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Mom to Medium

Last night I got up in front of a bunch of people I didn’t know and told my story. My voice was shaking and I almost peed my pants on stage.

The story of how I went from being a Mom to a Medium. Well, my story is mostly focused on the Mom part.

The part we as moms don’t talk about a lot or even out loud. The endless sleepless nights, the baby spit up on our only clean shirt, 
Car seats that hit your hip as you carry it, forgetting your newborn in the car for a minute because you’re so exhausted you have completely lost all sense.

I talked about how being a Mom is fucking hard work and we don’t applaud that. We don’t often say, “Wow, I love eating cold chicken nuggets cold and having breast milk leaking from my chest all day!”

We be come enthralled and obsessed with our Mom-ness. While we, of course, need to celebrate it, we also need to talk about how we as Moms put ourselves last. We sacrifice everything we used to be before we had kids. We lose ourselves in the LEGO, we find food in our hair. But we do it because we love our children more than we love ourselves.

It took me years and a really big mess to realize that we are doing it backward. We are pouring from empty cups. We are lying to ourselves while we fold umpteen piles of laundry. We put us last and in that process, we totally lose sight and feeling of who we are.

My story talks about the events and choices that led up the total destruction of my life and my old self who believed that she was “just a Mom.” I woke up one day and asked, “Is this all there is?”

Well, I got my answer in a big way.

And my journey has led me here. I’m still a Mom. A really good one now because I take care of myself. I read books and take a long bath. I pee by myself and I don’t share my chocolate. That’s for me. It’s time for me to be me now.

Want to hear my story? Join me at MoMondays in Barrie Monday October 23 at 7

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A New Channel-Elijah

Something strange is happening. Not like speaking to Spirits isn’t strange. It’s not really, not to me. It may be to you. It is my hope that one day you will find normal in the paranormal. Look, it even has the word in it! 😉


I feel a shift happening in my world and what I am here to do.


I am only going to do what I love, which is teaching all things spiritual to those who are ready to hear it and remember.

I am only going to do group readings and events because I freaking love it.

And I will be doing shorter private readings in my home for a while. Lower price, videoed and recorded.

Bring Reiki healing back.




My head just hurts thinking about this shift.


The biggest one is channeling. I’ve been blocking it off because now that is some “woo woo” shit to others for sure. And in my mission, I want to make the Spirit World NORMAL.


I want to call myself a ParaNORMAList.

I want others to stop saying, “this stuff”, hiding from their truth, being afraid of what others will think of them when they tell you they felt “bugs crawling in their hair”, (there’s no bugs ;)) and when they saw their deceased Grandfather standing in their living room. There are SO many people who are experiencing these ‘strange phenomenons” but guess what? They aren’t fake. They are real things happening in real life. It is just as real, if not more real than your 9-5 commute or that chair you’re sitting on. It’s SO real.

If you’re not ready to hear it, you won’t hear it. From me or anyone else for that matter.  And that is definitely okay. But my truth and the truth of so many is ready to be shared. Spirit, Source, Energy, entities, channeling, higher beings, Angels, loved ones in spirit, your pets in spirit, Reiki, Intuition. It’s time to share. And that is what I will do. In my own way, in my own creativity, in my own light.


This morning I allowed the ‘Elijah’ entities to channel through me a message for those who wish to see it.

What I realized are two things:

One: Elijah is just like me. To quote my friend, Elijah means no compromise. I am going to do what I do and there is no stopping me. I have my own unique way of being me. Nothing will get in my path.


Two: I have a feeling there is a strong correlation between my being all of a sudden enthralled with the teachings of Abraham. Abraham is also an entity that is channeled by Esther Hicks. Who knew? 😉


Channeled Message:

“What is it you would like to know. You are a child of spirit. You have walked to many places standing in a forest of trees with spirals and peace and nature abound. There is a tunnel you must go through piece by piece, step by step; for it is your agreed-upon healing space. We love you and support you and many others on this physical plane who do. It is our intent that you are well received. You may not fully understand our work yet but we are true and have much of value to give and to share. Our only wish is for all to come together. Let there be no more hatred. We are viewing it from above, from inside, from all around. We see your tears and we hear your call for help. When you love, that is all there is. When you frown, that is all there is. When you hate, that is all there is. But when you find quiet, that is all there is and you may hear us and there is much value there, there is only love in that.”

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Fred, Wilma and a Rockin’ Saturday Night

Last night, I watched an episode of the Flintstones. You read that right. I did it.  My kids weren’t around either. Yep, just me and Fred, Wilma, Barney, and the gang. A rockin’ Saturday night in my flannel Polar bear PJ’s, tea, and some snacks in ma bed. To be fair, I did ask my kids if they wanted to watch with me. They of course declined, claiming that my “old” cartoon was stupid. Pffft. They don’t even know how cool my prehistoric and beloved classic cartoon is.

Now mind you, this isn’t my regular every Saturday night partay. I do go out on occasion. Sometimes even to grown-up functions and networking events. Sometimes I even talk to people 😉 But if I’m being completely and brutally honest, I am needing some of my childhood back. Being a former kindergarten teacher has me feeling a whole lot of nostalgia for the days I would be setting up my classroom right about now. The fresh name tags with the lingering odour of a black sharpie. The sound of the stapler snapping as we put out-of-the-plastic borders on the walls. And I can’t forget the best part: the nervous/exciting “what will this new year bring “energy feeling teachers get on Labour day. While I don’t miss the stress of the one-hour commute and the politics that drove me to resign in the first place, I do miss hanging out with kids.


Kids are my thing. I have four of my own and I have probably taught over 200 little ones during my career. I have a million Raffi songs stored in my long-term memory. I can quote every line from my fave book, Pinkalicious and if I try hard, I could probably rhyme off some Pete the Cat quotes at will. ‘Cause who doesn’t love white shoes? Pete sure does. Or he did. It’s been awhile and I’m no longer sure that’s the case.

Every day I would get out my dancing shoes and sing along to Just Dance tunes and just be silly. To be honest, I miss being a kid. Being a teacher allowed me that. And looking back, I ‘ve noticed that I’ve forgotten how to have fun. I must have “shaken my sillies” out too hard that last day of work. (It’s a Raffi song, trust me.)

I don’t envy the teachers going back tomorrow. It’s tough job teaching children. And if you are one, I feel you tomorrow as you bravely navigate through the chaotic sea of students who are anxiously waiting to meet you. Their new first day outfits have been carefully chosen and laid out and school lunches are ready to go. I will be cheering you on from my home office. I no longer need to commute (yay!) and didn’t need to buy a new semi-professional wardrobe this year. My new routine, for the first time ever, will include me waving to my kids from the front porch in my PJ’s, smiling away as I sip my tea. And I will feel many things. None of which will include sadness now that I have my house back and my kids are big and independent enough to handle the back to school routine.

I love my entrepreneurial spirit and my goals are in full-forward gear. I get to sit at my laptop all day, check social media, run my programs online, write my book, listen to my cat chirp, and basically do whatever I want. That is a perk to being your own boss. I have so much to be grateful for, too.


This September, I will teach. They’re just grown ups like myself now. And I love ’em. They are supportive and eager to remember everything they already know. No sharpies here. That would ruin my laptop. I still approach my teaching as an important job and I really enjoy the interaction. Occasionally my silly self shows up and we have good laugh. But something is missing in me. There is a missing piece of the Jen puzzle that I am almost desperate to find. I hope it didn’t roll under the love seat. :/

And that is why I feel so called to find my inner child lately. I’ve forgotten how to be me. That little girl who has been neglected for almost a year. Those 28 kids were my daily reminder that its cool to say phrases like, “Wakey wakey eggs and bakey!” or “Woopsydoodle”. It’s weird saying those things to 30-40-year-old adults. They look at me like I have two heads  and stuff. And while weird is good, I feel like I’m supposed to be ‘responsible’ and “mature”.  Blech. Those aren’t fun things to be all the time. Remember when we couldn’t wait to grow up? I take it back.


That must be why I’m craving those old cartoons and why my entire book talks about 90’s songs in most chapters.  My soul is crying for fun and silly over a dull and mundane routine. As adults, we sometimes forget that we were once small children like those 5-year olds I used to teach. Just like the ones who are getting ready for a new school year as we speak. I want to Just Dance. Watch old cartoons. Swing on a swing and feel like I could almost go all the way around the bars. We get too caught up in what other people think of us. I say, people schmeeple. Do it anyway. Don’t grow up. Adulting makes us grow up too fast. Peter Pan would never allow it. Let’s not forget to be silly and we can still dance like nobody’s watchin’. That is exactly what I need these days.

Speaking of Peter Pan, I watched Moana by myself too. And I may have sung along. “You’re Welcome!” 😉

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Card of the Day

Five of Raphael

I call this one the “worry” card. Not that you have anything to worry about (worrying only brings what you don’t want right to you!) Consider this card as a wake-up call to your thoughts and pay attention to what you are not only thinking, but also believing in your mind. Are you constantly worrying about every. little. thing? This is a message to say, “Hey! It’s going to be ok!” The Universe has your back. There is more where that came from. Drop the victim mentality from your being and turn it around.

I also feel like this message is for the ones who are looking back, regretting some past relationship or missing someone and wondering if they made the right choice. You can feel it in your soul, in your gut. Everything happens for a reason. It happens FOR you, not TO you. This card also emphasizes that once you release shame, sadness, loneliness, the past, you WILL receive something better. Something that is for the highest and best. You cannot make a mistake or choose the wrong path because your soul will always take you on the best path.


I also hear from Spirit: “Give yourself the love you so desire from outside sources. The love you seek is within your soul and  being. Do not regret anything that has taught you something about yourself and your purpose. Your path is higher and we are steering you on the best course of action possible. You are the light that is needed to shine.”

Keep your thoughts positive and you will receive positive outcomes.

If this message resonates with you, shoot me a message to let me know!





For more information on how I can help you, please email

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Thursday, July 13: Mending

Oh dear. Everyday I ask Spirit for a card for the collective, and this one popped right out. I hear, “Forgiveness” by Don  Henley plus others regarding this important theme. You have been hanging on to past hurts and resentments and this is actually affecting your current relationships. Everyone always says that you need to forgive others and yourself to move on fully and love yourself but no one ever tells us how. Every article I’ve read: Nothing. Dude, don’t you think we want to forgive them and ourselves? We would if we knew how, right?

This card says it’s time to mend fences, hurts, the past and wounds that we believed we were over but truly deep down aren’t. We’ve been bringing up, reminiscing about and going over the past like a broken record for TOO long. It is time to forgive. Them, you, him, her. Doesn’t matter. We have been closing ourselves off from love and protecting our hearts under iron locks and keys. Forgiveness is the only way to unlock it.

So, how do we do that? Well, in a sense, we have to sit with our hurt. Like, literally sit. Down. For awhile. It’ll come up, trust me. If you sit long enough, you will begin to feel the crack in your chest. Just let it be there. We need to just feel it to heal it. Sound easy, hey? Visualise the person who has crushed you in the past, and just keep sending them love. Energetically, or mentally in your mind’s eye. Keep doing that day after day and eventually, you may feel your heart healing and that you can feel it getting less and less painful.

And if that doesn’t work: punch some pillows  😉 I’m going to google how to forgive someone 😉

P.S. Here is an article, I told you I would google….


How To Forgive Someone Who Has Hurt You: In 15 Steps



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The World

Have you been seeing 999 a lot? On license plates, trucks, signs? This means a chapter is coming full circle now or closing permanently, and you have what it takes to achieve your greatest desires. The entire Universe is surrounding you, bringing you everything you could ever wish for. Now is the time to think BIG! Do not let your ego tell you can’t have it. There is a world out there you haven’t even explored yet, literally and it may be time to pack your bags. Let go of the past and dive headfirst into a whole new world! (Oh, Aladdin songs)

It may also be time to pursue those spiritual goals you have been putting off. I hear, taking a course, getting your cards read etc. Something that will expand your consciousness like meditation. I also keep hearing, “She’s got the whole world, in her hands” remember that song from when you were a kid?? Wow, I really need to emphasize this really important message for you. Instant manifestation is here. 888 everywhere. You can have it all. Really. So, go out into the world and declare it yours.

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Card of the Day-Blessed Change

Oooh I love this card for you today! Have you been feeling like somethin’ BIG is on it’s way? Think Shawn Mendes’ song! It’s been playing in my head all morning and when it gets louder, boy oh boy, here it comes. It’s right around the corner and it brings such amazing blessings. The key to this change is trusting the nudges, people. It’s about making big jumps, bounds and leaps. If you say stagnant, you will stay the same. Unless the Universe has a doozy for ya, then it will come about no matter what action you take or don’t take.

It may turn your world upside down, topsy turvy and inside out. Think new home, relocation, new job offer, helpful people, even an unexpected windfall of moula. I also hear 555 for you which in Angel numbers signifies a major life change. I’m hearing the words “sweep” and “upswing”. Don’t deny the feeling. That is your intuition preparing you for all the awesomeness coming your way. Like soon. Not 6 months from now. I’m talking days and weeks.

Can you feel it coming?



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Card of Day-Abundance!

Today’s card is Abundance!

Woohoo! It’s about dang time! Notice all of the gold on the card? Riches can come in any form, remember. 😉 Abundance can mean new and helpful people who help you become successful, a book that changes your life, opportunities to get ahead and best of all, MONEY!

This card shows that when you believe, anything is possible. If you believe you are an abundant person (think, I always get the parking spot instead of I never get a parking spot) you will be. Money blocks are a thing of the past! You have seen that abundance is all around you. Join groups on social media where the folks are successful. Be around those with a wealth mindset and soon you will be dancing in the coinage too. Surround yourself with positive, successful people. Find a mentor who possesses all the abundant qualities you know you are capable of having yourself. You know what to do to succeed. Go for it! Life is abundant!


Medium Jen Abra

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A Change in the Wind

Card of the day-

A Change in the Wind:

You feel it dont’cha? Be it the Full Buck moon or just the energy in general, it’s a comin’. Change. I mean real change. The life-changing, big-time shifting, all-encompassing ch-ch-ch-ch changes. Don’t fear though. Fear of the unknown will only make the inevitable scary and it’s not. It’s all how you look at it. Hint hint: positively.

You need to make room for something better. How you do that depends on you. Have you been purging closets and clutter? That junk drawer empty? Hubby clean out the garage? We are all trying to make room for the new. Get rid of the old and the heavy. Permanently. Don’t look back, you’re not going that way. In fact, our old way are sooooo far gone and behind us now, we wonder how we got here!

If you have been ignoring the emotional issues that have kept creeping up, you won’t be able to do so any longer. The power of the conscious collective energy is moving all of us toward better things and greatness. It’s time to step FULLY into your power now. No more playing small. Sorry not sorry. Something off in your relationship? Someone may have a change of heart suddenly or have the courage to speak of matters of the heart. This is all for the highest and best.

You may find yourself doing deep work on yourself and making you number one; which is how it was always meant to be. You find yourself yearning, craving and making time to be alone and meditate. You find answers there and that is only when you can truly hear yourself. De-clutter the negative thoughts as well and you will see a difference in your thinking and unhelpful patterns.

Stop resisting the changes. You can’t stay the same your entire life. It’s time to change and make room for your purpose and gifts to shine.  Life is about changing, transformation and evolving. So, get ready and welcome in the Big Changes!


Medium Jen Abra

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How To Connect With the Spirit World

I get messages almost everyday asking me, “Jen, how do you do you connect like that? Can you turn it off? How do you see them and hear them? Do they really make you feel their emotions?” My answer to these questions are, “Did you know you are a Medium, too?”  Truthfully, some people are just not cut out for the Spirit World and all the things (good and bad) that come with it. Once you’re in, you’re in. It’s like a club you commit to, sign the paperwork, invest in the journey and hang on for the ride of your life! However, that being said, you CAN do what you see me do on that video and live at an event. My Mediumship journey began while attending one of the same events I do now with another Medium. If what I do piques your interest and you wonder if you can do the same (because I have an a pretty cool job, if I do say so myself!) here are a few important things you need to know before saying, YES:  <I do not recommend becoming a medium on your own for many reasons!>

For starters, you need to be open. Aware that there IS another world out there and it’s not just black and white in our day-to-day lives. Awareness and openness is key. If you don’t believe  that there is life after death, well, good luck to ya! Being consciously aware, with or without proof, is vital to beginning a Spiritual journey as a Medium.  You know the unseen is for real (it’s not just your cat that sees it!) and you can believe that it’s not only possible, you just have  a strong knowing. Most Mediums-to-be have had some sort of paranormal or unexplainable experience in their lives. This is the kind of stuff that either freaks people out (have a house-clearer on speed dial) or has them wanting to learn who and what it was that made that noise (It was your Grandpa saying hi!) Whether you have had an experience or not, a Medium will need to trust big time when they begin the work. And work it is!

Meditation is also a vital and a non-negotiable part of the journey. You can’t even get  in the “club” if you don’t commit to forming a new-found relationship with getting quiet. Connecting with Spirit and energy all around you cannot be felt or experienced when you are surrounded by noise, both external and internal. How do you expect to communicate in your mind to a loved one’s energy if you have constant chatter in your head? You can’t. It won’t work. Meditation opens the channel between the Medium and Spirit. This is how you will learn how Spirit communicates with you, how you will “work” as a Medium, build your dictionary and feel energy around you. When I am teaching my Mediumship students, I always tell them they won’t “get better” if they don’t meditate every. single. day. It needs to become part of your daily routine, whether you think you have time to carve out or not. You will have a lot of trouble developing your skills without it. Don’t let the meditation scare you off of pursuing this journey if you feel pulled toward it! You can meditate. There are many ways to do so.

Trust, as I mentioned before, is the most difficult aspect of Mediumship. Even the most seasoned and experienced Mediums will tell you they don’t say everything they receive due to doubt. I myself do not always reveal what Spirit tells me. Sometimes it’s a message I don’t feel is appropriate and may upset the client or it’s so random or far-fetched that I keep it to myself. This is where a Medium can lose out on an amazing reading. The times I do not say the strange, non-sensical images or words, end up being HUGE to the client! Trusting what Spirit gives you takes time. It’s a relationship and one that is built up over a long period of time. However, without it, the Medium will have a hard time delivering the reading. A Medium will need to always remember that Spirit will never lie to them. The messages a Medium receives must be for the highest and best of the client and the truth is always presented. Trust and the knowledge that your loved ones tell the truth always will make you more confident in your readings.

The best part of being a Medium is watching your client’s face when they realize their loved one in Spirit is still here beyond any doubt. Mediums present all the information to the best of their ability with Spirit as their partner. This allows the client to make their own decisions about the spirit world and if they believe after the reading. The goal for me, personally, is to have the client leave with a smile and all the proof they needed to know they are ok. Because that is the job of a Medium. To transform doubt to knowing, sadness to smiles, worry to peace and fear to love. And who wouldn’t want that job? Best. Job. Ever.


We all have the “gift” of connecting with Spirit. Some are aware and some are not.
Perhaps you feel energy or like someone is near you but when you turn around, you don’t see anything!
Or maybe you can already communicate with a loved one and are already practicing BEING a Medium but still have questions.
I want you to close your eyes and FEEL what this post means to you. By that I mean, does it FEEL really exciting to you and something that you REALLY feel called to do?
Then read on!

Here is what you will receive, take from and experience in this program:

• You will gain clearer understanding of how Spirit communicates with and through you
• How to receive the images, feelings, sounds and deliver them in an organized way to a client
• Learn how to effectively validate for someone that their loved ones in Spirit are always there
• Communicate clearer with Spirit and your Guides, who are helping you every step of the way!
• Take your abilities to new levels by working hard and being committed to daily practice
• Be accountable and practice DAILY meditation for at LEAST 30 minutes or more
• Build and increase your new-found confidence
• Declare proudly that you are, in fact, a Medium
• Have a strong inner knowing when you feel ready to proceed on your own professionally
• You will be part of a Facebook group where you can answer questions, gain support from other practicing Mediums and be challenged each week. We will be stretching and getting out of our comfort zones by posting recorded videos of our readings in the group.
• Weekly Zoom calls (Group practice) will be the integral focus of your 8-week journey. You must be available to participate FULLY and be ALL IN. You must WANT to help others who are grieving and be a light to those who cannot find it themselves.
• Connect with your Spirit Guides and Higher Self to access your highest potential
• More focus and increased development skills

Beginners are welcome as well, IF you are committed and ready to work hard.

To see if being a Medium is right for you, you can email for more info.



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