Surrender. I know you’ve heard this word a bazillion times. It seems to have caught on as  one of the most widely-used and  popular spiritual jargon of these conscious times. We hear it all the time from our Spiritual “celebrities” and leaders the most. If you have someone in mind, such as Gabby Bernstein or Jesse Elder (two of my personal favourites to follow and listen to) you’ll hear it on an even bigger platform. To be honest, I used to have no idea what the term actually meant, or rather, what it meant to me until quite recently. I learned what it meant to surrender both energetically and literally.



To surrender simply means to let go. Allow. Let go of control. Wave the white flag. Go with the flow. Ride the waves.  Hand over control to a power much larger than your tiny human self.  It means to trust that the Big U has it all under control. Much easier said than done. Doesn’t matter if it’s Brene Brown, Kris Carr or Santa Claus himself, who is offering this critical piece of spiritual advice. It ultimately is up to us to figure out what it really means to us on a deep

But that’s what the “experts” told me to do.

All of those dollars invested in and spent on workshops on how to build a business.


Marketing ploys.

Money manifesting challenges.

None of it worked.

And it probably won’t work for you either.


Because all of those “things” the so-called experts tell you and the secrets they are revealing to you are missing one key element.



I’ve realized that you can’t force anyone to do anything.

You cannot cajole or sell the pants off of someone with your fancy ads on Facebook.

I’ve discovered that with all the smoke and mirrors of “Hey! Look at me!” posts and videos, people can see right through that. Everyone has intuition and you all use it in some capacity that allows you to empathically feel that person’s energy, emotions and reasons behind the offers. I know because I’ve done it.


I’ve been desperate for money. I’ve posted things that weren’t in alignment with my higher self. The dang hydro needed to be paid.

We all do it.

But what we forget sometimes is that this isn’t how a soulful business owner, or really maybe any business owner can thrive. It doesn’t create a feeling of abundance when we force. It creates feelings of doubt, and worst of all, lack.



And going back to those leaders who are writing books and doing speaking engagements for the masses, they too will tell you the same thing. It’s all about the surrender.

When you get to the point that you can trust Source to bring you what you ask for….

When you begin to believe, and then know, that there is no lack, or competition, or pushing necessary…

When you find the wave of letting go of control…

That’s when things really start to happen. In BIG ways.

Right now, I am trying to surrender over when my book will be in my hands to share with the world. There are delays. My publisher hasn’t answered my emails. I can’t seem to get the manuscript perfect. I want it now.

But I can’t.

It’s not up to me.

It’s up to the Universe and now that I know the secret, I am surrendering.

I am handing it over to Source. To a power bigger than myself. Bigger than all of us.

I know you have something you want, too. We all possess a desire of something. Maybe it’s a goal we haven’t achieved yet. Or maybe a partner or a job. A baby. A house to call our own. Money. It doesn’t matter what it is. The key is to let it go.

Ask and wait.

Surrender it over.

You will learn on your own journey that pushing, forcing the issue, screaming, crying and begging for what you want is futile. In fact, it’s creating the opposite of what you want.

Last week, I was in the water. I was feeling frustrated by my situation and I had this massive urge to float. Really float. So, I did.

At first, I felt so much tension in my back and shoulders. I was so afraid to fall under the water. I didn’t want the water to sting my eyes and nose. I was afraid that I would sink and sputter and cough.


My first attempt, I did that. I couldn’t stay afloat. I could hear Spirit tell me that I wasn’t letting go enough. I had that neck pain like I was holding on too tight to a rope. I failed.

I tried again.

This time, I heard, “Let go. We’ve got you.”

I laid my head back again and allowed the water to carry me. All of my weight and my fear. I relaxed my shoulders and allowed the waves to carry me. Ah, surrender is possible. It felt so good to not be afraid. It felt good to just lay back and let the water support me.

So often we don’t allow the support. We think we have to carry it all.

Let the water carry you and decide to float. Decide to surrender.

Then watch your desires appear right in front of your eyes.


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