Calling in the Angels

You’ve heard me talk about signs from Spirit a lot. A lot, a lot. It’s kind of my thing. It’s not my entire thing but right now, it’s the thing that helps my followers the most. In fact, I’ve hosted many online programs about them for the past two years and I even have an unpublished book on it (does that count if it’s not on the shelves yet?)

Talking about the signs (“Signs, Signs, Everywhere the Signs”) is super important and part of my passion. It comes with the territory of what I do (speak to the invisible) and it helps a lot that I have some practice with the topic.

I do hope you’re aware of what they are and how you can receive them (If not, check out my one-day program called Signs, Symbols and Synchronicities here:     ) You don’t have to believe in them to receive them but it does help to know what they are.


This blog isn’t about that though. This one is what happens when you’re aware of them, and you regularly receive them and you are trucking along your spiritual path. Doesn’t matter where you’re on it; beginning, middle, I guess there’s no end! I’m referring to what comes next when you dive in. Really dive in. that kind of diving that delves into who you really are. That soul-level You. The non-human you who doesn’t lie awake all night worrying about money or taxes or if you gave your kids enough for lunch that day. The part of you who is pure light and knows the way.

It’s the part of you that can help you feel your connection to Source, feel energy and receives inspiration through meditation. Don’t worry if you’re not there yet. It’ll come. If you’re there already, you know and you want more of that.

When you’re super connected to who you really are;  when you remember that part of you…. your life becomes a whole new ballgame. You call in Spirit, (which is love, the Universe, God, whatever you want to call it) it flows through you.


pexels-photo-110854.jpegThe magic begins to flow. The manifestations are abundant. You ask and it’s yours. Almost instantly. Pure gold.

Discovering and maintaining your connection to Source energy is the most amazing gift you can give yourself. We are all connected but some of us are not aware of this! When you remain fully connected, there is nothing you can’t do. You know that feeling, dontcha? Some call it the “sweet spot”, some call it manifesting and the LOA, some call it alignment. It’s all there when you’re tuned in.

Not sure how to get there? Here are some tried and true ways to connecting to your Soul/inner being:

  1. Meditation. Quickest way to connect to Source energy and get back to who you are. The longer and more consistently you sit with yourself with no distractions, the stronger the connection. pexels-photo-156120.jpeg
  2. Learn how to love and appreciate yourself. People can only like you as much as you like you. When you love on yourself, you are connected because that is who you are.
  3. Visualize how you want your life to feel and look like. See yourself doing well and being genuinely joyful. Joy is key to everything. No joy? No connection.
  4. Think positive thoughts as much as you can. 11:11? That’s the universe sending you a message that you need to get your thoughts back on track. Thinking a negative, non-serving thought? Stop. Pause. Breathe into it and turn it around. You do have the power. Kick the habit today.
  5. Feel your way. Like I said, joy. What if you can’t feel joy right now? Reach for a better feeling thought. Happiness is a choice and the best way to feel Source. Plus, it feels  way better than being in a bad mood.sea-beach-holiday-vacation.jpg
  6. Ask for help. Call in your Angels (they can’t help you unless you ask) Call in your team of Spirit Guides, loved ones. Call in human help. Delegate. Say what you need.
  7. Call in the Holy Spirit. No joke. Say it in your head. Watch what unfolds. It works every time. Amped up signs abound.
  8. I don’t do yoga but I know it’s a sure-fire way to feel the energies and be able to connect.
  9. Unplug. Literally. From the internet, social media, movies. These are just distractions, addictions that keep us from connecting to ourselves and source.

Don’t forget love. Source is love and love is Source. You are Source energy because you came from that. Source (the Universe) is flowing through you. Think about that statement for a second. Feel the power in that and the knowledge that is able to flow through you. The creativity will flow. The inspiration will come. The ideas. The helpful people. The signs. The miracles. All of it is waiting for you. How will you feel the connection?

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