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{Guest Blogger-Helen Murray} The Change Challenge

The Change Challenge

Commit to making 1 of these 12 changes each month for the next 12 months &

You may not recognize yourself in a year from now!

  1. Embrace your spirituality

A spiritual journey will be very different for each of you.  It also has a completely unique feeling for you than for any other person. It may be going to Church and a specific religion, it may be finding a deeper level of spirituality, and it may be opening up to the Universe, practicing meditation, starting yoga, or delving into the world of self-development. Whichever spiritual path you choose is going to be the right one for you at this time.  As you begin to discover your internal beliefs, write them in a daily journal; this is a great way to notice your own thoughts, beliefs and personal challenges that you may have been unaware of previously.  

  1. Allow honest expressions from within

Honesty paired with faith gives us an opportunity to express our authentic, true self.  Once you allow yourself to become aligned with your values, desires, and beliefs you will be able to make effective change in your life.  Think about what activity excites you; it may be gardening, writing, playing a musical instrument, baking, etc.  Create your own vision!  If you are stuck and don’t know what you like to do, think back to childhood and look at the things you enjoyed then.  This will help you come to know what excites you most.

  1. Choose a personal quality

Choose one personal quality to focus on.  For example, practicing happiness will create a huge shift in yourself as well as those around you.  This is relatively simple; as soon as you notice yourself slipping into a rut, immediately acknowledge that feeling and then simply make the statement “I choose to be happy”.  You will not be able to help but smile when you say these words.  The power of choice is very fulfilling.  I suggest you continue on with adding a new quality each month into your focus starting with gratitude next, but that it up to you.  Continue adding new qualities into your life, and each time ask yourself what is missing in your life, and choose the quality that best fits at that time.

  1. Feel like you already have what you desire

Name one thing in life you desire right now.  Name it, picture it vividly in your mind using all your senses.  Now “pretend” that you already have it.  Continually act as though your desire has already been attained. IN this way, your focus on the desire becomes real, and you will strive to get it because in your mind it is already yours!

  1. What you resist persists

If you continually focus on what you don’t want rather than on what you do      want, unfortunately, you will continue to bring those things into your life.  Sometime you know what you want, and think you are focusing on that, but in actuality, because of the negative language you are using, you create the opposite in your life.  For example, say you are a nervous driver, and so you think you are focusing on being safe on the roads, but you are saying things to yourself like driving is dangerous, the roads are not safe, I don’t feel in control, then you are actually focusing on what you don’t want and therefore inviting more of those incidents into your life.  However, if you said things like, I am a good driver, I am confident in my own ability to keep safe on the roads, I will arrive safe, then you are focusing on the positive; what you do want. This is a very simple shift in your mindset and your language, but it can create huge results in your life if you learn to adopt a new way of thinking and use it consistently.  Begin by listening to yourself, and acknowledging the language you use, and then reframe your thoughts and your words to focus on what you really want.

  1. Learn to Forgive

When you live in a place of “blaming” you are totally incapable of forgiveness.  You must take full responsibility for everything (good & bad) that happens in your life.  Allowing yourself to be the victim will decrease your ability to move on.  If you truly desire to forgive – you must start with yourself!  You will find it is much, much easier to forgive others once you have made peace with YOU.  .   If you want to truly live a happy life, then right now, wherever you are, make a declaration that you will control your own destiny, and you will be victim to know one.  You will notice a feeling of freedom, maybe faint at first, immediately after you make this declaration to yourself.  Stand up and tell yourself you are worth it.  Have faith, and let go.  This one act will make the biggest changes in your life.

  1. Get out of the Box

You may like the security of living in your comfort zone, and therefore stay where you are because it seems easier.  You cannot grow if you don’t change – simple as that.  Change is one of the constants in life. To take risks are to grow as a person and feel alive. So think about how you can change your routine, even if it’s minor. Some examples can be to get up earlier, ask a co-worker to lunch, start a project you’ve put off for years, go to a different church, restaurant or library. Try something new, anything! You’ll be amazed at the new perspectives that open up and the experiences that come about.

  1. Be kind to yourself

This is not something that comes easily for most people.  For some reason you treat yourself worse than you would ever treat your worst enemy.  The natural tendency is to talk to yourself in a very critical manner.  Be the kind of person you are to your best friend to yourself.  Stop the put downs, and bad behavior, and honor your own needs and desires.  Pay attention to yourself, your health, your body, mind and spirit.  Love yourself for everything you are and everything you are not.

  1. Create a new mindset

Your personal discovery journey will allow you to see things in a different way; a way that you choose to see yourself, the world and everything therein.  Changing your mindset will change your results in every area of life. A new way of thinking is a simple change, but it is not easy.  Your thoughts and beliefs have taken a life time to accumulate so you cannot rid yourself of these overnight.   Much of your thinking is habitual; so it is going to take great effort to overcome your thoughts.  Awareness if the first step in recognizing your own thoughts and behaviors. Next remind yourself that you have the power to make your own choices and this includes the choice of what and how to think.  You also have a choice in how you react to each person, stimuli and situation in your life, either in a positive or a negative way.  Will you choose to be empowered and make your own choices?

  1. Create purposeful intentions

What matters most to you right now? Are you setting aside time to focus on this       or are you placing other obligations and distractions ahead of it? Write a bucket list; be really honest with yourself, dream big and set no limit to want you really want to achieve before you leave this earth.  Now, take a look at your list and prioritize the items on your list.  Create a vision board with 6 – 9 items from the top of your list, and place it in a prominent location in your home.  Look at your visions every day, and set an intention to work towards attaining these goals

11. Reflection

Reflect on your own life; ask yourself if you are living your life with purpose or simply doing what you feel is expected.  When was the last time you honestly took some time to reflect on your own life and question if this is where you want to be, if you are the person you hoped you would become and if there is true purpose to the life you are living? Ask yourself if you are happy, feel valued and love your life.  See if the way you are currently living your life is getting you closer to your goals, or keeping you from them.  Ask often, be honest with yourself, and make the changes you want in your life. Be sure that you are living life with no regrets!

  1. Serve others

Life is much more enjoyable when we are able to assist others in accomplishing their goals.  When you choose to serve others rather than thinking only of yourself you will look at situations in a very different manner.  Instead of seeing how much work you have ahead of you, you will instead come from a place of giving.  It is the small acts of kindness in helping others that will in the end help you attain your own freedom.  For instance, imagine that you walked into your work place and were thinking of how you could make someone else’s day better instead of focusing on your own responsibilities.  Ask yourself how you can make a difference in someone else’s life today.  This approach will give you a whole new perspective of things.  It will take you out of yourself (ego) and take you to a place of service.  When you operate outside of your ego you will be amazed in the difference you will make in the lives of others as well as your own!


Are you up for the challenge?  Will you create your own path?

Helen Murray

Intuitive Coach, Energy Guide, Award Winning Author

Healing Hearts Personal Coach


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Tips For Choosing the Perfect Medium

This morning I read an interesting article on how to choose the best Psychic Medium for you. I didn’t internally scream, “PICK ME!” and I found myself completely agreeing with the author. Do I want to find more clients? Of course I do. I just don’t want to do readings for just anyone. Here’s why I am choosy now.

A year ago, I would have taken on any client. For free, for money, for exchanges, and worst of all, even if we didn’t mesh. I took on anyone, anytime and anywhere. I had one goal in mind and that was helping and practicing my gift. That mindset of taking on everyone as clients left me feeling drained and depleted. I was finding that I was attracting a lot of so-called “skeptics” who either wanted a cheap or free reading just to “see what it’s all about” or people who “just wanted to meet me.” OK that one floored me. I’m not even famous. Yet. 😉 I was attracting all kinds of blah and negativity to sit on my couch. Thank goodness for the sweet, kind and willing clients who came to the rescue!

I am grateful to these clients. The ones who tested me. Crossed their arms and had eyebrows down to their knees when I opened the door to greet them. They were my most valuable clients who came to show me that what I do isn’t widely accepted yet but more and more want to believe that their loved ones in spirit are present. PSSST… that IS true! They also made me realize some super valuable lessons on my Mediumship journey.

  1. I don’t have to help everyone. Besides, I can’t. I’m one person with an incredible gift that is meant to be shared. It’s not just possible to share it THAT much.
  2. Energy matters. The energy you bring to the table (literally) will make or break the quality of your reading. You like me and are drawn to my energy for a reason. We mesh. Our personalities, our values and our outlooks on life are similar. That’s why you chose me (or someone else) to read for you.
  3. My style is different from other Mediums, locally or otherwise. I am me and I always show up as me. That’s the best kind of Medium. I don’t try to “prove” it to you. I give you the evidence as accurately as I can and YOU decide if you believe or not. I incorporate humour, songs and love into all of my readings for you. I am welcoming and make you feel safe.
  4. You may not like me. And that is perfectly fine. I know that everything is based on energy. You may feel more drawn to another Medium because your energy is a match. You feel good about who you choose to get a reading from and THAT is all that matters.
  5. Mediums are not in competition with one another. How can they be? Mediums are here to help. Period. Help you. Help you connect with those you miss. Help each other. We rise by lifting others. Is the Medium you are researching sharing other Medium’s social media pages and posts? If not, you gotta wonder why. We are all in this together.
  6. It takes time. Time to grow your reputation and for others to know about you. We can’t all be famous and have TV shows (but I want one!) TV Mediums aren’t necessarily better than us small-town ones. They just have the means to be known. We do the same work, just as hard. Without a camera in our face.


Remember all of this if you are a practicing Medium, a student, a fellow Medium yourself or a client of mine or someone else’s. If you see something on a post or are drawn to something and it FEELS right, then go for it. Ask for referrals. Do your research. Feel out the energy. Is a big HELL YEAH or a meh? Either way, that is fine. I’m all about going with your intuition. So much in fact, that I wrote a book about it! 😉

Want to work with me as a student? I teach Private Mediumship online.

Want a reading? Do we mesh? Then YES, by all means, let’s set it up! If not, I know a few amazing Mediums you can call. 😉

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A Miracle is a Shift In Perception

Another channeled message:

“Life is not a challenge. It only exists in your mind. Time is not of the essence and it is not limited. Do not believe the nay Sayers and their chiming in of doubt. For you are a servant of God and you are here to help raise consciousness with your efforts no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. Your doubt is slowing you down and disallowing the energies at work to enter. Embrace the Word and teachings of God for God is Love. The word God is noted in negativity but God IS love. Love is all around and when you allow peace to enter your heart you are a saving grace. Lack is an illusion based on fear. The Course in Miracles teaches the trust and the way back to your true essence. Allow for a moment to see the truth and the way that is Yahweh. We light beings are desiring to steer you in the best direction of our goals and aspirations. Follow the inspiration for you are not wrong. Believe in the power bigger than yourself. Search not but receive. It is in your knowing that is the power of thought.”

Want you learn how to channel? I am offering an Automatic Writing Workshop online!

For more details, check them out here:



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{New Blog} May I Recommend….

Lately I can’t get enough of reading. I don’t mean the romance, fiction, murder-mystery whodunnit books either. I’m talking about self-help books of the spiritual kind.

Since I was little, I have LOVED reading. Childhood favourites like Goodnight Moon and Cat in the Hat. I’ve read hundreds of kiddie books during my Kindergarten teaching days (Pinkalicious, Pete the Cat, Caps for Sale) and even last year, Gone Girl and my all-time favourite, Harry Potter. But lately, all I want to get my pretty little hands on are books that will support me on  my Spiritual journey.

Three years ago, when I began my Mediumship training, I asked my Mentor which books she recommended. Without skipping a beat or batting an eyelash, she blurted out: A Course in Miracles. <Runs to Chapters, sees size of said book, runs out without it> I made the mistake of looking inside to see what all the fuss was about. It’s like a million pages long and requires work for a year. Nothankyouverymuch. I wasn’t ready for that. I was new to my path and that book was too much for me. I decided to buy the cheater’s version, and tried that as well. I really wanted to learn the teachings. I even attended one book club meeting about it and the entire time, I was pissed off. No, not because there was no wine, but because it didn’t make any sense to me whatsoever. This table isn’t real? But I can touch it!! Being afraid is an illusion? Exsqueeze me? I’m out of here. I was way in over my head with even the Coles notes.

I can’t even read fiction anymore, to be honest. It’s not that I’m a book snob. Wait, I’m going to apply one of the principles I learned in one of my non-fiction books and not feel the need to defend my choices to you 😉

These past few months have  been exceptionally spiritually non-fiction-y for me. Why don’t I give you a list, and you can decide for yourself? And yes, I have personally read them 😉

  1. Kyle Cease’s I Hope I Screw This Up: The first book to change my life or at least my perspective and beliefs about reality. I read this in the summer and loved his humour/be yourself/add a doodle-style of writing. It kept me engaged and I learned a hell of a lot at the same time.
  2. You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero-I loved her potty-mouth style of writing. Felt like I was reading something I had written. Except she believed she was awesome, I did not. (Yet) Great book to read if you are looking to find your inner badass and own that shit.
  3. Annie Kagan’s heart wrenching bookThe Afterlife of Billy Fingers-The story of bad boy who dies and his energy channels through his unbelieving sister. This is her story.
  4. Ask and It is Given-Abraham Hicks: You know how people say a book can change your ENTIRE life? This one literally changed my entire life. No joke. I have a whole new belief system and it is based solely on the Law of Attraction. A must-read.
  5. Braving the Wilderness-Brene Brown. A friend literally messaged me videos of Brene Brown and I was SO not watching it. I wanted nothing to do with her. Then I found her book. OK, I will admit I didn’t exactly love her cut and dry, statistics-based research style writing but her ideas and concepts are extremely well-founded. She even quotes Dr. Maya Angelou. If Oprah likes her…
  6. Spirit Junkie-Gabrielle Berstein. Ok I just started this one but I also admit I refused and resisted anything by this chick for months. I’m not sure why but OMG I LOVE HER NOW. Her book is based on the teachings of (you guessed it-A Course In Miracles) and I am all in. She even has a super cute website complete with meditations.
  7. A Course In Miracles– NO, I have not started it. But I’m going to buy it. I think the Universe really wants me to.

I may even buy the long version. And do the exercises. 365 of them.


What books are you reading that are inspiring you to grow and change on this crazy journey?


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Channeled Message-February 3, 2018

It is time to rise out of the ashes and into the familiar territory. You have been here before and you are worthy of it all. You will find that you cannot hide any longer the issues of the past for they must be dealt with. You have much work to do you can help others find their way to the light and a path they must live as well. The journey is fast and rocky but is worth the value you will receive. Life lessons and discomfort are not punishment  and the pain in your heart is temporary and will be forgotten when you leave the physical world. You are ready to show up as your true self. The self you have always been but hid from the truth. You have a leader role to play and the courage you seek is there and you are supported by many light beings. They walk on earth and support you as you go. The help you seek is there.

Channeled message February 3, 2018


-From the Council

“Channeling is a natural form of communication between humans and angelic beings, nature spirits, non-physical entities, or even animals and pets. A channeler is very similar to a language translator or interpreter. They allow themselves to sense the non-verbal communication from another being and then translate it into human words.”

Channeling is easy and anyone is capable of doing this important work. It is information from a higher level than us and we act as translators from higher beings. You do not need to be in a deep meditative state, as this came through simply by closing my eyes! Being aware that higher vibrations exist and that we can communicate with them is an important aspect of channeling. Angels, light beings all have important messages to share with the world but do not have our language to do so. That is where the channeler comes in!

Learning to channel through automatic writing, speaking or typing are the best ways to start. There is nothing to be afraid of. Protecting your energy is one step to ensure only the highest love and light beings are communicating with you. It is a very different feeling from hearing your own thoughts. The words that are spoken are not the way you would normally speak to someone or even to yourself. You will learn the difference through practice and trusting.

Got questions?


I am offering a course on Channeling and you can check it out here:



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Signs From Spirit-An Excerpt from My Upcoming Book

Signs from the Spirit

It would probably make more sense if you knew what the most common signs are that Spirit and the Universe are most likely to give to you. There are more and I want you to trust if you think something is a sign, then it is. Don’t only go by my list here. Sensing what is a sign is a great way to trust. Here are a few that pop up most often and seem to be the favourites.  Let’s talk about universal signs and then I will talk about spirit signs. And yes, there is a difference.


Remember how I said Source/the Universe, whatever you call it, is always looking out for your best interest? Well, this goes right along with giving you signs. Right now, I’m sure you can think of a few that have already been sent your way as obstacles along your path. You know what I am talking about. You ask for a sign that tonight’s blind date is the right choice. Then suddenly, your phone stops working, you suddenly feel sick to your stomach, you rip your pantyhose (do people even wear pantyhose anymore?) and if you make it to your car, the battery is dead or you have a flat tire. Obviously, you can see a theme here. The universe is telling you, “Do not go on this date”, or there may even be an accident up the road they are saving you from. TRUST these signs! This is the Universe’s way of giving you your answer. It may not be the answer you were hoping for, but alas you’re getting it. The Universe is loving on you SO much that it will do anything to assist you.


Butterflies have dual meaning. I always suggest when you see one that you use your INTUITION to determine which message is being brought to you in that moment. They signify both a loved one in Spirit  saying hello and wants you to know they are always with you and change. Think of a butterfly and how it begins as a caterpillar and transforms into this beautiful flying creature that can soar and fly now! Have you been feeling like things have changed or transformed for you in some way? Is everything about to change in your life? I bet you’re noticing an influx of butterflies!

What about when it’s winter and there are no butterflies to be seen. I get this all the time! You can notice butterflies anywhere; they don’t have to be the insect flying around you 😉 Photos will pop up, words others speak in conversation, paintings, figurines, on t-shirts as you shop… you get the idea. Spirit will always deliver and you can’t worry about the “how” when you ask for it, you’ll get it. Just go with what you’re receiving and trust it.

On my Facebook page, Mom to Medium  , I recently offered an opportunity for my followers to ask Spirit for a butterfly. I called it hashtag butterfly challenge. I was overwhelmed with the amount of participation and videos from people who asked their loved one in spirit for a butterfly to come near them and it worked. Well, I knew it would but I really wanted others who may doubt this truth to know for sure. As always, ask and you will receive. Spirit is listening the whole time.


A feather is one of the most common signs a Loved One in Spirit will leave you. Again, if you ask for one, you will receive it. (#feather challenge) I offered the same challenge on my page and never anticipated the response I would get, even weeks after it was over. Feathers are everywhere yes, I know. Do you have faith in the invisible or are you too caught up in your head and the logical explanations it comes up with that has you doubting? Bird feathers of all kinds will show up when you’re walking, at the beach, in your home as you clean or walk up the stairs, on the coffee table and even on your blanket when you wake up. What a cool way to wake up! I even once found a blue jay feather on the seat of my SUV after leaving, locking it and all the window-shop tight. There it was in plain sight waiting for me when I returned to my car. Explain that one! If that isn’t trusting, I don’t know what is.

Dimes and Pennies

Another favourite of the gifts from above. Spirit has told me during my readings that it is more difficult for them to leave a dime for you and that is why they want you to pick it up. This goes for the feathers as well. Think about it for just a second. Spirit is invisible. A dime is a metal object. Their energy would have to deliver this to you so you will (hopefully) notice to say they are here. A gift from heaven.  So, when you get one, again, trust that it was meant for you to find. In the car, on the floor, on a walk, beside your bed and more amazing places. If you find one, pick it up and save it. Don’t be like the sweater 😉


This is probably one of my most favourite signs from Spirit. And again, dual meaning is probable. Let me explain how this one works: Spirit is a high-vibe frequency now and your loved ones are just a different vibration. They vibrate at a much higher vibration than we are capable of and that Is why we cannot see them anymore. As with all frequencies, it is energy. Think of a radio. Radios are on a different frequency (again that we cannot see) but we know it works because we can hear the music. If you’re old school like me, you remember the dial on old car radios. When you “tune-in” to your favourite station, it’s clear and has your fave songs. When you turn it just a bit, it’s static. Since spirit is a high frequency, it can deliver those special meaningful songs right to you.

The two ways you receive messages this way is 1) Spirit is trying to give you an important message to guide you on your next steps through repetitive themes in song lyrics. Best way to hear messages in songs is to scan your radio. Just hit scan and listen. are the songs playing trying to tell you something? Do you hear a repeating theme of specific words?

Here is an example: this past year, I gave up doing something I loved. Zumba and dancing have been my passion for many years. I would go to class on a regular basis and even became an instructor. but life changes had me stopped and not exercising anymore. Yikes, right? I quit my membership. Lately, I’ve been hearing songs with the word “dance” in them. “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston. “Let’s Dance”. “Everybody Dance Now” by C and C Music Factory. You get the drift. This is what spirit knows is for my highest and best and wants me to go back. I must hear these types of songs ten or more times a day. I hear them and I know they are meant for me to hear. Maybe one day I’ll go back. 😉

The second way is through a specific song from your loved one in spirit are the other signs you may receive. Usually a favourite song of your passed over loved one or that song you sang together while they were still physically here. If your loved one ins spirit had a super strong personality, you can bet you will hear it, sometimes repeatedly. How do they know? They know everything and they use the power of song to let you know they are ok and with you. When you see a medium, a lot of the time, your loved one in spirit will validate that song or mention it to me by singing it in my head. Specific Christmas songs oldies, or recent top 40, it doesn’t matter. If it’s a song they know you know and relate to them, they will tell me so that you will have no doubt they are, in fact, present. They don’t want you to be sad. They want to see you smile and laugh and have joy. Celebrating them is what makes them happy, too. If a specific song is what it takes to do that, they will give it to you. So, tune in to your favorite radio station and wait. It will be there and when it plays, crank it up and sing along!



Unearth Your Intuition will be available for purchase Spring 2018.



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Adventures of a First-Time Traveler: Part Three

Blogger’s note:

It’s hard to believe that almost three weeks has passed since my trip to New Orleans. Time is passing quickly but the memory of my very first trip remains very much in front of me. It’s a trip I won’t soon (if ever) forget. For those of you new to my blog posts, you may want to go back and read the first two 😉

My adventures in the Big Easy were NOT easy. I’ll be the first to tell you that. After seeking out some ‘gators in the swamp, (a $50 swamp boat tour that provided no evidence of any gators; yet DID include Raccoons eating wieners. Don’t ask.) things got a little weird. If annoyed geese following your tour boat and cup-stealing boars aren’t weird enough, well, my friend, hold onto your beads.

We continued our tour of the local hot spots and by this point on our trip, walking past traveling Jazz bands and drunken partiers constantly had become somewhat normal to me. It is very accepted that at any given point, you can be completely intoxicated and basically be free and always carry an “anything goes” attitude. People skateboard past you singing loudly without a care in the world. Some wear gold lame suits and don’t give a flying fuck what you or anyone else thinks of them. Ah, freedom. I tried to soak up their laissez-faire energy as much as I could and wondered if I had to move to New Orleans to find that.

The afternoon was open for Voodoo shop and museum touring and my Spidey-senses were on overload. You know that big “Warning! Warning!  Red alert, Danger, danger” (the annoying sound that came from Max and Ruby’s robot)  that sometimes screams in your mind when you know you shouldn’t do something? You do it anyway. As we approached the first stop of the day, I could feel instant stomach pain, difficulty breathing and an overall sense of ill-well. Basically, do not enter. Did I listen? NOPE.

Here’s why:

I came here to have an experience. I was hell bent on doing it all.  I knew about voodoo and the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. We spent a few hours in a workshop that was based entirely on her and the history of voodoo/Black Magic. I should probably tell you (if you don’t know me personally) no, I do not practice voodoo or woo woo or magic of any kind. I’m more of a talk to dead people kinda girl. 😉  But it was hella interesting to hear all about the culture, history and incredible stories about NOLA’s most famous woman. In fact, there was an ENTIRE museum made in her honour! I know because I went there…. Picture the creepiest building you can, add a creepy old lady who runs the joint, mix in some altars all dedicated to the Voodoo Queen and you got yourself a recipe for get me outta here.

Room upon room was filled with altars where you could bestow offerings in the form of gifts to the deceased Queen in the hopes of having your wish granted by her. I was “fine” with the energies for a few minutes (seconds) and then I got to the back room, far left corner. That’s when I felt it. Ice cold energy surrounded me near the back altar and I felt almost threatened. Like someone did not want us there. That feeling I had earlier to NOT go in was definitely being confirmed at that exact moment. I almost froze because I wanted to make sure I was not, in fact, imagining this “presence” before I ran like hell to the front doors.

Many times, on this tour, I began to doubt my abilities, not just in this museum. I began to feel like I must be imagining all of this stuff I was seeing and feeling because nobody else seemed to notice. If they did, why were they were keeping it mum? I wanted to scream: “DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE/HEAR THAT?” Why was everyone so calm? Couldn’t they feel what I was feeling in every. Single. place we stopped at? Maybe I was crazy. Taking a breath (because it was hard to breath in there), I thought: “Dude, you are so not crazy. This is the exact thing you teach others. To not be afraid and to TRUST what you feel is going on.”

I’m in freaking New Orleans, baby.

I kept going in for more.


Who do? I do!!

Black Magic? Sign me up. Oh look! Another voodoo doll with pins in it and someone’s photo attached. That must be a good thing. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. :/

Couple stores later….

Oh, look! More voodoo dolls! Yay! Let’s go in!! This particular store had the strangest feeling and energy to it. I am SO not posting a link here. I remember the woman working the cash “may” have had black eyes, just a guess…. but I walked right past her and tried to fly under her radar. In the back of the store, there was a larger room with even MORE, you guessed it, voodoo dolls. I was just minding my own beeswax when shit got real. Like a scene from a movie, people were dropping to the ground, help was being called for and that was the moment when the hooks went in.






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Trying Too Hard

This morning, I was feeling grumpy, irritated and low-vibe. I wanted to say, “fuck it” to everything. I kept asking, “if the Law of Attraction is supposed to work, why isn’t it? What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I get this?” I’ve been trying so hard to do well with it and I am wanting to give up. It’s exhausting some days to summon up enough willpower to focus my thoughts and make sure I’m happy. (For those of you who don’t know the steps of manifesting, I will post that in a bit.)

I sat in my bed with laptop on my lap, drinking my tea and trying to feel happy and joy (eff off) and certainly NOT feeling it. All of  a sudden,  I felt the need to close my eyes (I AM super tired 😉 ) and put my hands on my keyboard. As I took a deep breath, I heard words that were definitely not mine and as soon as I started typing, I knew why I was guided to type. This is what came through:

Stop worrying all of you. It’s a waste of time and energy. It is much better to go about your day in love and the energy of love and time, for there is an abundance of that. When you worry, you weaken your mind and when you are happy and full of joy, your strength it in brings layers of goodness. Perhaps it is best to do nothing at all. We’d like you to think about that and then let it go. You are resisting too hard. Too much, too tight. You cannot receive it from here. You believe lack is the norm. It is not. We wish for you to see it and know it and find it;  you deserve it and are worthy of it all. Your biggest dreams cannot come to you until you believe in it. Your power is in the now. It is now and only now. What are you feeling this exact moment? What are you trying so hard for? Stop trying. Focus on your point of attraction and it will flow. Endless streams of abundance. Light force energy wants to bring it to you. Can you see it from our view? No, you’re too set in your ways. Tell a new story. Tell a story of what you do want. Stop telling things about what you don’t want.”


What?? Who said that? And more importantly, why are they saying it to me and which dude is reading my mind?

Either way, that’s exactly what I needed this morning to turn my thoughts around. I was not feeling great about why I’m here and why I should keep going. What I’ve learned from studying Abraham-Hicks is that when you’re feeling low like I am, the best thing to do if you can’t reach for a better feeling thought is to do nothing. Nothing is good sometimes. Sometimes you need to just stay in bed or think about other fun things like kittens and books. (My faves).  But really, the truth is no matter what it is I’m feeling, underneath the goo and yuck is my Soul shouting: “Nooooooooooooo!! That isn’t the real you! You are here for joy and creating and fun! Focus on that and you’re going to be just fine!” I’m feeling better already.

I’m just done writing for now.




Steps to Manifesting/LOA:

  1. Ask/Intend
  2. Believe with NO doubts/resistance
  3. Get happy.



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Adventures of First-Time Traveller (Part Two)

Since we ate lunch so late, we opted for dinner of the liquid kind and we all gathered at Pat O’Brien’s for a Hurricane (or the non-alcoholic version: Eye of the Hurricane). Located on Bourbon Street, this place had a magical (or maybe it was the alcohol) vibe to it and we sat outside (in January!) under a string of lights sky.  I opted for the non-alcoholic Hurricane as Spirits and Spirits do not mix well with me 😉 . After downing our drinks, it was a surreal experience as we all walked down one of New Orleans most famous streets on a Thursday night. Men holding signs advertising, “Big Ass Beers” and the tourists stumbling down the cobbled road made for some fun people-watching. The streets are literally littered with a colourful strings of beads even though Mardi Gras had not officially commenced. We slowly realized that you did NOT have to lift your top to get some beads around your neck and we came back to the hotel room with arms full! (Still fun 😉 )

My attempts at sleeping that first night  seemed futile and the spirits won. Loud bangs and scraping sounds from a “chair” above me (even though the rooms are FULLY carpeted) kept me awake for most of the night.  Harmless, I’m sure. :/ The next morning, we were going to Cafe Du Monde (New Orleans most popular and famous cafe) to try beignets and there was nothing going to stop me from that! Visions and recollections of snipets from the Disney Movie, “The Princess and The Frog” kept playing over and over in my mind.  I felt like that annoying Princess who was screaming for more beignets and kept getting powder all over her face. I ended up eating THREE of these messy suckers but trust me when I say: OMG BEST. DONUTS. EVER. Even though they weren’t what I was expecting, I was so happy to experience them. Tim Horton’s who? It wasn’t just the donuts that thrilled me. It was the whole thing. The people I was hanging out with, the energy in the tented cafe, the sounds of the lone trumpeter at the door singing his heart out without a care in the world…I was definitely not in Kansas (Shelburne, ON. )anymore.

We went back to the hotel to retrieve our sleepy friends who missed out on the heavenly taste of this breakfast (anytime, really) treat so we could have more adventures. My roommate had arrived now and we split off into a group of four females ready to embark on whatever was waiting for in the Big Easy. Our first stop was a beautiful gem shop and I found the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. First purchase, done. Easy peasy. Right? Wrong. Our next stop at a Voodoo shop across the street would be my first lesson in trusting your powers of the intuitive kind. From the look of the sign and the feelings/energies at the front door made me squeamish and uneasy to say the least. But, I was determined at this point to experience as much of the culture as possible and so I trudged through. Just a side note: Voodoo isn’t negative at all. It’s actually used in conjunction with Catholicism. My Uncle the Bishop would LOVE that <insert eye-roll here> I could feel the energy of the shop not wanting me in there at all or maybe it was me who didn’t want to be there at all. The more I browsed, the more I felt physically ill. I felt a darkness hanging in the air and none of the books or items called to me. In fact, they mostly repulsed me. Funny, because I knew voodoo isn’t meant to be dark at all. But if someone decided to throw in some of that dark magic that New Orleans is also historically known for, I can see how it may be misconstrued as evil.

Voodoo dolls lined the shelves and a curtain with a small table (I swear I saw a crystal ball) and chairs showcased for all to see around this tight space. Basically, I just felt yucky. Like some slime had been thrown on my back and it was past time to check the eff out of there. I  decided that I wasn’t making anyone happy by forcing myself to stay and so I bolted for the front door. Now I could breathe. Looking back, I wish I had trusted my gut. Not just at this one particular shop, but all of them. I would have saved myself a lot of trouble and stress. I just had it in my head that I wanted to embrace all of it. For now.

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Adventures of a First-Time Traveler (Part One)

Ever since I returned from my very first trip out-of-the-country-on-a-real-plane to the Big Easy, I’ve been bombarded with the ever-popular question: “How was it?” Now, you would think my first response would have been: “It was freaking amazing!!! I loved every second and I cannot WAIT to go back!! Who’s with me?” But that isn’t the case here. Instead, I actually have no idea how to answer that question. Instead, I stammer out: “Umm, well….it was interesting…” I know that’s not the answer you have been expecting and to be completely honest, I don’t know even where to begin with this blog post. I DO know that I need to write about it, post, talk, share and blab about it as much as possible everywhere and any chance I can get because this trip taught me some much-needed big girl lessons.  More than what not to do when travelling, what to actually do at the airport, how navigate out-of- this world energies and so much more. So, grab a coffee (PJ’s was like a Starbucks here and good luck finding tea!!  😉 ) and read on.

The flight down was fantastic for two reasons: 1) I got to travel with my group and not alone and 2) They had in-flight movies (which none of the other airlines did.) When we landed, it was smooth sailing as we all hopped in a cab (with a grumpy driver) and we were on our way to the (haunted) Hotel. My fellow travelers must have thought I was nuts because I was  so in awe of seeing real-live palm trees that were NOT just in a movie anymore. I felt giddy and light-headed (Should have picked up on this right then and there because it would be my first real indication of what was to come.) Yelling, “Hi, Palm trees!” every five seconds probably seems ridiculous and some may think it was cute but I was truly excited to see these trees. I’m not sure if it was the fact that they weren’t on my television screen anymore or the fact that I could almost reach out and touch them from my cab window.

The excitement for me was building because I was also feeling incredibly free. I was not in my small town anymore nor did I need to clean my house or do the grocery shopping for six for a few days. I was proud of me for venturing out into the world that I had never had the guts to venture out into before yet here I was. Finally! When the cab pulled up in front of our (haunted) hotel (The Royal Omni Orleans) I was anxious about the energies waiting inside. The details of exactly what was residing in this historic building were not revealed to us but I was ok using my abilities to find out for myself.

Once inside the impressive lobby, I could definitely feel “something” and it didn’t feel ominous in the least. After receiving my key card, that was a whole different ballpark. It’s almost like the Spirits or energies just knew I was coming 😉 I am still undecided if they were happy with my being sensitive (understatement of the year) and how I was able to “pick up” on them. I am also clairvoyant and I couldn’t decide if  seeing  them made them or me the most uncomfortable. But I was here for an adventure of a lifetime and I had a heads up that it was highly probable (guaranteed) I would encounter this kind of “stuff”.

I sat on the bed (alone, as my roommate wasn’t checking in until that evening) and the spirits decided to introduce themselves in creepy hotel-style by making my legs from the knees down absolutely freezing. What fun! OK I get it. I’m a Medium and I know you’re there. How ’bout we not do that and just let me enjoy my alone time. HA. I managed to somehow relax for a little while until we headed out for our first jaunt around the city. Y’all ghosties can just stay here in this room.

Omni Royal Orleans.

Our first trek led us straight into Jackson Square in the heart of the French Quarter.  Live jazz music (and some bucket music-that’s right, I said bucket music), Tarot Card Readers, costumes and energies lined up in the middle of this place. Buzzing and loud, my first thought was: “I’m cool. I can handle this. This is actually freaking awesome. Best. Day. Ever.” That’s where the first photo of me smiling comes in. Day one. Smiles. We kept walking with our small starving group to find the perfect place to eat. We settled on a diner and I was fine with that. We had the cutest and most southern waiter named, Joe who ended up being one of my most favourite people of the trip. I ordered Chicken and Waffles (can you say YUM) Syrup on chicken. Who knew? Bacon in the waffles. #iaminlove I couldn’t come all this way and order fries. Or can I? So I did. On the side. Man, they were better than any fries I have scarfed down here! We all said goodbye to Joe and the diner and we headed back to our hotel. I decided it was time to chill out and rest up for our evening out and for the arrival of my roommate. The human one, not the one currently residing in room 349.

Next blog post:


To be continued.


Bring on the beignets.



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