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The Dark Side of Spirituality

The other day, I got another taste of the dark side or shadow side of my spirituality.  I wish I meant Darth Vader or some other ridiculous reference to Star Wars. I want to set the record straight about Spirituality, waking up and the decision to embark on a Spiritual path. This wasn’t my first experience with shadow and I am not here to freak you out or make you run for the hills. I want to share and educate and inform those of you who are called to this journey. I want you to know what it IS and what it isn’t. I wasn’t ready for it. That woman who inspired me to become a Medium and who called me out on that was bang on when she approached me and said it. I don’t want you to think you have to put a smile on your face even when it’s all going to shit.

Blogger’s note: I FREAKING love what I do. And this blog is my personal opinion and experiences.


Here are some things I have learned along the way:

  1. Positivity:  Most of you believe that in order to be considered a “spiritual” being, you must be POSITIVE all the freaking time. This is actually false. I’m not sure where along the way someone decided it was meant to be this way, but in fact, it is quite the opposite. Bombarded with self-help books, the Law of Attraction phenomenon and misleading “inspirational” quotes that plaster your social media pages don’t exactly help us. We hear over and over that in order to wear the “I Am Spiritual” t-shirt, you must first walk around like everything in this world is sunshine and rainbows. Heaven forbid if you forget your daily affirmations or skip your meditation one day. Please go easy on you. You aren’t perfect and it’s exhausting trying and always being in fight or flight each moment of your day. Take a minute (or 30) and just sit with yourself. See what comes up. Close your eyes and breathe into it. jared-rice-388260-unsplash
  2. It Isn’t all Light and Love:  ROFL. I hate to be the one to break it to you (actually, I am happy to do it) but being spiritual isn’t all light. Spirituality involves some pretty fucking messy work on yourself and that includes looking at  your shadows. Mediumship isn’t just about channelling your loved ones in spirit. (Which I fully admit I was NOT prepared for) It’s light AND dark. You can’t really have anything without both sides of the coin. Same goes for this. Light and dark. Ying and Yang. Up and Down. In and Out. Ok, now I’m just quoting Katy Perry.  All spirits aren’t the good guys. Some are manipulative. It’s a learning curve and I’m getting better at recognizing it. I am thankful for my low-vibe energies experiences. They’ve brought me so many helpful people who have become Mentors and friends. Having support is key to this work.
  3. You WILL Need to Work on Yourself:  Speaking of work, being on this planet requires us to show up and serve others in whatever capacity that is for you. Each of us WILL at some point, have this “holy shit” moment and start to question everything. Your “reality”, who you are, what you came here to do, your purpose, your beliefs and your relationships. None of it will make much sense to you one day, if it hasn’t happened already. For me, it was six  years ago when my middle son decided to throw 1000 piece box of Lego across the room. Simple as that. It could be a tiny thing or a massive event that will change the course of your entire life. But can I tell you something? It will be SO worth it. You must go through it. You can’t keep stuffing it down until you’re 80. Do you want to be free? Then face the pain. Don’t shove it down anymore.ines-pimentel-564023-unsplash


What is the definition of spirituality anyway:


To me, it means to constantly find ways to SHIFT from fear to love. Thanks Gabby. If you practice enough, and turn your face to love-based feelings, decisions, relationships etc, you can never go wrong. It doesn’t matter what you believe in. Love always wins. And that is what Spirit is. Love. Easy peasy.

Now that I have made the choice to look at my shadow-side (because we all have one) it’s kinda pretty messy here. In this place, I know there are some beliefs I need to expend, some pretty hard life choices I need to look at and of course, there’s the past decisions that I made that had catastrophic effects on the ones I love. Looking at those everyday. Feeling and digging in the crap. But it’s all necessary. It would hurt more to keep doing what I was doing. It would feel MORE uncomfortable to keep trucking along and just living with it. It is more freeing to forgive myself and that person than it is to hold onto it. I meet so many clients who are mirrors of me. That me I used to be. I hear their stories and I yell, “OMG ME TOO!! That happened to me! I did that too!!” It’s the best part of this journey, really. Because now I know I am not alone. They truly do inspire me to speak my own truth. Looking at the shadow side is SO liberating. I know that joy is just around the corner. If it isn’t for you, make the decision to do the  work. Decide enough is enough and you’re tired of feeling this way. It’s been too long. And when you decide to look at it, I will hand you that t-shirt that says: “I am SO Spiritual”.  Because now you get it.

Need someone to believe in you? I am transitioning my Mediumship business into Spiritual Coaching.


Maybe it’s time for a new email 😉


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How to Meditate

My name is Jen Abra and I am a full-time Professional Medium. Becoming a Medium happened very quickly and was never on my list of dreams, goals or aspirations in life.  Being an ECE with the school board and for the past 15 years seemed like a perfectly reasonable career for me. However, it seems I was meant for a career change and here I am.

I really enjoy serving and helping others.   I remember the days of immense stress and frustration as a Mom of four young kids plus working full-time. I wish I had meditation in my back pocket back then because I know it would have helped me deal with it all much better. Over time, I have been taught by many Mentors but admittedly I have discovered Meditation while studying to be a Medium. I look forward to it everyday and once it became part of my daily routine, my life transformed.

My “why” for being here today and teaching you/guiding through meditation is because I know first hand what it can do for you. We as Moms sometimes put ourselves last and rarely, if ever, make time for ourselves. Even if you are not a Mom, you will, of course benefit immensely from creating a strong meditation routine in your daily life.


Where to start:

Here are some tried and true tips to start meditating at home:

  1. Choose a specific day and time that will be set aside for Meditating. The BEST times are when you just wake up and before bed. This allows for you to not have one more thing to do and since you’re already sitting up comfortably, it’s the perfect time/space.
  2. Download Insight Timer app on your phone. This app has thousands of meditations ranging from beginner (1-10 minutes) to advanced (30-1 hour) You can listen with headphones. This app also keeps track of your progress so you can see how you’re doing.  Click here:
  3. Take three deep breaths in and out. In through the nose, out through the mouth. This signals to your body and mind that it is time to be present and relax. Drop your shoulders and loosen your jaw. You may not realize how tense you are until you do this!
  4. Do NOT beat yourself up if you cannot “control” your thoughts. Having a busy mind while meditating is TOTALLY normal and trying to push them out will make it worse. Simply let them come, acknowledge them and then let them go. You can envision in your mind’s eye a river and as the thought comes, put it in the river and watch it go downstream.
  5. Make time for yourself a priority. YOU are the most important person in your life. You deserve to take care of YOU and that is exactly what meditating is doing for you.




Benefits of Meditation:

  • Stress relief
  • Peace of mind
  • Relieve anxiety
  • Connect to yourself
  • Improves concentration
  • Respond instead of react
  • Increase in happiness
  • Self-awareness

Plus, so much more. There are also many spiritual benefits to meditation.


It takes 30 days to form a strong meditation routine. Stick with it. Get support.

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Weekly Video Messages

What would you do if you could hear from your loved one in Spirit every week? What about a weekly Psychic prediction or confirmation about your next steps?

As a Psychic Medium, I know firsthand what it’s like to question what you’re experiencing. I’ve witnessed many clients struggling with their own sanity, worrying about what others will think of them for feeling strange and unexplainable sensations.  Spirit is all around each and every one of us. Some of us wonder if there’s some truth to that and some are looking for answers.

You’ve seen butterflies, you’ve received dimes or feathers and perhaps you’ve heard that special song only you and Spirit share that reminds you of your ldavid-clode-527265-unsplashoved one. You just know it must be possible. They can’t just leave us. But how will you know for sure?

Some of us are struggling along our paths as well. We wonder if the decisions we make are the “right” ones, we over think and analyze; forgetting to use our hearts and not our minds. Forgetting that everything is in Divine order and the Universe has a bigger plan for you than you can even imagine.

So how do we DO this? How do we find answers within or find out for sure our loved ones in Spirit are safe?

That’s where a reliable and trusted Medium or Psychic comes in. The good news is: your answer is available to you any time you wish.

A Medium has the incredible gift of connecting you with your loved ones in Spirit. Validation, proof, love, messages, faith. Your loved ones energy (Soul) is constantly with you; watching over you and your family. They tell the Medium incredible stories of things they are watching you do and help to guide you with decisions you are making. Messages from the other side can have lasting positive effects on a grieving person and give them strength to carry on.

ron-smith-372792-unsplash (1)

A Psychic has the ability to predict (from a love perspective, not fear) see, know and share with you helpful information that can assist you on your journey. Making tough decisions isn’t easy, especially on your own. Asking Spirit’s help for guidance and reassurance can be life-changing! “Should I take that job?” “Will I move to a bigger house?” are just a few questions a Psychic hears during a reading and loves to answer, according to Spirit. You can get answers you are looking for.

What if I told you, you could receive weekly messages or psychic information? Not once every six months but every week?

Video messages are now an option. Emailed to your inbox every week, you could choose messages from your loved one in Spirit OR weekly guidance. I am so excited to share what Spirit has to say with you. I will channel your loved one who has passed or I will deliver guidance via Spirit through videos every week.


Email for more information and what is required.




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Being of Service

If you’re an Soulpreneur <just a fancy term for entrepreneur/business in the Healing Arts> you’ve probably heard this umpteen times: “being of service.” If you have done much personal work, digging deep in to your soul and have immersed yourself in your life path and purpose, you know how important and life-giving being of service to others really is. It’s the life-line of spirituality, it comes from a place of love (which everything is) and it is our work as Lightworkers to share our knowledge.

Even if you aren’t a healer, a mentor or even know what your purpose or gift to give is, this blog is for you, too. Firefighters, massage therapists, Doctors….the list is endless of those who serve others. Most of us, whether we realize it or not, serve everyday. Parents, authors, teachers…the list literally never ends. Because the truth is, we are all here to serve. To help, share, teach, grow, develop and be.


What happens though when you are in service, and you are doing it from a place of expectation. From serving others but expecting something (financial gain, a job, a leg up, a raise, advancement) in return. Is that really serving? Is it coming from a place of love or lack? Ego or Soul. The answer is easy.

I am guilty of serving with the expectation (hope) that I will receive something in return. Not all the time. But a lot of the time. And I am not perfect and can admit that to you. Raise your hand if you’ve given away something for free and wanted something back. <Raises hand>



This morning a read a blog by Gabrielle Bernstein about how to achieve your dream. One of the steps was to serve. Read here:   Without expecting anything in return. Wait! What? My first thought was, “OH WOW!” That’s perfect. If I was serving from a place of love and true service, then I would be giving freely and openly. If I’m being completely truthful with you, my dear follower, this hasn’t always been the case.

I need money. We all need money to not only survive, but also to be free. Truly free. Travel, cars and true freedom lies in abundance. Who doesn’t want abundance? THIS GIRL! It’s our birthright to feel, be and experience abundance. We are abundant beings. Quitting my secure job may have left me feeling a tad wobbly on the money front. While I do trust the Universe 100 percent, I do have times of doubt. We all do. I don’t care how spiritual you are, you are also human and your ego can put your positive momentum into a tailspin in the wrong direction. And when that happens, it helps to shift it from fear to love. Instant reminder and feeling connected to Source once more. Ah.


When I had my lightbulb shifting moment reading ole’ Gabby’s blog, something shifted. Again. (Sooo many shifts this month!) No wonder I’ve been experiencing burn out symptoms, urges to hide in my room and to completely get off social media for a few days! I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time! Well, not all the time. Just sometimes. In times of mistrusting the Big U, forgetting that I am already abundant and that Source is always providing for me.

What I realize now is that I want to show up and serve from a place rooted in love EVERYTIME. Service is my middle name and I loooooooooove to give. I love to share my knowledge of manifesting, how to meditate, the signs from Spirit and most of all, the evidence that your loved ones in Spirit never leave you. I want to show up in confidence and authenticity. After all, it’s what I came here to do. Help. I’ll just do more of the love serving. Thanks Gabby. 😉




P.S. Want to learn how to connect with Spirit? I’ve got the answers for you.





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Calling in the Angels

You’ve heard me talk about signs from Spirit a lot. A lot, a lot. It’s kind of my thing. It’s not my entire thing but right now, it’s the thing that helps my followers the most. In fact, I’ve hosted many online programs about them for the past two years and I even have an unpublished book on it (does that count if it’s not on the shelves yet?)

Talking about the signs (“Signs, Signs, Everywhere the Signs”) is super important and part of my passion. It comes with the territory of what I do (speak to the invisible) and it helps a lot that I have some practice with the topic.

I do hope you’re aware of what they are and how you can receive them (If not, check out my one-day program called Signs, Symbols and Synchronicities here:     ) You don’t have to believe in them to receive them but it does help to know what they are.


This blog isn’t about that though. This one is what happens when you’re aware of them, and you regularly receive them and you are trucking along your spiritual path. Doesn’t matter where you’re on it; beginning, middle, I guess there’s no end! I’m referring to what comes next when you dive in. Really dive in. that kind of diving that delves into who you really are. That soul-level You. The non-human you who doesn’t lie awake all night worrying about money or taxes or if you gave your kids enough for lunch that day. The part of you who is pure light and knows the way.

It’s the part of you that can help you feel your connection to Source, feel energy and receives inspiration through meditation. Don’t worry if you’re not there yet. It’ll come. If you’re there already, you know and you want more of that.

When you’re super connected to who you really are;  when you remember that part of you…. your life becomes a whole new ballgame. You call in Spirit, (which is love, the Universe, God, whatever you want to call it) it flows through you.


pexels-photo-110854.jpegThe magic begins to flow. The manifestations are abundant. You ask and it’s yours. Almost instantly. Pure gold.

Discovering and maintaining your connection to Source energy is the most amazing gift you can give yourself. We are all connected but some of us are not aware of this! When you remain fully connected, there is nothing you can’t do. You know that feeling, dontcha? Some call it the “sweet spot”, some call it manifesting and the LOA, some call it alignment. It’s all there when you’re tuned in.

Not sure how to get there? Here are some tried and true ways to connecting to your Soul/inner being:

  1. Meditation. Quickest way to connect to Source energy and get back to who you are. The longer and more consistently you sit with yourself with no distractions, the stronger the connection. pexels-photo-156120.jpeg
  2. Learn how to love and appreciate yourself. People can only like you as much as you like you. When you love on yourself, you are connected because that is who you are.
  3. Visualize how you want your life to feel and look like. See yourself doing well and being genuinely joyful. Joy is key to everything. No joy? No connection.
  4. Think positive thoughts as much as you can. 11:11? That’s the universe sending you a message that you need to get your thoughts back on track. Thinking a negative, non-serving thought? Stop. Pause. Breathe into it and turn it around. You do have the power. Kick the habit today.
  5. Feel your way. Like I said, joy. What if you can’t feel joy right now? Reach for a better feeling thought. Happiness is a choice and the best way to feel Source. Plus, it feels  way better than being in a bad mood.sea-beach-holiday-vacation.jpg
  6. Ask for help. Call in your Angels (they can’t help you unless you ask) Call in your team of Spirit Guides, loved ones. Call in human help. Delegate. Say what you need.
  7. Call in the Holy Spirit. No joke. Say it in your head. Watch what unfolds. It works every time. Amped up signs abound.
  8. I don’t do yoga but I know it’s a sure-fire way to feel the energies and be able to connect.
  9. Unplug. Literally. From the internet, social media, movies. These are just distractions, addictions that keep us from connecting to ourselves and source.

Don’t forget love. Source is love and love is Source. You are Source energy because you came from that. Source (the Universe) is flowing through you. Think about that statement for a second. Feel the power in that and the knowledge that is able to flow through you. The creativity will flow. The inspiration will come. The ideas. The helpful people. The signs. The miracles. All of it is waiting for you. How will you feel the connection?

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Girl’s Night In


By Mom to Medium-Jen Abra

Thank you for inquiring about hosting your very own Girl’s Night In! You are going to have so much fun. I am very excited to join you in this evening providing uplifting messages from Spirit.

A bit about me:

Mom to Medium Jen Abra is a Professional Medium like no other. Incorporating music and laughter, along with joyful messages from Spirit, her events bring a celebratory and fun aspect to her group events. After having delivered hundreds of private readings for her clients all over the world and hosting many events in Dufferin County, Mom to Medium is excited to meet new faces in Georgetown, ON. She will provide validation and evidence that your loved ones who have transitioned are very much still energetically present. Simple signs such as flickering lights, meaningful songs, feathers and dimes are only the beginning of such amazing gifts that Spirit is sending you daily. Being open to them is key to receiving.

Mom to Medium invites you to come with an open heart and mind, uncrossed arms ;), happy and positive energy and an eagerness to hear from those you miss most. While Jen does her best to provide as many readings as possible, please note that not every guest in attendance will receive one. Get ready TO experience a different kind of Mediumship style unlike any other.


Why host a Girl’s Night In anyway?

Hosting your very own Girl’s Night is a great way to gather your closest friends and family in a small and intimate environment (your home) and connect with one another in an unconventional way. Bringing a Professional Medium in brings a different element than just wine and cheese! When you have a group of people who want to hear form their loved one in spirit, the collective energies, excitement, anticipation, laughter, tears and socializing make for an incredible night. One you and your guests won’t soon forget!

Hostess’ duties:

  • Gather 10 or more committed guests
  • Collect their fees and put into an envelope prior to the event
  • Follow up with each guest to ensure they are still coming
  • Let me know day before of any changes to guest list
  • Pay $50 non-refundable deposit at time of booking
  • Ask guest to bring snacks or provide your own

Medium’s duties:

  • I promise to accurately provide messages and validation that your guest’s loved ones in spirit are presents
  • Be professional, courteous, punctual and friendly
  • Communicate with you the night before
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • I cannot guarantee each guest will receive a reading BUT I do try my best. Spirit works in mysterious ways sometimes!
  • Provide reading for TWO hours in a group setting.

Guest’s duties:

  • Commit to participating and attending
  • Bring high-energy and enthusiasm
  • Be present (turn off phones)
  • Engage with Medium in order to ensure a successful evening for all.
  • Pay hostess BEFORE the event (Please do NOT give any cash to the Medium)

A BIG benefit to hosting:

  • You receive a FREE 30-minute reading at a later and agreed upon date for yourself as a thank you for hosting me.


I have done many Private Group Events and I can assure you that if your guests showup happy and open to the possibilities that there is more to this life than what you can see with our eyes, they WILL leave in awe. They will also have had a really fun Girl’s Night out.

We will work together to make sure this evening is a big success for all.

$50 each guest



I look forward to your event! Check out Mom to Medium-Jen Abra on Facebook for updates and events!

Follow me on Instagram: momtomedium


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Why Hiring a Life Coach is the Best Thing You’ll Do All Year

Today I got my sign. Ok, it was a license plate but all the same thing. OURCOACH. There it was, right in my face. It’s been coming for a whole year. Ever since I made the big investment and hired my very own Life Coach, it’s been something I have wanted to do. Maybe even more than Readings! <Shock and awe> It can’t come as a surprise, really. I mean, my whole mission in this life is to help people. It started as a Kindergarten career, transformed into becoming that Mom who can speak to dead people <I mean, Spirits> and now is morphing into a yearning to Coach. Coaching those Moms who want more, young adults who want direction and most of all, coach those who need some spiritual guidance and hope. Something and someone who believes in them when they themselves do not believe in themselves. I want to be the one to show you what you’re made of.

There’s been so many times when someone would come for a reading and we’d end up talking about where they were meant to be headed instead of channeling their loved one in spirit. I can see the dreams and goals pouring out of my client’s aura and it fills the room with possibility. Because it is more than possible, it’s pre-determined that you, yes you, the one reading this blog, are ready. More than capable of turning it around, of cleaning up your thoughts and changing your entire life. But you may not see it yet. You don’t see what I see. I have a gift of conversing with the invisible, but I also have a gift of seeing you for who you truly are.

I’ve been there. Trust me. Oh, I’ve been where you are right this second. You’re unsure and feeling stuck. You know and can feel the shift inside wanting to happen. You just looked in the bathroom mirror and all you saw were dark circles and frustration. You’re trying to find that beautiful soul you used to be! THAT USED TO BE ME. So, how did I get to where I am now? I hired a Coach.

She saw in me the Soul I truly was and not the woman I perceived myself to be. She saw my worth and encouraged me to show up as my authentic and worthy self. The ego (fear-based self) was having a hey day with me back then. Thoughts of, “You’re not good enough“, “Who are you to write a book”, ‘You’re just a Mom who has no talents or gifts.” These are just a few of the things I told myself day in a day out. Sound familiar?

A Coach can guide you back to love. Loving yourself, your life and show you that that’s all there really is.

This past year, I have transformed. My life and myself. I see my worth and my value that I can give. Just like my butterfly logo, my experience with my coach showed me that I got this. It gave me the courage to go out on my own and spread my wings. I am flying. I completely believe that 

there is nothing I cannot be, do or have. I am limitless. And so are you.

Want to hear more?


Set up your FREE 15-minute chat via Zoom.

Click here:

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{Guest Blogger-Helen Murray} The Change Challenge

The Change Challenge

Commit to making 1 of these 12 changes each month for the next 12 months &

You may not recognize yourself in a year from now!

  1. Embrace your spirituality

A spiritual journey will be very different for each of you.  It also has a completely unique feeling for you than for any other person. It may be going to Church and a specific religion, it may be finding a deeper level of spirituality, and it may be opening up to the Universe, practicing meditation, starting yoga, or delving into the world of self-development. Whichever spiritual path you choose is going to be the right one for you at this time.  As you begin to discover your internal beliefs, write them in a daily journal; this is a great way to notice your own thoughts, beliefs and personal challenges that you may have been unaware of previously.  

  1. Allow honest expressions from within

Honesty paired with faith gives us an opportunity to express our authentic, true self.  Once you allow yourself to become aligned with your values, desires, and beliefs you will be able to make effective change in your life.  Think about what activity excites you; it may be gardening, writing, playing a musical instrument, baking, etc.  Create your own vision!  If you are stuck and don’t know what you like to do, think back to childhood and look at the things you enjoyed then.  This will help you come to know what excites you most.

  1. Choose a personal quality

Choose one personal quality to focus on.  For example, practicing happiness will create a huge shift in yourself as well as those around you.  This is relatively simple; as soon as you notice yourself slipping into a rut, immediately acknowledge that feeling and then simply make the statement “I choose to be happy”.  You will not be able to help but smile when you say these words.  The power of choice is very fulfilling.  I suggest you continue on with adding a new quality each month into your focus starting with gratitude next, but that it up to you.  Continue adding new qualities into your life, and each time ask yourself what is missing in your life, and choose the quality that best fits at that time.

  1. Feel like you already have what you desire

Name one thing in life you desire right now.  Name it, picture it vividly in your mind using all your senses.  Now “pretend” that you already have it.  Continually act as though your desire has already been attained. IN this way, your focus on the desire becomes real, and you will strive to get it because in your mind it is already yours!

  1. What you resist persists

If you continually focus on what you don’t want rather than on what you do      want, unfortunately, you will continue to bring those things into your life.  Sometime you know what you want, and think you are focusing on that, but in actuality, because of the negative language you are using, you create the opposite in your life.  For example, say you are a nervous driver, and so you think you are focusing on being safe on the roads, but you are saying things to yourself like driving is dangerous, the roads are not safe, I don’t feel in control, then you are actually focusing on what you don’t want and therefore inviting more of those incidents into your life.  However, if you said things like, I am a good driver, I am confident in my own ability to keep safe on the roads, I will arrive safe, then you are focusing on the positive; what you do want. This is a very simple shift in your mindset and your language, but it can create huge results in your life if you learn to adopt a new way of thinking and use it consistently.  Begin by listening to yourself, and acknowledging the language you use, and then reframe your thoughts and your words to focus on what you really want.

  1. Learn to Forgive

When you live in a place of “blaming” you are totally incapable of forgiveness.  You must take full responsibility for everything (good & bad) that happens in your life.  Allowing yourself to be the victim will decrease your ability to move on.  If you truly desire to forgive – you must start with yourself!  You will find it is much, much easier to forgive others once you have made peace with YOU.  .   If you want to truly live a happy life, then right now, wherever you are, make a declaration that you will control your own destiny, and you will be victim to know one.  You will notice a feeling of freedom, maybe faint at first, immediately after you make this declaration to yourself.  Stand up and tell yourself you are worth it.  Have faith, and let go.  This one act will make the biggest changes in your life.

  1. Get out of the Box

You may like the security of living in your comfort zone, and therefore stay where you are because it seems easier.  You cannot grow if you don’t change – simple as that.  Change is one of the constants in life. To take risks are to grow as a person and feel alive. So think about how you can change your routine, even if it’s minor. Some examples can be to get up earlier, ask a co-worker to lunch, start a project you’ve put off for years, go to a different church, restaurant or library. Try something new, anything! You’ll be amazed at the new perspectives that open up and the experiences that come about.

  1. Be kind to yourself

This is not something that comes easily for most people.  For some reason you treat yourself worse than you would ever treat your worst enemy.  The natural tendency is to talk to yourself in a very critical manner.  Be the kind of person you are to your best friend to yourself.  Stop the put downs, and bad behavior, and honor your own needs and desires.  Pay attention to yourself, your health, your body, mind and spirit.  Love yourself for everything you are and everything you are not.

  1. Create a new mindset

Your personal discovery journey will allow you to see things in a different way; a way that you choose to see yourself, the world and everything therein.  Changing your mindset will change your results in every area of life. A new way of thinking is a simple change, but it is not easy.  Your thoughts and beliefs have taken a life time to accumulate so you cannot rid yourself of these overnight.   Much of your thinking is habitual; so it is going to take great effort to overcome your thoughts.  Awareness if the first step in recognizing your own thoughts and behaviors. Next remind yourself that you have the power to make your own choices and this includes the choice of what and how to think.  You also have a choice in how you react to each person, stimuli and situation in your life, either in a positive or a negative way.  Will you choose to be empowered and make your own choices?

  1. Create purposeful intentions

What matters most to you right now? Are you setting aside time to focus on this       or are you placing other obligations and distractions ahead of it? Write a bucket list; be really honest with yourself, dream big and set no limit to want you really want to achieve before you leave this earth.  Now, take a look at your list and prioritize the items on your list.  Create a vision board with 6 – 9 items from the top of your list, and place it in a prominent location in your home.  Look at your visions every day, and set an intention to work towards attaining these goals

11. Reflection

Reflect on your own life; ask yourself if you are living your life with purpose or simply doing what you feel is expected.  When was the last time you honestly took some time to reflect on your own life and question if this is where you want to be, if you are the person you hoped you would become and if there is true purpose to the life you are living? Ask yourself if you are happy, feel valued and love your life.  See if the way you are currently living your life is getting you closer to your goals, or keeping you from them.  Ask often, be honest with yourself, and make the changes you want in your life. Be sure that you are living life with no regrets!

  1. Serve others

Life is much more enjoyable when we are able to assist others in accomplishing their goals.  When you choose to serve others rather than thinking only of yourself you will look at situations in a very different manner.  Instead of seeing how much work you have ahead of you, you will instead come from a place of giving.  It is the small acts of kindness in helping others that will in the end help you attain your own freedom.  For instance, imagine that you walked into your work place and were thinking of how you could make someone else’s day better instead of focusing on your own responsibilities.  Ask yourself how you can make a difference in someone else’s life today.  This approach will give you a whole new perspective of things.  It will take you out of yourself (ego) and take you to a place of service.  When you operate outside of your ego you will be amazed in the difference you will make in the lives of others as well as your own!


Are you up for the challenge?  Will you create your own path?

Helen Murray

Intuitive Coach, Energy Guide, Award Winning Author

Healing Hearts Personal Coach


Open post

Tips For Choosing the Perfect Medium

This morning I read an interesting article on how to choose the best Psychic Medium for you. I didn’t internally scream, “PICK ME!” and I found myself completely agreeing with the author. Do I want to find more clients? Of course I do. I just don’t want to do readings for just anyone. Here’s why I am choosy now.

A year ago, I would have taken on any client. For free, for money, for exchanges, and worst of all, even if we didn’t mesh. I took on anyone, anytime and anywhere. I had one goal in mind and that was helping and practicing my gift. That mindset of taking on everyone as clients left me feeling drained and depleted. I was finding that I was attracting a lot of so-called “skeptics” who either wanted a cheap or free reading just to “see what it’s all about” or people who “just wanted to meet me.” OK that one floored me. I’m not even famous. Yet. 😉 I was attracting all kinds of blah and negativity to sit on my couch. Thank goodness for the sweet, kind and willing clients who came to the rescue!

I am grateful to these clients. The ones who tested me. Crossed their arms and had eyebrows down to their knees when I opened the door to greet them. They were my most valuable clients who came to show me that what I do isn’t widely accepted yet but more and more want to believe that their loved ones in spirit are present. PSSST… that IS true! They also made me realize some super valuable lessons on my Mediumship journey.

  1. I don’t have to help everyone. Besides, I can’t. I’m one person with an incredible gift that is meant to be shared. It’s not just possible to share it THAT much.
  2. Energy matters. The energy you bring to the table (literally) will make or break the quality of your reading. You like me and are drawn to my energy for a reason. We mesh. Our personalities, our values and our outlooks on life are similar. That’s why you chose me (or someone else) to read for you.
  3. My style is different from other Mediums, locally or otherwise. I am me and I always show up as me. That’s the best kind of Medium. I don’t try to “prove” it to you. I give you the evidence as accurately as I can and YOU decide if you believe or not. I incorporate humour, songs and love into all of my readings for you. I am welcoming and make you feel safe.
  4. You may not like me. And that is perfectly fine. I know that everything is based on energy. You may feel more drawn to another Medium because your energy is a match. You feel good about who you choose to get a reading from and THAT is all that matters.
  5. Mediums are not in competition with one another. How can they be? Mediums are here to help. Period. Help you. Help you connect with those you miss. Help each other. We rise by lifting others. Is the Medium you are researching sharing other Medium’s social media pages and posts? If not, you gotta wonder why. We are all in this together.
  6. It takes time. Time to grow your reputation and for others to know about you. We can’t all be famous and have TV shows (but I want one!) TV Mediums aren’t necessarily better than us small-town ones. They just have the means to be known. We do the same work, just as hard. Without a camera in our face.


Remember all of this if you are a practicing Medium, a student, a fellow Medium yourself or a client of mine or someone else’s. If you see something on a post or are drawn to something and it FEELS right, then go for it. Ask for referrals. Do your research. Feel out the energy. Is a big HELL YEAH or a meh? Either way, that is fine. I’m all about going with your intuition. So much in fact, that I wrote a book about it! 😉

Want to work with me as a student? I teach Private Mediumship online.

Want a reading? Do we mesh? Then YES, by all means, let’s set it up! If not, I know a few amazing Mediums you can call. 😉

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A Miracle is a Shift In Perception

Another channeled message:

“Life is not a challenge. It only exists in your mind. Time is not of the essence and it is not limited. Do not believe the nay Sayers and their chiming in of doubt. For you are a servant of God and you are here to help raise consciousness with your efforts no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. Your doubt is slowing you down and disallowing the energies at work to enter. Embrace the Word and teachings of God for God is Love. The word God is noted in negativity but God IS love. Love is all around and when you allow peace to enter your heart you are a saving grace. Lack is an illusion based on fear. The Course in Miracles teaches the trust and the way back to your true essence. Allow for a moment to see the truth and the way that is Yahweh. We light beings are desiring to steer you in the best direction of our goals and aspirations. Follow the inspiration for you are not wrong. Believe in the power bigger than yourself. Search not but receive. It is in your knowing that is the power of thought.”

Want you learn how to channel? I am offering an Automatic Writing Workshop online!

For more details, check them out here:



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