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Pleiadian Message: Ancient Wisdom

Much healing is being provided to you at this time. Direct your light and be not afraid for it is our desire to manifest our intelligence through your highest available frequencies. You are a powerful antenna and it reaches further than previously believed. Egoic thoughts and false manipulations are providing new directions to illuminate your true gift. Valuable insight and reawakening is currently occurring for the highest reaches possible. Be guarded against the lower receivership and remove the mask that reveals itself to you. There is no room for heaviness. The container has shifted and expanded with pure Divine light deemed too bright for others. This is occurring as a collective to shift the planet in to the correct agreed upon time-space energies. For it is written on the back cavern of your mind the exact blueprint of your soul. Only light can snuff out darkness.

You received a Starseed activation code that does not comply with the current choices you are creating. This is why you are experiencing such pain and turmoil. You are a seer of light and we guide you along your path daily with your most loving intention. Ancient wisdom is now readily available to you as you step through a new door you have agreed upon to enter. Ascension is yours and it requires you to step forward in truth, wisdom and love. It is always available to all beings and all have instant access. There can be no wrong choices for every occurence has value to it-so much so that it cannot be deemed invaluable. It is not possible. Allow you heart for opening and focus on your inner wisdom that you have carried with you through many lifespans. Fear not the future, point your finger on the now and go in faith that you are serving in this higher capacity.

Completed message.

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The Sea of Sameness

As you’ve probably heard by now, I am currently writing book #2. I don’t know what it’s called yet so don’t ask. It’s just in the infancy stage right now. But I have started it. 😉 Last week, I decided that it was “too noisy” in my house (March Break) and so I had this idea to head to Starbucks. I had this vision in my head that it would be somehow quieter, more relaxed and would have a magical, author-inspired energy to it. It would somehow make my ideas come to life on the screen before me. And while I did get some work done, here’s what bothered me the entire time (besides the noise level and preposterous and copious amounts of teenage visitors in the span of one hour):

As I looked around during my social media/peppermint hot chocolate sip breaks (which let’s be perfectly honest, were abundant and total distractions) what I was observing concerned me just a little. Everywhere I looked, I saw a sea of MacBooks propped up on small wooden tables and beside them little white cups decked out with the same green mermaidian logo. There must have been around 10 of us that were seated and voluntarily immersed in what I like to call: “The Sea of Sameness.”



Here is a bit of background on my beliefs about myself that just happen to coincide with this idea of non-originality:

I have always had this thought that I need to be super cool. I always hung out with the cool kids in elementary school (is anyone actually cool then?) but I had always felt like the bottom feeder of the group. Not AS cool as the leader. They always had fashionable (questionable for grade 8 in the early 90’s) clothes to wear and I didn’t. Name brands like Vuarnet and Coconut Joe were all the rage back then and I was dying to get my hands on some coolness. I would spritz Super Sun-In (a hair lightening spray for blonde hair while you let the actual sun to do its thing. I used a blow dryer. On black hair) just to look cool. It wasn’t cool, man. I even learned to ride my bike with no hands because that’s what the cool girls were doing. We’d ride all around our neighbourhood or to one of the girl’s houses to catch the latest episode of 90210. (RIP Dylan) I’d be the lone girl who sat on the stairs in the darkened basement while my cool friends made out with the cool boys.

This need to be cool carried into high school where my feelings of uncool-ness only escalated. Needing glasses (but refusing to be even more uncool) I blindly (literally) chose instead to navigate around the massive school with my worsening eye sight. I don’t even know how I managed to do that! Seriously, my eye sight is 80/20 or something super bad like that. But damnit, I was going to be “cool”. I even rolled my “too big for me” mandatory uniform kilt higher but that didn’t work out either because the roll was massive and it just looked like I had a bigger stomach. :/ The girls I had hung out with told me that I’d be “nothing if it wasn’t for them”;  constantly being left out of cool parties and not being invited to sit with them in the caf.

My need for coolness didn’t end in high school like you may think…oh no…it’s still here in the present time, stronger than ever. I choose my clothes based on what is deemed “cool” for a 44-year-old. I refuse to wear “Mom jeans” and so I choose ripped jeans (when I wear them). I wear name brand hoodies that my 13-year old borrows. I wear converse, bright yellow Hunter boots and black Nike’s on the plane (back then it was “Treetorns“and omg I had to have a pair!!) I drink my drinks at Starbucks because it’s cooler than Tim Horton’s (even though I drink way more Tim’s-YUM) I don my UGG boots when I shop at HomeSense or Winners and sometimes I shop in the junior section because their clothes are cooler than the mom section. I no longer slink into Forever 21 though so we are making some progress. 😉


The point here is that I need to heal this shit and just figure out my own style. What is Jen style anyway? Is it name brand clothes like Lulu and Adidas (Dude, I don’t even work out!) or is it bohemian mumu’s with vintage fringe on it (definitely not) What is it about being cool for me? I couldn’t figure it out for the longest time…until yesterday when I saw my coach for a session. What I was unconsciously doing was a) still being in the energy of that school girl and wanting to be popular, too so that everyone would know who I was b) I was trying to shake my loser mentality from back then c) I wanted to be like everyone else. I would people watch and see what looked cool on them and then go out and replicate that outfit. And guess where I did the most people-watching?


Which brings me back to the day I went to write. I realized that I was sitting in the Sea of Sameness. We all had our MacBooks. Every single human in that store had a white cup with the green logo we all know. They all, for the most part, were wearing some type of cool and fashionable outfit. (Me too!) I had my hunter boots, Lululemon leggings and a name brand top on. Because I was in the cool cafe. And it was cool to type on my Mac. How cool does it seem to write a book at the same time? Coolness overload.

But I realized yesterday that coolness doesn’t come from what you’re wearing. It’s how you feel when you wear something that matters the most. Your clothes say who you are and how you feel about your true self. If I chose to wear ratty pyjama pants or my comfy  grey jogging pants with old shoes out in public, I know that I would feel crappy and not myself. But if I wore something that made me feel amazing like, oh I don’t know, a black leather jacket and heels, with my makeup done and hair all straight and stuff, I’d probably show up in the energy of confidence and stardom. I’d be me. That me who wants to be on television someday-because that chick would wear black leather.

I also realized that I no longer wish to be the same as everyone else out there. Especially since in my line of light workers, there are literally thousands of us trying to serve the world. How do I stand out? The number one rule of marketing yourself is to BE DIFFERENT than everyone else. And if I’m trying to show up like all the other Mediums, Authors and Spiritual Coaches, I will be lost in the sameness sea. Nobody will be able to find me. It’s time to grab a bright orange life-preserver and get the hell out of this water.

PS. You may see me confidently wearing a black “leather” jacket and heels at our events or networking meetings from now on. That jacket symbolizes bad-assery, confidence, owning my power and proudly shining my light. I have decided to no longer be ashamed of the things I can do that are different from everyone else and instead to rock my gift. It just helps to rock a very cool black leather jacket at the same time. 😉 Plus, I will be cool. 😉






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Shift Happens

It was bound to happen. We are in the midst of a Fullmoon Supermoon, Spring Equinox, Mercury Retrograde and probably some other energetic, never-ending vortex of WTF. It’s like a time loop, time space continuum, matrix-like time of year for us and all we can do is hold on for the crazy-ass ride. There doesn’t seem to be a sage stick large enough to clear all of this confusing energy out there. So, what can we do?

Well, for me, personally, I like to try to remain calm and as positive as I can. We are all being bombarded with downloads, ideas, creativity, inspiration, mindset shifts, confusion and mixed messages (both in life and on social media) We have people who are still “sleeping” on this planet and so it must be way harder for them to understand what is going on as of late. For those awakened, (lucky you 😉 ) we’ve got a lot of clean up to do. I’m not just talking about yard work now that it’s almost Spring, either.

We are being asked to look at our past and for me, that means being surrounded at all angles by past songs that still haunt me. Remember that song, “Someone That I Used to Know”? It is following me like a sad lost puppy in stores, cafe’s, restaurants and in my car.  There is no avoiding our past. I don’t need to be an Astrologer to tell you that and I bet you don’t even need me to tell you. You have access to the higher consciousness, just as I do. Your Higher Self is working overtime hours to assist you now. Tune into her and see what she has to say. 😉

I hear, though, this crazy ride will end soon. Unless you’re Aries, then you’re screwed. LOL KIDDING. I don’t know. But that’s what I hear. Either way, the only thing that does matter during this time is that we don’t hide under blankets (unless you’re meditating under a weighted blanket, then stay a bit longer). We do need to act like a grownup and face our past like the warriors we are. Not that we need to go into battle; but we do need to show up for ourselves. I’ve said it before but stay positive as much as possible for so many reasons. Meditate. Chill. Love what comes up instead of being mad at it. Laugh a tad more, please. Try not to take things so seriously, either. It will make the journey way more enjoyable and after all, isn’t that why we are here? 😉

  • A male books a solo trip and brings along a worn baseball hat with him. Memories haunt him as he tries to escape his grief. This is not a business trip. Personal.
  • A call to the water. I see a cottage that needs a bit of repair that is steps from the lake. A lone wooden and peeled Adirondack chair is waiting for you. Meditate.
  • SOLD. Your car that was for sale will be sold very soon. I see the sign off the front dash being removed.
  • Changing of owners at an office setting. Others will leave but you will stay and have more duties handed to you. Comforting a crying co-worker. Cake slab. Mississauga.
  • Going to the optometrist and having something in your eye. Possible new frames. Overspending on the bill.
  • A new puppy is almost ready to be brought home. Golden fur. Collar is too big like Clifford. Red.

Want to learn how to tune in to these energies and predict for the masses? Three spots available in my Beginner Psychic Development Class. Spring 2019. Email me to grab yours.

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Joy Energy Reading-March 17, 2019

I’m supposed to be buying my groceries online (what an epic invention that is!) but I keep being drawn to something way more fun….posting an energy reading blog! I believe, thanks to Abraham-Hicks, that we never really need do to the things that don’t give us joy. Now, I get it. We kind of have to take our kids to their extra curriculars, get the groceries and pump gas. But even though those things don’t exactly bring me joy or anything, I CAN find a way to find the joy in them. I detest grocery shopping. I always have. I’d rather poke my eyes out with a spoon or something. But I have found a way to do that creates joy: online shopping! I don’t have to step foot in the crowded store or push my way past the pineapples or listen to the babies crying in their carts. Woohoo! JOYFUL shopping. I can find joy in the pumping of gas now because I am driving my dream car (a brand new Wrangler) plus my husband volunteers to pump the gas when he’s with me.

It’s how we find the joy in the things we don’t want to do that can change how we perceive things. Going to the doctor to get a needle? Smile at the senior or baby in the waiting room. Change your focus from dread to happy. You do have the power to change your focus from fuckthisshitihatedoingthiscrapdayinanddayout to ifreakingloveeeverythingandigettousemyarmstodrivethiscar!! (P.S. if you can read those, congratulations!)

Speaking of what gives you joy, I love doing these blogs for you, too. They bring joy because I know they help. You tell me all the time and I am very grateful for your feedback and updates of how they help you.

Here are some energy readings for you:

  • Signing papers regarding children. Tug of war.
  • A broken pencil signifying a need for a weary teacher to change things up in the classroom. Deciding to teach from love instead of fear-based. Or deciding to leave the board or classroom altogether.
  • I see a new car. Someone buys an SUV Chrysler. A white or red van needs repair. Dodge. hah.
  • Meal delivery for changes to diet. (That could be me lol)
  • Hearing high-pitched star speak in your right ear.  Clairaudience is growing.
  • A side hustle grows “all of a sudden” and you find yourself overwhelmed by “too much business”. Get help.
  • A higher calling in a spiritual career. Ignoring the signs from the Angels. Wanting to move into a more “woo woo” (I don’t like that word) modality but being too afraid to show up.
  • Chapter 1. Someone just began to write book on a MacBook. White cover, blue letters. Choosing a photo for the author page on the back.
  • Booking a photo shoot for spiritual biz. You do have the money for it. These photos will launch you forward. Own it. I recommend Maiden to Mother Photoart.

Happy Sunday! If these resonate with you, comment in the post.






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The Two Secrets to Manifesting

I’m going to reveal the two secrets to manifesting. Want to know them? Read on. I’m going to make it really simple for ya.

But first:

If you believe that you cannot manifest anything or everything you want, take a look at what you have in front of you. Guess what? You manifested all of it.

Your home.  Your car. Your partner. Your job. It’s all been manifested.

Repeat after me: Everything I think, I create.

So, obviously you thought a lot about your home, car, partner and your job at some point because it is now a reality. Everything you have currently or are experiencing now, is just a manifestation of something you thought, said or felt yesterday. That’s it.

When you consciously decide that you want something different (because you don’t really like what you are seeing these days,) it can be created. By you.

Because you are more powerful than you have been led to believe.

The only thing you really need to know about how to manifest is this:


That’s it. If you have those two things, everything you want will and must come to you.

Yes, there are more steps but this blog would be too long and you won’t have time to read it. :/

Want more money? Appreciate the fuck out of the money you have now. Love it. Thank it. Every time you buy something,  say thank you.

Want a new job? Appreciate the job you have now. Say thank you for it. Love it.

The more you exude appreciation and joy, the better your life will become. You just need to focus on what you do want and take your focus off of what you don’t want. That’s it.



Want to learn more about how to manifest like a pro? Sign up for Manifesting 101 online 10-day course. You can sign up here:

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Energy Reading for March 13, 2019

Today is all about expansion. And if you happen to come across my Facebook post today about that exact topic, you will have read that I am about to step things up a big notch on the spiritual ladder. Spirit has been asking and asking over and over for me to show up in a different and more expansive way. Previously, I have been nestled in my warm cocoon of comfort on my couch and delivering sameness. Same as that other person, same as that other leader and on and on it went. Until today.

Today, I am ready to show up in the energy of expansion and I’m going to channel a message from Archangel Raziel. Lately, I have been calling in this particular angel and I hadn’t a clue as to why. Until I just looked him up:

Read here:

He’s the Angel of Higher wisdom, alchemy and wizardry. No wonder I’d been intuitively calling in this one! This energy of expansion is all about those exact things. Remembering why my soul agreed to come here in this lifetime has to do with all of those things. To use my abilities  in a higher calling now. Here is what I received from Archangel Raziel:


“To be aware of one’s own gifts is a gift of itself. To use them is a higher calling of all that and not a chance encounter. It is a fine tuning of your intellectual powers on a larger scale and cannot be taken from you. There is no need to fear your own capacity and truth; for we are knowing you to be who you truly are and want to see your visions escaping your mind through your work and diligence. At this time, we ask that you call on the Angel realm to assist you in your expansion at this time and when you see a rainbow please know that we are encircling you in our protection. It is a safe space to share your gifts and to break your patterns of fear at this time. A clear mind and heart is called forth now. We understand your concerns and in this human escape, you are fully supported at this time and always. We are encouraging you from this realm and wish for you to seek out your higher calling. Be of service and all with follow you as they expand their gifts as well because of your strength and courage.” -Archangel Raziel

Enough said. I think that says it all.

Enjoy the energy of expansion because we are all going through the same things together.

To find out more how Archangels can assist you in your life path, email

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Energy Reading for March 12, 2019

I drew a card for you from the The Green Witch Tarot this morning after taking a day or so off from posting these. Being a Teacher most of my adult life, I’ve always been accustomed to having March Break “off” with my kids. Even though I am no longer in that role, I still feel the same desire and need to take a break from so much hard work. I love that I can still choose this time away and not always be so workaholic. 😉

That being said, the card I drew is all about work and the rewards that come from it. Not necessarily hard, nose to the grind kind of work, but rather work that brings you much joy. The Sun is all about achievement, success as if standing and basking in the warmth accolades like the rays of the sun. The spotlight may be on you at this time or coming up and you will need to relish in the love you receive from others. Freedom is also indicated in this card as with the eagle soaring above. Funny how this card goes along with my first paragraph above. 😉

Overall, this is a great card to pull. harmony, success, growth in all areas of life are the meaning here. I also see promotions in jobs coming, an urge to change things up with the spring, another project in the wings is waiting to come out and be created as well. This card also hints at marriage, new partnerships, happiness in current relationships and partners, success, community and material well-being.

I am seeing the following:

  • An announcement from family regarding the pregnancy and birth of a baby boy. I am seeing a cake with blue inside and a stork holding blue.
  • a contract being signed. Money is involved.
  • respite from grief over the loss of a close relative
  • a check will arrive shortly. I see mail.
  • A U.S trip booked to a beach location. Not a tropical, other land kind of trip. A male likes to golf and the female likes to have drinks on the balcony. Appleby’s. What?
  • Seeking out energy exchanges with others who can assist each other in business. Not a trade of money. Exchange of services.
  • Planting seeds in the home. Both figuratively and for real for a garden. Sage….
  • An SUV  getting fixed. broken windshield.

If any of these resonate with you, please comment in the post on Facebook. I always welcome feedback.

If you are looking to do these types of readings yourself, I can teach you how. Sign up for Beginner or Advanced mediumship. email

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Tarot Reveal

If you chose:


Card 1: Two of Pentacles

This is a great card showing you have grown in the money maturity story. Meaning that in the past, you may have avoided looking or keeping track of your money due to fear or lack mindset, but this is shifting. And as you shift, your money also shifts and grows right along with you. The more aware you are of where you stand with your money and give much gratitude for the  money you DO have, the better off you’ll be. This card means that you have begun to fully trust in the Universal powers of abundance and you know more now than ever that money is just energy and how to bring it down to the material world. It sometimes means balancing two jobs for extra income temporarily until some can be stashed away for that big goal you have in your  mind all of the time.  Weighing your work options is also a big focus if you chose this card. Making a decision as to which one gives you joy over which one gives you lots of money. If you do what you love, you will never work another day in your life. Your  passion projects will bring about financial gain because the energy of joy and gratitude is what brings it to you; not working your ass off 15 hours a day.


Card 2: Queen of Swords

If you chose this card, you may be in a reflective mindset  and analyzing everything. You like to plan things step by step and in a very organized way. You don’t like others to do things the “wrong” way-which would bother you immensely.  You are very self-reliant and independent, sometimes too much as you will push others away when they wish to help you. Try not to alienate those who wish to support you by being so laser focused on a task or job. You also have keen language skills and humour which is meant for writing and speaking. If you have a book idea in mind, bring it to life by purchasing a new laptop to get you in the creative spirit.  Try not to become a hermit or isolate yourself. Step out of your comfort zone daily by doing small things out of your routine.  Take action now on your intuitive hits as they are becoming stronger each day. Your thoughts need to be only on what you do want and positive. Stop complaining and get out there with some positive, high vibe peeps. I am seeing a few new authors who are working quietly on a book. Get the damn book out there.

Card 3: The Hermit

The Hermit is a reminder to check in and see where you are isolating yourself too much as of late. You are a quiet seeker, always looking for answers within and perhaps not seeking professional guidance from a Coach or Mentor. Hiding your gifts and talents as well is what I am seeing for this card. Bundling up in a safe cocoon and warmth, be mindful that winter is ending soon and so you may want to start to look for signs of spring and which action steps you will take in the coming months. No more hiding for you. You can’t hide forever you know, and it’s only  a matter of time before the Universe makes you so uncomfortable in your safety net that it will unravel and force you into your greatness. You are in the final stages of your transformation now. Get ready to take off the blanket and step up your awesomeness. I am also seeing someone who has been too quiet in a relationship and needs to speak the truth now. Staying quiet is only impeding your growth and the other person is uncomfortable with your growing into a butterfly. They wish to keep you hidden from amazing opportunities and you feel this fully. Time to say what you need to say. Winter is almost over.


For further clarification on what your future may hold, you can book a psychic reading at

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The Hermit-March 7, 2019

Two cards popped out of the Crow Tarot deck today but I felt one was just for me personally and the other was for all of you. The Hermit signifies a need for introspection, meditation and quiet solitude. The tree is a symbol of your subconscious and how deep it really goes. Do those beliefs serve you as you look within and ask yourself the hard, wintery questions? Being alone serves you well in so many positive ways. Are you afraid of meditation? Are you worried about sitting in silence and what you may find there?

This is a time of self-reflection (coincides with Mercury Retrograde which is about slowing down and looking inward.) You have much knowledge inside of you and it will soon be time to share that with others in a light capacity. If you do not visit your darkness, you will have trouble seeing the light. The lantern represents your dimmed light in the middle of a storm; where the wind blows and the swirling snow makes it seem chaotic and as though this will never pass. Spring is on the horizon, changes are coming soon. Contemplate which path you wish to take on  your next adventure; yet do not impulsively choose. Take your time, breathe into the space and really tune in to the essence of who you are. Is this something that will further you on your path that leads to the gold? Or are there lurking distractions that are tempting you to distract you from your greatness? Use your deep discretion when you are presented with offers from others. Find a mentor who can help you navigate your new-found path. All will be well when you use your intuition to make your choices along the way.







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I Was Woken By a Demon This Morning

What a weird morning and it’s only 6:34 am. Lately, I’ve been waking up super early around 5 for no apparent reason other than my cats are scratching at my bedroom door waiting to be fed. Again. So, sometimes I will meditate and get a positive start to my day and other times I find myself choosing to aimlessly scroll around Facebook land and begin my day in feelings of unworthiness. 😉 This morning seemed a tad different though, because even though I chose the latter option of beginning my day, something was weird. Were the cats still annoying me? Most definitely. But here’s the weird part:

I heard a word in my head.

I guess this isn’t so weird for me… After all, I do converse with the other side on a daily basis. And I guess I am mainly clairaudient (the ability to hear spirit) so this should not come as a surprise to me. Now speaking of talking to the other side, you should know that the other side does not necessarily only consist of your beloved grandparents, Angels and the like. It also contains access to other-worldly energies and depending on how you perceive energy, you may be a labeller of “good, bad,” “light, dark” etc. Me, on the other hand, I have decided to take a level-headed view of the spirit realm  as of late. It could be the Ghost Hunter in me, the 1000 page Paranormal dictionary I have on my book shelf or perhaps it’s just me. I have been known to attract and attach to me many energies not of this world. Some say it’s part of the job description being a Medium and other “experts” deem me “not grounded enough” and that it’s not actually normal to experience such things. I say, it’s my journey and I’ll freak if I want to. But I don’t freak anymore. You might, dear blog reader but I’m willing to share my story on the off-chance it may help you in some way.

The word was “Lilith”.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Like a beautiful flower or even Sara MacLachlan’s female rock concert title. Ah, Lilith. Sigh. What a beautiful word to hear upon first awakening.




Good Ole Google has other ideas on this word. According to the Oxford dictionary, Lilith is defined as:

“A female demon of Jewish folklore, who tries to kill newborn children. In the Talmud she is the first wife of Adam, dispossessed by Eve.” (Also, I hear she’s Satan’s wife. Dude.)

Well, good morning and holy shit, is there an actual Demon in my room??? It would not surprise me to be perfectly honest because I do go looking for them on my side gig (AKA my most fun adventure I have ever been on: Team Spirit: The Science Behind Spirit) And we’ve actually found one. Just one and thank youknowho I am not very clairvoyant when it comes to the dark stuff.  It was only felt in a laundry room of a chaotic home we investigated. Who knows? Maybe they like the laundry piles to hide in.

Back to my bedroom fiasco (otherwise known as, “Is there an actual demon in my bedroom?”) Who even says that?? Maybe I was wrong after all to hang up my teacher school bag full of staplers and glitter-filled bottles? It may have been scarier in the classroom. 🙂

I panicked a tad while googling. That thing kills babies?? And it’s in my room?? Wait, I don’t have any babies. Nor am I pregnant. And I’m pretty sure, last time I checked that Lilith has been gone since before Jesus was even a thing. She was the first wife of Adam and have you like, even heard of her? According to the bible, Adam was married to Eve, not this chick.


Anyway, I freaked out a little as any normal human would do. Then I got grounded. I decided that while it was possible for an actual demon to have graced me with its presence, it was more likely that the word was trying to tell me something. A look deeper kind of thing. Using my intuition,  I kept googling. I was beginning to feel like a medical patient who got a diagnosis and then started googling Web Md (because that’s  a good idea.) But then I found an answer that felt waaaay better.

According to Urban Dictionary:

Contrary to popular sources and myths, Lilith is not a vampire. She was recognized in many ancient cultures under a variety of different names and was seen as a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, independence, freedom of thought and of liberation.”



Phew. That’s way better.  I will take that meaning, thankyouverymuch. I deem myself as wise, knowledgable, independent and free of thoughts for sure when I meditate. She is also known as a liberator. I liberate some. But then I kept googling…Lilith in Astrology.


Lilith is one of the dark goddesses, like Isis, Persephone, Hecate, or Kali, expressing the feminine power of the divine creative, transformative force. If we follow their trail back in time, down to the roots to find the source of their darkness, of the fear and negative side they typically represent in mythologies, we often discover, not only a major shift in the collective human image of the feminine, but also some deep undercurrent, some hidden essence that needs to be acknowledged and healed in our personal lives.”

Now THIS I can handle. And all jokes aside, this is what Spirit was trying to get through to me this morning. I, of course, always go straight to the worst possible scenario and work my way back. 😉 Based on this definition I found on, it corresponds to the current conditions of probably most of you. Myself included. A major undoing is occurring within us all. These transformative times are awakening you to  a higher existence once you go through the imminent darkness. And as I’ve mentioned above, it’s all how you perceive the dark.  Most times, the darkness is necessary for growth. It shows up at the most inopportune moments, just when we believe everything is going so well. But that’ s when we need the darkness. The darkness allows us to go through powerful healing and lessons and emerge on the other side more whole and loving than ever before. We need to acknowledge the wounds in order to heal them. They are our inner demons. Just like the actual demon who hid in the laundry in the dark corners of the  basement behind the safety of shadows, we are also hiding our darkness; not wanting to look at it because of fear. But if we keep it hidden away, we will never find our way out.

The Goddess Kali came to me last month in Bali and I have to tell you, she did some pretty good damage. But it’s the best damage I’ve ever received. Lilith is just another reminder for me and all of you that darkness can return you to light and that destruction is a necessary part of the journey. Once you have awakened, there is no turning back. The more you welcome the dark, the more you invite in the light.

Inner demons aren’t demons at all. They are gifts. Just like Lilith. And even though I thought the worst of the words I was receiving today, sometimes taking a step back and seeing it through the eyes of love instead of fear allow us to see the purpose of it.

You don’t need a visit from a demon to wake you up. Or maybe you do. 😉 Mine  happen to show up in my bedroom. 😉

P.S. If you require spiritual assistance with your own personal demons, email me at and we can talk all about it.




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