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Beyond the Butterflies

Butterflies have always made us feel something. From us believing they are a sign from our loved ones in spirit to simply witnessing their beauty and flight, allowing us to be present. Over the years, the symbol of a butterfly has become increasingly recognized as one of the top signs of spirit. When one sees a butterfly, we sigh a breath of relief. Symbols and tattoos have also gained significant popularity due to an abundance of spiritual blogs, books (even in my own book: Unearth Your Intuition) and social media posts. It also signifies transformation; both of self and the copious changes that are constantly streaming into our lives.


We have grown to adopt this symbol as logos <mine from years past included> We wear them as a badge to announce our radical metamorphose from mere “caterpillar” to something “more”-a butterfly; indicating we were not enough at some point and now we are something special.

Today, I’d like you to consider thinking beyond the butterfly.



Allow me to be the one who tells you: you were always the “butterfly”. You never were small. You didn’t need to crawl around in the dirt. That was simply a story we fed ourselves because we had this mindset that we have to “work our way to the top”, ‘earn love’, and worst of all, “we weren’t good enough”. Yes, that transformation did occur; you are always renewing yourself, always shedding old skins and wanting to move forward.  But you were never the caterpillar. and you are not the butterfly.

As we keep moving forward on this journey, ever evolving and changing,  I challenge you to consider seeing yourself as so much more. Recognize and remember that you are here to create; not necessarily learn important lessons. You aren’t here to be punished, carry out some old worn out past life shit or spend your human life being sad. You are not the butterfly; I challenge you to no longer view yourself as one in order or you to step fully into your epic beingness.

Beyond the butterfly, you are not willing to denounce yourself as not good enough. Beyond the butterfly, you are so much more than wings and beauty. Beyond the butterfly, you can stand in your power fully; so much so that a mere symbol of a butterfly is now too small to describe you.

Beyond the butterfly, you have the courage to do the things you never dreamed of. You will have the courage to travel alone, study a new language or subject, dive into your spiritual journey, learn to love yourself and jump at the opportunities the Universe is presenting to you at this very moment. Beyond it, you can create the most abundant and prosperous future.

<Even these words I type don’t sound like they are coming from me.>

I, too, used to believe I was a caterpillar. By doing the work, I am now in a position of seeing how magical life truly can be. I can’t settle for butterflyness. I have remembered too much and am in the process of stepping more and more into who I really am. A butterfly is too small for me.

Beyond the butterfly-ness, I am me. And so are you.


To purchase a copy of my book, Unearth Your Intuition, FULL of signs from Spirit-including butterflies ;), go here:









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Momness “Not Enough-ness” At Christmas

Facebook is the one place in the next coming days where your “not enough-ness” can amplify and make you feel like you are a bad Mom.
The posts of the perfect baking sessions with the kids, the perfectly wrapped gifts already under the tree, the trips you aren’t taking to The In Laws house for reasons you don’t discuss… it’s a lot.
It can wreak havoc on your already stressed out mind and body. It can play tricks on your mind. It can make you fall to the ground in tears. It could consume you if you allow it to.
Let me be your reminder once more today and in the coming days. You are doing your best. You are trying and I support your brave face.
I see your feelings of not enough-ness in your Momness and I raise you an I’m not going to any get together’s like the others on Facebook. I’ll be here with my family and no friends are coming over. I may suffer from not enough-ness sometimes too.
We aren’t immune from it. But we can try. We can try to switch from lack to love. Love yourself through it all. Celebrate what you CAN do and don’t compare yourself to those “perfect” posts. You never know what is going on behind the smile.
Take it from me. The gifts you’re wrapping are enough and your kids will only remember the feeling of Christmas morning not how much you spent. I’ve been through the lonely Christmas Eve wrapping session comparing the small piles between my kids too. They won’t remember it but you will. And you’re doing great.
Stay in your PJ’s if you want. Watch some movies and eat some treats. Don’t feel bad for feeling less than joyful and excited.
You’ll get back to alignment soon.
And you ARE enough.
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Ever notice when the Universe is trying to show you something hard and you know you need to show up for that lesson, and it’s super in  your face but you just can’t even that it AMPS UP TIMES A BILLION??

This is my current lesson: Patience.

Current dialogue:

Greeaaaaaaaat timing, Universe. It’s the holiday rush season. The time of hohoho holy shit, there are so  many humans crammed together in this massive mall. That guy just breathed on me and I think I feel some of his spit on my neck. I am sure now I will be sick because that kid just coughed all over me and I think I see some snot on my sleeve. How long is this line for real, anyway? I just want out of here before my I have a full-blown 44 year old temper tantrum. But wait, is this me or the empath talkin’ here? Is this my temper tantrum or that kid over there who’s begging his Mom for that toy on the shelf by the check out? (Who decided that was a good idea, anyway?) This parking lot is so full of cars. Oh, shit. Where did I park again? Hang on. Play it cool. Did the Universe seriously hide my car?? Just act like you know exactly where you parked and you’re just pushing the unlock button for fun. It’s definitely not because I’m pushing it to see my SUV lights light up. Found it! Phew.  Now for Tim’s tea in the drive through because I deserve it after that! OMG! Would you look at this line?? I swear the Universe put this line here to make me learn patience again. Well, HA. Fine. I can be patient. <Ten minutes later-gets tea> See! I can wait. I can be patient. <Starts driving-gets stuck behind a plow AND a tractor>  :/ Are you freaking kidding me? I have to get home by 8 and you put slow vehicles in my way! I see your slow vehicles and I raise you a deep breath, Universe. I will learn this lesson. <Keeps calm by singing Christmas songs on the radio> Hummm hummm lalalala. I am doing so well! I am so calm and patient. <Hits road closed sign> Insert eye roll here. 



And it goes on and on and on like this. All day. I have learning patience show up in my home with my laptop being slow, my kids not getting in the car when I want, the money not showing up when I want it to, the lull in clients, the late Amazon delivery even though it’s Prime. It just keeps coming at me.

I am definitely not a patient person. I want things done yesterday and I want what I want right away. I can’t wait. So, what do I do with it? How do I accept this part of me and instead of pushing it away as a flaw, what if I fully accepted it? What if I loved that part of me? The one who is always wants things to go smoothly and expects things to turn out a certain way <but in the time frame I’ve given it 😉 >

Being patient is my informer. It tells me when I am in fear mode and when I need to head back over to the love side of the spectrum. It’s a notification from the Universe that tells me all is in fine working order, there is no need to rush things and that seeds planted take time to grow.

So, I will continue to stand in the long lines, (unless I manifest a short one!) and I will breathe when it’s time to slow down and be in a state of wonder. I will appreciate the chance to notice others around me and to send them love instead of judgement. As I write this, I am thinking WOW! What a change in mindset I’ve had. You can do it, too.

You’ve just gotta be patient.

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Don’t Pee On the Rug (Failure)

This morning during my pre-dawn social media scroll, I came across some of my past failures. Oh, good morning world! Nothing says it’s gonna be a great day like waking up to a nose rub in failing. Kinda know now  how a new puppy feels when the owner scolds it for peeing on the rug :/

The post was from two years ago when I decided to cancel my first Reiki 1 Class. Right there in my face. HAHAHAHAH, sucker. You couldn’t get one person to sign up for that!! Insert big ole’ L on my forehead. At the time I posted, it was as if I heard a full cricket symphony on a loud speaker coming down from the Universe. I texted and messaged clients and friends and said, “Hey! I am teaching Reiki, wanna come?” Nope. Nothing. The following year, I tried again. Created an event on Facebook, same course and two signed up. Well, that’s better. But then…..I chickened out. It didn’t “feel right” at the time and so I cancelled it. Again.




With that being said, <and maybe I was being a tad dramatic>, here’s the real deal about failing and what I realized this morning after deciding to see it differently:

  • Failure is all about perception. You can decide to see it negatively or positively. A chance to do it over and do it better.
  • It may not be the best timing. The Universe doesn’t work on your time and if something isn’t a BIG OMG YES….It won’t happen the way you want it to fully and on your time.
  • Maybe failure isn’t what we think. Maybe it was a word made up by  grumpy  men who needed a word to put with their feelings of yuck when something didn’t “work out” for them the way they anticipated.
  • Maybe the Universe didn’t like your plan and wanted to take you on the way better path.
  • It’s just a U-turn.

Huh. A U-turn. Think about that for a second. What if what we observe as failures are just simply a loving and kind gesture from the Big U? What if it’s saying, “Dude, there is something so much better over there if you’ll just wait a bit longer and trust me.” WOW.

With respect to my Reiki U-turns, this year I have posted my third try at teaching it and it is almost sold out. I did not have to hunt people down and beg them to sign up. I simply created the feeling of helping my students and what that would look like and BAM.

So, it’s not failure. It’s a U-turn. It’s something better. It’s Divine Timing. It’s the, ” I love you so much I might die!” love from the Universe. It’s so much more than that.

How will you choose to see it?

PS. Two more spaces in that epic and perfect timing Reiki Level 1 Class.



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You’re Doing Just Fine

It’s only 8:30 am on a Wednesday and I’ve already heard from three friends that they don’t think they are doing “a good job.” At Mom-ness, at work and at partnership. They aren’t where they think they should be or feeling like they are falling short in their important roles. Sound familiar? I was there myself not too long ago.

We all fall into the “not enoughness” trap at some  point in our lives. Some stumble and trip into it more than others. Our minds can play dirty tricks on us if we aren’t careful and catch it at the beginning stages of falling. That negative voice inside that likes to poke at your so-called faults, illusions of failure and lack. That is what we call the ego. The ego’s job is to keep us safe and small and to make sure we don’t get too big or shine too brightly. But is that what we are? The ego would love to sit down for a drink and make you a list a mile long to keep you in that chair all night. We sometimes choose to sit with it and like an unwanted and noisy relative, we allow it to over stay its welcome in our house/mind.



The first step is to catch it when it starts to creep in. It’s like a green slime that sneaks into your brain while you aren’t looking. Once you can recognize it before it hits, you have a much better chance of stopping it in its tracks before you find yourself covered in it from head to toe like a kid on a Nickelodeon show.

The second step would be the miracle step. That’s right, I just made that up. A miracle is defined as a shift in perception from fear to love. You must make the choice to steer that negative self-defeating voice into a more positive and loving one. Yes, even the dudes must do this important step. If we are on the wrong end of the spectrum <fear>, how will we ever live as we truly are: love. Soul equals love. Ego equals fear. When we get off-track or we get stuck in the muddy path of the past, we are in fear. Fear shows up as: anger, not enoughness, rage, lack, depression, sadness and meanness toward ourselves. We stop caring about being over on the love side and we choose to stay in fear mode. We believe it feels better to be here. I am here to tell you it’s not better here. It’s over on the love end of the spectrum where we transform lack into wholeness once more.

I am a big believer in self-love now. I used to hate me. Things like,  “I suck at this thing, no one likes me here, I am so invisible, I can’t do this and my favourite: I can’t do anything right.” Check in with your self-talk right now. What are you telling yourself? Do you like YOU?  A lot of us don’t even like ourselves. Isn’t that sad to know?

You are epic. I am your cheerleader. You are my friend. You are more than enough.

This self-doubt needs to stop being your jam. All it does is exhaust your soul.  It’s hard to be around someone who doesn’t see their beauty, gift, light and amazingness. I see it. That’s one of my gifts I was given. I see the light in you when you don’t see it for yourself.  I can see past the mask, the dark clothes that you think blend you into the crowd of sameness and I can be the one who comes over and shows you your light.

I am here and you are enough.




PS. I have space in my Spiritual Mentoring programs. 1:1 Private Coaching. 3 sessions-$500 online. <3

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It happens to the best of us.

One minute, we are comfy and cozy in what we are doing each day. We know the routine by heart. We could recount our daily steps, our conversations with others, what we wear, what our jobs look like…the list goes on and on. Ah, comfortable. It’s warm and fuzzy and we love it….until….BAM.

What just happened??

Like a bolt of lightning, we are forever changed and forced out of our comfort zones.

It may be just a small switch in our work duties or even as big as a death of a close relative. Everything. just. changes. And we don’t like it. Not one bit. It’s shitty and stupid and our very first instinct is to try to pick up the teeny pieces of what we just had and try to get it back. We want to re-coccoon in our safe spaces like a toddler’s blanket fort. Why would the Universe dooooooooo that? We had it all going for us. We were doing so welllllll. 


During times like these, it’s helpful to remember a few things:

  1. We are in full control of how we respond-notice how I didn’t say react. To any situation, we have full power to control our emotions and take a deep breath before acting negatively when something changes.
  2. Change is good: sometimes once we get used to the newness of it all. Change is usually for the positive and can be directly linked to the fact that the Universe always has our backs. This includes job loss, a relationship break-up, the ghosting of a long-time friend etc. What we knew no longer fits us. It is time for growth and we can’t do that if we stay stagnant.
  3. Have a temper tantrum. It’s ok to be upset when something shakes us up. We may even experience a breakdown. In the moment, we may feel anger, loss, upheaval, despair, heartbroken, agony and more intense emotions. This is part of the growth and sometimes, it takes everything to be broken down to the bare bones so that it can be rebuilt into something even better.
  4. You will rise like the Phoenix. You will be okay. If not now, eventually. Look to the sky for support.
  5. Don’t try to go back to your comfort zone. The Universe has given you a gift if you look hard enough. Our natural instinct would be to look backward because it’s familiar and safe. When I was let go from my dream job of having my own kindergarten classroom, I was devastated <understatement> I thought my entire life was over-I was a tad dramatic. At the time, it felt that way, though. It was all I knew and it felt like someone had died. I had no idea what would come next and I was terrified that I would never find another job that better suited me. Looking back, oh em gee! I am SO grateful I got let go! If I hadn’t, I would never have met all those amazing people who led me to my new dream job: Paranormal Investigator/Medium.
  6. Take deep breaths. Keeps you present which is where you need to be right now.
  7. Love yourself through the changes. It’s messy but you are the most important person. Take care of your thoughts, your feelings and your body, too. Sleep.
  8. You are transforming. What a beautiful butterfly you are becoming.
  9. Trust. Trust Source that it knows what it’s doing.
  10. Be brave even when you don’t feel like it.


555. Is that what you saw 100 x’s before the shake up happened? Or was it 999? Both signify changes and endings. All for the highest and best for you. You are loved through it all. I can’t wait to see that incredible soul that shines on the other side of the changes.





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Oops! I Did It Again.

Ooops. I did it again. I wanna thank Britney Spears for the line.

What you ask?

I overdid it. I multi-tasked too hard. I pulled a moving too fast muscle. I fanned the flames of wanting to be famous too much. I forced and pushed through. Damn it. Right before I am about to teach a course. Self-sabotage much?



Whatever you want to call it, it doesn’t really matter much now.

Now that I’ve succumbed to the fact that I am out of ease once more and have fallen ill. Again. Like seriously.- how many times can one person get sick in a short amount of time? That’s a legit question. Any doctors in the house?

I eat ok ish. I nap a lot for a 43-year-old. I could out nap a toddler. I take my supplements <yay Juice Plus> and  I concoct essential oil capsules and dab them on my neck. So, what the heck is going on?

Well, it could be a variety of things:

  • Self-sabotage. The energy of, “Let’s mess up this really good thing I’ve got going  on and fuck it up subconsciously without trying hard” thing. It’s happened before and usually before I do something “bigger” or stretching out of my comfort zone.
  • Legit Germs. Ok, fine. I have kids who go to school and bring home the nasty invisible critters on their hands and stuff. Even my nevergetssick hubby was sick last week so let’s blame this one on him. 😉
  • Pushing or Forcing an Outcome: I thought I was getting better at not doing that. Of trying too hard to get others to like me, approve of my posts, read my blogs, watch my videos. I don’t think it’s this one.
  • Always Doing Instead of Being: Ok so this one is a real contender. Aren’t we all guilty of doing so many things at once? Racing around like chickens with our heads cut off <ew> instead of breathing and being in the moment?
  • It’s Snowing: I really can’t blame the white stuff. I love the snow. Go watch the cute cat video I posted of my new kitten trying to eat snowflakes from inside the house.

Insert Jeopardy theme song here.

After careful contemplation and scientific analytical analysis from my duvet-covered bed, I’m going with the first two options.

Why does any of this matter, dear reader? Because whenever I write a blog post,  it’s for YOU. It’s to help you remember that it’s ok to be human, fuck up, try too hard to impress, forgive yourself, have fun way more than you’re having now…Wait, my blog is fun. It’s ok to give yourself permission to rest for a bit in your onesie <I am currently wearing the one my husband got me for my birthday last year.>  Otherwise, we may end up sicker than we feel currently. And no, the FLU is not a season. It’s a misalignment. It’s a wake up call to your soul and body that it’s time to heal all the shit. Are you listening? Or are you going to keep going the route you’re on.

And if you happen to not listen like me, there is always the surrendering of it and allowing yourself that time to heal.

Plus, there’s always cute cat videos and Netflix to keep you company while you snuggle up and rest.

Love Ya.

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Repeat After Me:

Affirmations. Some love ’em, some not so much. They are just “one more thing to do.” Who has time to repeat the same sentence over and over and over? YOU DO.

I get it. I used to be anti-affirmation.

So annoying. Listen up Louise Hay. You can take you affirming mirror work and put it, well, you know where. But then one day, it happened. I realized I had been resisting the repetitive mantra work not because it was stupid. It was because I needed it. Sometimes the things we need the most are the very things we push away. Our excuses overtake and fill our minds instead of the decision to do the work. Affirmations used to be dumb until I met Bob Proctor and discovered how powerful this stuff really was.


And at this point in my life, I was already knee-deep in the mud of my negative self-talk reprogramming so I figured I had nothing to lose. Now I don’t look myself in the eyes while naked in the bathroom and tell myself I love me. Although that is a thing/book by Louise Hay minus the nakedness <I think> damn her! I did purchase her book: Mirror Work but as I type this it is literally collecting dust on my spiritual self-development bookshelf.  I supposed I am resisting that as well.

The way affirmations work is the idea that our repeated thoughts become strong beliefs the more we repeat them. You all have those negative programs running in your subconscious, or what I like to call your “Commodore 64 Floppy disk program.” You have either told yourself or been told by someone else that you are not worthy of love, you are ugly, fat, stupid, useless, unloveable, need to put yourself last forever infinity. If you really think about it and dig deep, you can come up with some more non-serving beliefs in there. Logically, if you can program your mind to believe these negative things about yourself, then you should be able to RE-program your mind to believe all the positive ones, too. Sounds like a hard task, doesn’t it? Even though it may sound daunting and waaaaaaaay too much work, the end result would be life-changing. Wouldn’t it be incredible to instead choose loving, beautiful words to repeat to ourselves until we believe them? Then we could actually live them!

What we need to do is upgrade your old programming and replace it with the newest Apple XS program.


How do we do this: Affirmations. I have tried EFT tapping <which is also super effective when done properly but I am finding having a positive affirmation on repeat is quick!> Here is what I do that may be of help to you:

My current affirmation is changing my money story. The negative beliefs I have held around money my entire life do not serve me. Here are some of my beliefs:

  • Rich people are assholes
  • They drive fancy cars and drive like assholes, too.
  • Look at that big house/mansion. <no fair>,
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  • Whatdoyou think, we are made of money?
  • Audi, Denali and Land Rovers are vehicles I will never drive.

For me, I am choosing to reprogram these into more positive ones or I will never be the prosperous, abundant, rich person I am meant to be. Here is my affirmation <actually, I have two>

“I am so happy and grateful now, that money comes to me in increasing quantities, through multiple sources on a continuous basis.” (This one, I play on my ear buds while falling asleep every night on YouTube from Bob Proctor.)

“I am expanding in money, success and love as I inspire others to do the same.”

Do your affirmations have to be around money? No, of course not. They could be:

I am enough.”

“I am worthy of amazing life-changing opportunities.”

“I am beautiful, loveable and worthy.”

You can create your own affirmation according to which beliefs you wish to work on. Once you have reprogrammed one, you can go onto the next. The key here is to repeat 1000’s of times and not just once or twice. They won’t have the same effect. Remember, you are literally reprogramming your entire brain! Consider it upgrading. If we keep comparing your negative beliefs and subconscious  mind as an old outdated computer program, how would you change it? Well, you’d buy a new program and install it, or you’d get a whole new superfast computer. Repetition is the answer. Affirmations on replay are the key.



What negative beliefs do you have currently playing in your mind? Write them down so you can be clear on exactly which ones are running your show. You’d be surprised to see what you really believe and tell yourself every second of the day. The good news is you have the power to change the program. I challenge you to begin the reprogramming today. Grab your ear buds, google your fave affirmation and lay back and enjoy the upgrade.





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How To Know If You’re Truly Psychic

I get a lot of messages like these:  “I just know things, I can predict things in my dreams, they come true!” Sound familiar? Well, the good news is you are not alone like you may have previously believed. Being aware of the innate gift you have <yes, I said gift> is the first step in developing it.

What stops you from going one or a hundred steps further? Doubt. Doubt is the number one block in really expanding your knowledge. It stops so many from standing up and claiming their amazing abilities. The, “what will others think of me?” is the most popular excuse I’ve come across in my dealings with those who wish to step out of the spiritual closet. And that’s exactly what it is. An excuse. Just another way fear <ego> gets the best of you and keeps you hidden.



Why don’t we first figure out how to really know if you’re psychic first before I encourage you get out of own way?

Here are some telltale signs you may in fact, possess psychic abilities: They may be different from what you previously thought!

  1. You regularly meditate. This opens you up to Spirit and naturally enhances your abilities.
  2. You have strong feelings about something being “off” when meeting someone for the first time.
  3. You begin attracting like-minded friends who possess the same gifts as you.
  4. You can feel others energy just by being near them.
  5. You have an interest in it.
  6. You choose books based on intuition. I happen to know a really good one called: Unearth Your Intuition-How to Uplevel and Transform Your Life Using Your Inner Superpowers. 😉
  7. You can predict strange events.
  8. You see repeating number signs. This is the Universe communicating with you on a vibratory level to get your attention.
  9. You want to learn more and seek out Spiritual workshops.
  10. You have a song in your head and then hear it when you turn on the radio.
  11. You feel others’ moods.
  12. You cannot handle the mall.
  13. Dreams come true.

There are many other ways to know for sure but the number one way to know is that you are drawn to figuring out if you do or not. Your intuition is your number one inner GPS to unlocking your fullest gifts. You do not need another Psychic or Medium to confirm this for you.

How do you develop your gift? Easy. Take a course. Find a Mentor. Seek out others who are drawn to the spirit world. More and more people are taking brave steps to figure out the mysteries of their abilities and how to further use them. Your gift is meant to be utilized to help others and yourself. The deeper you dig, the more gold you are going to find.

Come and join me on Saturday, November 10 from 10-3 for my one-day Psychic Development Workshop in Shelburne, Ontario. You will learn how to read Angel Cards, how crystals work, reading auras, how to meditate effectively, how to conduct a psychic reading for partners and more!


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Why We Need to Put Down the Heavy

Lately, I’ve been feeling  a bit heavy. Too much clutter in the basement. Too many clothes I don’t even wear anymore. Even my hair was feeling heavy so I cut it. Why do we carry so much heavy? What ever made us feel like we had to carry such heavy loads? Did it start with the laundry baskets? Perhaps it was the way we were taught that we must be “strong, tough and hold it all together” as women/Mothers. Whatever it was, it’s about time we stop doing it.


Over the years, I have had my share of heavy. As a Mom of four, I used to take on the role of martyr. Oh look at me, I have so many children and I am now Superwoman. I can clean the entire house, cook, hold two screaming toddlers on my hips while expertly folding the laundry at the same time! Back then, my kids were much younger, had constant snot running down their faces and couldn’t use the washroom by themselves. Add in lack of sleep you’ve got yourself a whole lot of heavy. 

Today, the heavy looks more like clutter in my kitchen, basement and closets. It takes the form of doing too many things that don’t light me up. While it’s no longer heavy to carry all of that laundry <my kids have been doing their own for years>, it does take the form in other places now.

As a self-employed woman, <thank god!> we tend to start off as gold star seeking people pleasers. We feel as though we need to say yes to everyone and everything.  Even if the energy is off and feels yucky, we still pick it up. It feels heavy to always being doing so many things at once and it gets overwhelming at first. But you play with it as you go and you realize that you can’t do it all-same as Moms, amiright? We are taught to juggle all of the balls in the air and that seeps into our work as well. The balls become heavy, too.

There comes a time where we need to put down the heavy and start saying yes to ourselves.


We either get sick, exhausted or both. We wait for that to hit us and then we say, okay, enough.

But we need to realize that the heavy is not necessary. The light is what we are meant to be carrying. So many people write about, post, discuss and share that we have to be Boss Babes <ugh>, slay Monday and the week, push hard toward our goals and fight for our dreams. WOW, I feel heavy just writing this. Our “reality” is skewed so much and we have gotten so far off track of what life truly is all about. What most are doing these days is  the opposite of how to live your best life.

Allow me to share with you the secrets of a “light life”:

  • Ease and flow are the name of the game, not hustle and grind.
  • The more you relax, the easier it is for the Universe to give you what you ask for.
  • Trusting Spirit to show you the path of least resistance is key.
  • Happiness and joy are the ultimate frequencies you want to be on.
  • There is more than enough for everyone.
  • Abundance is all around you; you lack for nothing.
  • You are already free.
  • Allowing is how you receive, not pushing or forcing it into existence.
  • Doubt, complaining and fear push every dream you have away from you.
  • Meditation. Should be #1.

These are just a few examples of how to live a lighter life. They remind you of what you may not be doing and what is needed to change. These are the steps to putting down what is no longer serving you.


For me personally, taking action is also imperative to living a light life. Here is my list of things that feel heavy to me and I am quitting:

  • Private Group Parties
  • Conducting online readings after hours.
  • Email readings
  • Card readings
  • Cleaning the bathrooms when I don’t feel like it.
  • Putting make up on when I want to feel my skin breathe instead.
  • Saying yes when I want to say no.
  • Going out when I want to stay home and feeling guilty for it.
  • Hiding who I really am.
  • Pretending in any situation. Ugh.
  • Going to parties I am invited to unless I know I will be with those I love.
  • Clutter.
  • Too many clothes.
  • Fake smiles/emotions to make others feel ok.

Your list may be different from mine. I challenge you to make your own list. Making lists make things more concrete and visible, tangible. Give your heavy a break and choose light instead. It’s time to choose joy, fun, freedom and love over fear, lack, not feeling free, asking permission and more. What is on your list? I’d love to see you put the heavy down, too.


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