Weekly Video Messages

What would you do if you could hear from your loved one in Spirit every week? What about a weekly Psychic prediction or confirmation about your next steps?

As a Psychic Medium, I know firsthand what it’s like to question what you’re experiencing. I’ve witnessed many clients struggling with their own sanity, worrying about what others will think of them for feeling strange and unexplainable sensations.  Spirit is all around each and every one of us. Some of us wonder if there’s some truth to that and some are looking for answers.

You’ve seen butterflies, you’ve received dimes or feathers and perhaps you’ve heard that special song only you and Spirit share that reminds you of your ldavid-clode-527265-unsplashoved one. You just know it must be possible. They can’t just leave us. But how will you know for sure?

Some of us are struggling along our paths as well. We wonder if the decisions we make are the “right” ones, we over think and analyze; forgetting to use our hearts and not our minds. Forgetting that everything is in Divine order and the Universe has a bigger plan for you than you can even imagine.

So how do we DO this? How do we find answers within or find out for sure our loved ones in Spirit are safe?

That’s where a reliable and trusted Medium or Psychic comes in. The good news is: your answer is available to you any time you wish.

A Medium has the incredible gift of connecting you with your loved ones in Spirit. Validation, proof, love, messages, faith. Your loved ones energy (Soul) is constantly with you; watching over you and your family. They tell the Medium incredible stories of things they are watching you do and help to guide you with decisions you are making. Messages from the other side can have lasting positive effects on a grieving person and give them strength to carry on.

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A Psychic has the ability to predict (from a love perspective, not fear) see, know and share with you helpful information that can assist you on your journey. Making tough decisions isn’t easy, especially on your own. Asking Spirit’s help for guidance and reassurance can be life-changing! “Should I take that job?” “Will I move to a bigger house?” are just a few questions a Psychic hears during a reading and loves to answer, according to Spirit. You can get answers you are looking for.

What if I told you, you could receive weekly messages or psychic information? Not once every six months but every week?

Video messages are now an option. Emailed to your inbox every week, you could choose messages from your loved one in Spirit OR weekly guidance. I am so excited to share what Spirit has to say with you. I will channel your loved one who has passed or I will deliver guidance via Spirit through videos every week.


Email mediumjenabra@gmail.com for more information and what is required.




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