Being of Service

If you’re an Soulpreneur <just a fancy term for entrepreneur/business in the Healing Arts> you’ve probably heard this umpteen times: “being of service.” If you have done much personal work, digging deep in to your soul and have immersed yourself in your life path and purpose, you know how important and life-giving being of service to others really is. It’s the life-line of spirituality, it comes from a place of love (which everything is) and it is our work as Lightworkers to share our knowledge.

Even if you aren’t a healer, a mentor or even know what your purpose or gift to give is, this blog is for you, too. Firefighters, massage therapists, Doctors….the list is endless of those who serve others. Most of us, whether we realize it or not, serve everyday. Parents, authors, teachers…the list literally never ends. Because the truth is, we are all here to serve. To help, share, teach, grow, develop and be.


What happens though when you are in service, and you are doing it from a place of expectation. From serving others but expecting something (financial gain, a job, a leg up, a raise, advancement) in return. Is that really serving? Is it coming from a place of love or lack? Ego or Soul. The answer is easy.

I am guilty of serving with the expectation (hope) that I will receive something in return. Not all the time. But a lot of the time. And I am not perfect and can admit that to you. Raise your hand if you’ve given away something for free and wanted something back. <Raises hand>



This morning a read a blog by Gabrielle Bernstein about how to achieve your dream. One of the steps was to serve. Read here:   Without expecting anything in return. Wait! What? My first thought was, “OH WOW!” That’s perfect. If I was serving from a place of love and true service, then I would be giving freely and openly. If I’m being completely truthful with you, my dear follower, this hasn’t always been the case.

I need money. We all need money to not only survive, but also to be free. Truly free. Travel, cars and true freedom lies in abundance. Who doesn’t want abundance? THIS GIRL! It’s our birthright to feel, be and experience abundance. We are abundant beings. Quitting my secure job may have left me feeling a tad wobbly on the money front. While I do trust the Universe 100 percent, I do have times of doubt. We all do. I don’t care how spiritual you are, you are also human and your ego can put your positive momentum into a tailspin in the wrong direction. And when that happens, it helps to shift it from fear to love. Instant reminder and feeling connected to Source once more. Ah.


When I had my lightbulb shifting moment reading ole’ Gabby’s blog, something shifted. Again. (Sooo many shifts this month!) No wonder I’ve been experiencing burn out symptoms, urges to hide in my room and to completely get off social media for a few days! I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time! Well, not all the time. Just sometimes. In times of mistrusting the Big U, forgetting that I am already abundant and that Source is always providing for me.

What I realize now is that I want to show up and serve from a place rooted in love EVERYTIME. Service is my middle name and I loooooooooove to give. I love to share my knowledge of manifesting, how to meditate, the signs from Spirit and most of all, the evidence that your loved ones in Spirit never leave you. I want to show up in confidence and authenticity. After all, it’s what I came here to do. Help. I’ll just do more of the love serving. Thanks Gabby. 😉




P.S. Want to learn how to connect with Spirit? I’ve got the answers for you.





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