partially-tangible positive energy force known as a Patronus (pl. Patronuses[5]) or spirit guardian.[3] It is the primary protection against Dementors and Lethifolds, against which there are no other defence. Harry Potter Wiki Fandom Page.




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Surrender. I know you’ve heard this word a bazillion times. It seems to have caught on as  one of the most widely-used and  popular spiritual jargon of these conscious times. We hear it all the time from our Spiritual “celebrities” and leaders the most. If you have someone in mind, such as Gabby Bernstein or Jesse Elder (two of my personal favourites to follow and listen to) you’ll hear it on an even bigger platform. To be honest, I used to have no idea what the term actually meant, or rather, what it meant to me until quite recently. I learned what it meant to surrender both energetically and literally.



To surrender simply means to let go. Allow. Let go of control. Wave the white flag. Go with the flow. Ride the waves.  Hand over control to a power much larger than your tiny human self.  It means to trust that the Big U has it all under control. Much easier said than done. Doesn’t matter if it’s Brene Brown, Kris Carr or Santa Claus himself, who is offering this critical piece of spiritual advice. It ultimately is up to us to figure out what it really means to us on a deep personal level.

I’ve never been really good at it.

I can admit that.

The truth is, it took a lot of pain and trying to force various things on others to learn the hard way how powerful the choice of surrender really was.

I used to be a pusher. A Doer. Email that potential client three times until they said, “No. Really, thank you but I am not interested in what you have to offer. If I was, I would have said yes in the first place.” This one hit hard. I was beginning to notice that the more I pushed, the more I got “No.”

_061418 (7)

Photo credit: Maiden to Mother Photoart

But that’s what the “experts” told me to do.

All of those dollars invested in and spent on workshops on how to build a business.


Marketing ploys.

Money manifesting challenges.

None of it worked.

And it probably won’t work for you either.


Because all of those “things” the so-called experts tell you and the secrets they are revealing to you are missing one key element.


I’ve realized that you can’t force anyone to do anything.

You cannot cajole or sell the pants off of someone with your fancy ads on Facebook.

I’ve discovered that with all the smoke and mirrors of “Hey! Look at me!” posts and videos, people can see right through that. Everyone has intuition and you all use it in some capacity that allows you to empathically feel that person’s energy, emotions and reasons behind the offers. I know because I’ve done it.


I’ve been desperate for money. I’ve posted things that weren’t in alignment with my higher self. The dang hydro needed to be paid.

We all do it.

But what we forget sometimes is that this isn’t how a soulful business owner, or really maybe any business owner can thrive. It doesn’t create a feeling of abundance when we force. It creates feelings of doubt, and worst of all, lack.



And going back to those leaders who are writing books and doing speaking engagements for the masses, they too will tell you the same thing. It’s all about the surrender.

When you get to the point that you can trust Source to bring you what you ask for….

When you begin to believe, and then know, that there is no lack, or competition, or pushing necessary…

When you find the wave of letting go of control…

That’s when things really start to happen. In BIG ways.

Right now, I am trying to surrender over when my book will be in my hands to share with the world. There are delays. My publisher hasn’t answered my emails. I can’t seem to get the manuscript perfect. I want it now.

But I can’t.

It’s not up to me.

It’s up to the Universe and now that I know the secret, I am surrendering.

I am handing it over to Source. To a power bigger than myself. Bigger than all of us.

I know you have something you want, too. We all possess a desire of something. Maybe it’s a goal we haven’t achieved yet. Or maybe a partner or a job. A baby. A house to call our own. Money. It doesn’t matter what it is. The key is to let it go.

Ask and wait.

Surrender it over.

You will learn on your own journey that pushing, forcing the issue, screaming, crying and begging for what you want is futile. In fact, it’s creating the opposite of what you want.

Last week, I was in the water. I was feeling frustrated by my situation and I had this massive urge to float. Really float. So, I did.

At first, I felt so much tension in my back and shoulders. I was so afraid to fall under the water. I didn’t want the water to sting my eyes and nose. I was afraid that I would sink and sputter and cough.


My first attempt, I did that. I couldn’t stay afloat. I could hear Spirit tell me that I wasn’t letting go enough. I had that neck pain like I was holding on too tight to a rope. I failed.

I tried again.

This time, I heard, “Let go. We’ve got you.”

I laid my head back again and allowed the water to carry me. All of my weight and my fear. I relaxed my shoulders and allowed the waves to carry me. Ah, surrender is possible. It felt so good to not be afraid. It felt good to just lay back and let the water support me.

So often we don’t allow the support. We think we have to carry it all.

Let the water carry you and decide to float. Decide to surrender.

Then watch your desires appear right in front of your eyes.


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The Dark Side of Spirituality

The other day, I got another taste of the dark side or shadow side of my spirituality.  I wish I meant Darth Vader or some other ridiculous reference to Star Wars. I want to set the record straight about Spirituality, waking up and the decision to embark on a Spiritual path. This wasn’t my first experience with shadow and I am not here to freak you out or make you run for the hills. I want to share and educate and inform those of you who are called to this journey. I want you to know what it IS and what it isn’t. I wasn’t ready for it. That woman who inspired me to become a Medium and who called me out on that was bang on when she approached me and said it. I don’t want you to think you have to put a smile on your face even when it’s all going to shit.

Blogger’s note: I FREAKING love what I do. And this blog is my personal opinion and experiences.


Here are some things I have learned along the way:

  1. Positivity:  Most of you believe that in order to be considered a “spiritual” being, you must be POSITIVE all the freaking time. This is actually false. I’m not sure where along the way someone decided it was meant to be this way, but in fact, it is quite the opposite. Bombarded with self-help books, the Law of Attraction phenomenon and misleading “inspirational” quotes that plaster your social media pages don’t exactly help us. We hear over and over that in order to wear the “I Am Spiritual” t-shirt, you must first walk around like everything in this world is sunshine and rainbows. Heaven forbid if you forget your daily affirmations or skip your meditation one day. Please go easy on you. You aren’t perfect and it’s exhausting trying and always being in fight or flight each moment of your day. Take a minute (or 30) and just sit with yourself. See what comes up. Close your eyes and breathe into it. jared-rice-388260-unsplash
  2. It Isn’t all Light and Love:  ROFL. I hate to be the one to break it to you (actually, I am happy to do it) but being spiritual isn’t all light. Spirituality involves some pretty fucking messy work on yourself and that includes looking at  your shadows. Mediumship isn’t just about channelling your loved ones in spirit. (Which I fully admit I was NOT prepared for) It’s light AND dark. You can’t really have anything without both sides of the coin. Same goes for this. Light and dark. Ying and Yang. Up and Down. In and Out. Ok, now I’m just quoting Katy Perry.  All spirits aren’t the good guys. Some are manipulative. It’s a learning curve and I’m getting better at recognizing it. I am thankful for my low-vibe energies experiences. They’ve brought me so many helpful people who have become Mentors and friends. Having support is key to this work.
  3. You WILL Need to Work on Yourself:  Speaking of work, being on this planet requires us to show up and serve others in whatever capacity that is for you. Each of us WILL at some point, have this “holy shit” moment and start to question everything. Your “reality”, who you are, what you came here to do, your purpose, your beliefs and your relationships. None of it will make much sense to you one day, if it hasn’t happened already. For me, it was six  years ago when my middle son decided to throw 1000 piece box of Lego across the room. Simple as that. It could be a tiny thing or a massive event that will change the course of your entire life. But can I tell you something? It will be SO worth it. You must go through it. You can’t keep stuffing it down until you’re 80. Do you want to be free? Then face the pain. Don’t shove it down anymore.ines-pimentel-564023-unsplash


What is the definition of spirituality anyway:


To me, it means to constantly find ways to SHIFT from fear to love. Thanks Gabby. If you practice enough, and turn your face to love-based feelings, decisions, relationships etc, you can never go wrong. It doesn’t matter what you believe in. Love always wins. And that is what Spirit is. Love. Easy peasy.

Now that I have made the choice to look at my shadow-side (because we all have one) it’s kinda pretty messy here. In this place, I know there are some beliefs I need to expend, some pretty hard life choices I need to look at and of course, there’s the past decisions that I made that had catastrophic effects on the ones I love. Looking at those everyday. Feeling and digging in the crap. But it’s all necessary. It would hurt more to keep doing what I was doing. It would feel MORE uncomfortable to keep trucking along and just living with it. It is more freeing to forgive myself and that person than it is to hold onto it. I meet so many clients who are mirrors of me. That me I used to be. I hear their stories and I yell, “OMG ME TOO!! That happened to me! I did that too!!” It’s the best part of this journey, really. Because now I know I am not alone. They truly do inspire me to speak my own truth. Looking at the shadow side is SO liberating. I know that joy is just around the corner. If it isn’t for you, make the decision to do the  work. Decide enough is enough and you’re tired of feeling this way. It’s been too long. And when you decide to look at it, I will hand you that t-shirt that says: “I am SO Spiritual”.  Because now you get it.

Need someone to believe in you? I am transitioning my Mediumship business into Spiritual Coaching.


Maybe it’s time for a new email 😉


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How to Meditate

My name is Jen Abra and I am a full-time Professional Medium. Becoming a Medium happened very quickly and was never on my list of dreams, goals or aspirations in life.  Being an ECE with the school board and for the past 15 years seemed like a perfectly reasonable career for me. However, it seems I was meant for a career change and here I am.

I really enjoy serving and helping others.   I remember the days of immense stress and frustration as a Mom of four young kids plus working full-time. I wish I had meditation in my back pocket back then because I know it would have helped me deal with it all much better. Over time, I have been taught by many Mentors but admittedly I have discovered Meditation while studying to be a Medium. I look forward to it everyday and once it became part of my daily routine, my life transformed.

My “why” for being here today and teaching you/guiding through meditation is because I know first hand what it can do for you. We as Moms sometimes put ourselves last and rarely, if ever, make time for ourselves. Even if you are not a Mom, you will, of course benefit immensely from creating a strong meditation routine in your daily life.


Where to start:

Here are some tried and true tips to start meditating at home:

  1. Choose a specific day and time that will be set aside for Meditating. The BEST times are when you just wake up and before bed. This allows for you to not have one more thing to do and since you’re already sitting up comfortably, it’s the perfect time/space.
  2. Download Insight Timer app on your phone. This app has thousands of meditations ranging from beginner (1-10 minutes) to advanced (30-1 hour) You can listen with headphones. This app also keeps track of your progress so you can see how you’re doing.  Click here:
  3. Take three deep breaths in and out. In through the nose, out through the mouth. This signals to your body and mind that it is time to be present and relax. Drop your shoulders and loosen your jaw. You may not realize how tense you are until you do this!
  4. Do NOT beat yourself up if you cannot “control” your thoughts. Having a busy mind while meditating is TOTALLY normal and trying to push them out will make it worse. Simply let them come, acknowledge them and then let them go. You can envision in your mind’s eye a river and as the thought comes, put it in the river and watch it go downstream.
  5. Make time for yourself a priority. YOU are the most important person in your life. You deserve to take care of YOU and that is exactly what meditating is doing for you.




Benefits of Meditation:

  • Stress relief
  • Peace of mind
  • Relieve anxiety
  • Connect to yourself
  • Improves concentration
  • Respond instead of react
  • Increase in happiness
  • Self-awareness

Plus, so much more. There are also many spiritual benefits to meditation.


It takes 30 days to form a strong meditation routine. Stick with it. Get support.

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Weekly Video Messages

What would you do if you could hear from your loved one in Spirit every week? What about a weekly Psychic prediction or confirmation about your next steps?

As a Psychic Medium, I know firsthand what it’s like to question what you’re experiencing. I’ve witnessed many clients struggling with their own sanity, worrying about what others will think of them for feeling strange and unexplainable sensations.  Spirit is all around each and every one of us. Some of us wonder if there’s some truth to that and some are looking for answers.

You’ve seen butterflies, you’ve received dimes or feathers and perhaps you’ve heard that special song only you and Spirit share that reminds you of your ldavid-clode-527265-unsplashoved one. You just know it must be possible. They can’t just leave us. But how will you know for sure?

Some of us are struggling along our paths as well. We wonder if the decisions we make are the “right” ones, we over think and analyze; forgetting to use our hearts and not our minds. Forgetting that everything is in Divine order and the Universe has a bigger plan for you than you can even imagine.

So how do we DO this? How do we find answers within or find out for sure our loved ones in Spirit are safe?

That’s where a reliable and trusted Medium or Psychic comes in. The good news is: your answer is available to you any time you wish.

A Medium has the incredible gift of connecting you with your loved ones in Spirit. Validation, proof, love, messages, faith. Your loved ones energy (Soul) is constantly with you; watching over you and your family. They tell the Medium incredible stories of things they are watching you do and help to guide you with decisions you are making. Messages from the other side can have lasting positive effects on a grieving person and give them strength to carry on.

ron-smith-372792-unsplash (1)

A Psychic has the ability to predict (from a love perspective, not fear) see, know and share with you helpful information that can assist you on your journey. Making tough decisions isn’t easy, especially on your own. Asking Spirit’s help for guidance and reassurance can be life-changing! “Should I take that job?” “Will I move to a bigger house?” are just a few questions a Psychic hears during a reading and loves to answer, according to Spirit. You can get answers you are looking for.

What if I told you, you could receive weekly messages or psychic information? Not once every six months but every week?

Video messages are now an option. Emailed to your inbox every week, you could choose messages from your loved one in Spirit OR weekly guidance. I am so excited to share what Spirit has to say with you. I will channel your loved one who has passed or I will deliver guidance via Spirit through videos every week.


Email for more information and what is required.




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Being of Service

If you’re an Soulpreneur <just a fancy term for entrepreneur/business in the Healing Arts> you’ve probably heard this umpteen times: “being of service.” If you have done much personal work, digging deep in to your soul and have immersed yourself in your life path and purpose, you know how important and life-giving being of service to others really is. It’s the life-line of spirituality, it comes from a place of love (which everything is) and it is our work as Lightworkers to share our knowledge.

Even if you aren’t a healer, a mentor or even know what your purpose or gift to give is, this blog is for you, too. Firefighters, massage therapists, Doctors….the list is endless of those who serve others. Most of us, whether we realize it or not, serve everyday. Parents, authors, teachers…the list literally never ends. Because the truth is, we are all here to serve. To help, share, teach, grow, develop and be.


What happens though when you are in service, and you are doing it from a place of expectation. From serving others but expecting something (financial gain, a job, a leg up, a raise, advancement) in return. Is that really serving? Is it coming from a place of love or lack? Ego or Soul. The answer is easy.

I am guilty of serving with the expectation (hope) that I will receive something in return. Not all the time. But a lot of the time. And I am not perfect and can admit that to you. Raise your hand if you’ve given away something for free and wanted something back. <Raises hand>



This morning a read a blog by Gabrielle Bernstein about how to achieve your dream. One of the steps was to serve. Read here:   Without expecting anything in return. Wait! What? My first thought was, “OH WOW!” That’s perfect. If I was serving from a place of love and true service, then I would be giving freely and openly. If I’m being completely truthful with you, my dear follower, this hasn’t always been the case.

I need money. We all need money to not only survive, but also to be free. Truly free. Travel, cars and true freedom lies in abundance. Who doesn’t want abundance? THIS GIRL! It’s our birthright to feel, be and experience abundance. We are abundant beings. Quitting my secure job may have left me feeling a tad wobbly on the money front. While I do trust the Universe 100 percent, I do have times of doubt. We all do. I don’t care how spiritual you are, you are also human and your ego can put your positive momentum into a tailspin in the wrong direction. And when that happens, it helps to shift it from fear to love. Instant reminder and feeling connected to Source once more. Ah.


When I had my lightbulb shifting moment reading ole’ Gabby’s blog, something shifted. Again. (Sooo many shifts this month!) No wonder I’ve been experiencing burn out symptoms, urges to hide in my room and to completely get off social media for a few days! I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time! Well, not all the time. Just sometimes. In times of mistrusting the Big U, forgetting that I am already abundant and that Source is always providing for me.

What I realize now is that I want to show up and serve from a place rooted in love EVERYTIME. Service is my middle name and I loooooooooove to give. I love to share my knowledge of manifesting, how to meditate, the signs from Spirit and most of all, the evidence that your loved ones in Spirit never leave you. I want to show up in confidence and authenticity. After all, it’s what I came here to do. Help. I’ll just do more of the love serving. Thanks Gabby. 😉




P.S. Want to learn how to connect with Spirit? I’ve got the answers for you.





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Calling in the Angels

You’ve heard me talk about signs from Spirit a lot. A lot, a lot. It’s kind of my thing. It’s not my entire thing but right now, it’s the thing that helps my followers the most. In fact, I’ve hosted many online programs about them for the past two years and I even have an unpublished book on it (does that count if it’s not on the shelves yet?)

Talking about the signs (“Signs, Signs, Everywhere the Signs”) is super important and part of my passion. It comes with the territory of what I do (speak to the invisible) and it helps a lot that I have some practice with the topic.

I do hope you’re aware of what they are and how you can receive them (If not, check out my one-day program called Signs, Symbols and Synchronicities here:     ) You don’t have to believe in them to receive them but it does help to know what they are.


This blog isn’t about that though. This one is what happens when you’re aware of them, and you regularly receive them and you are trucking along your spiritual path. Doesn’t matter where you’re on it; beginning, middle, I guess there’s no end! I’m referring to what comes next when you dive in. Really dive in. that kind of diving that delves into who you really are. That soul-level You. The non-human you who doesn’t lie awake all night worrying about money or taxes or if you gave your kids enough for lunch that day. The part of you who is pure light and knows the way.

It’s the part of you that can help you feel your connection to Source, feel energy and receives inspiration through meditation. Don’t worry if you’re not there yet. It’ll come. If you’re there already, you know and you want more of that.

When you’re super connected to who you really are;  when you remember that part of you…. your life becomes a whole new ballgame. You call in Spirit, (which is love, the Universe, God, whatever you want to call it) it flows through you.


pexels-photo-110854.jpegThe magic begins to flow. The manifestations are abundant. You ask and it’s yours. Almost instantly. Pure gold.

Discovering and maintaining your connection to Source energy is the most amazing gift you can give yourself. We are all connected but some of us are not aware of this! When you remain fully connected, there is nothing you can’t do. You know that feeling, dontcha? Some call it the “sweet spot”, some call it manifesting and the LOA, some call it alignment. It’s all there when you’re tuned in.

Not sure how to get there? Here are some tried and true ways to connecting to your Soul/inner being:

  1. Meditation. Quickest way to connect to Source energy and get back to who you are. The longer and more consistently you sit with yourself with no distractions, the stronger the connection. pexels-photo-156120.jpeg
  2. Learn how to love and appreciate yourself. People can only like you as much as you like you. When you love on yourself, you are connected because that is who you are.
  3. Visualize how you want your life to feel and look like. See yourself doing well and being genuinely joyful. Joy is key to everything. No joy? No connection.
  4. Think positive thoughts as much as you can. 11:11? That’s the universe sending you a message that you need to get your thoughts back on track. Thinking a negative, non-serving thought? Stop. Pause. Breathe into it and turn it around. You do have the power. Kick the habit today.
  5. Feel your way. Like I said, joy. What if you can’t feel joy right now? Reach for a better feeling thought. Happiness is a choice and the best way to feel Source. Plus, it feels  way better than being in a bad mood.sea-beach-holiday-vacation.jpg
  6. Ask for help. Call in your Angels (they can’t help you unless you ask) Call in your team of Spirit Guides, loved ones. Call in human help. Delegate. Say what you need.
  7. Call in the Holy Spirit. No joke. Say it in your head. Watch what unfolds. It works every time. Amped up signs abound.
  8. I don’t do yoga but I know it’s a sure-fire way to feel the energies and be able to connect.
  9. Unplug. Literally. From the internet, social media, movies. These are just distractions, addictions that keep us from connecting to ourselves and source.

Don’t forget love. Source is love and love is Source. You are Source energy because you came from that. Source (the Universe) is flowing through you. Think about that statement for a second. Feel the power in that and the knowledge that is able to flow through you. The creativity will flow. The inspiration will come. The ideas. The helpful people. The signs. The miracles. All of it is waiting for you. How will you feel the connection?

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