Girl’s Night In


By Mom to Medium-Jen Abra

Thank you for inquiring about hosting your very own Girl’s Night In! You are going to have so much fun. I am very excited to join you in this evening providing uplifting messages from Spirit.

A bit about me:

Mom to Medium Jen Abra is a Professional Medium like no other. Incorporating music and laughter, along with joyful messages from Spirit, her events bring a celebratory and fun aspect to her group events. After having delivered hundreds of private readings for her clients all over the world and hosting many events in Dufferin County, Mom to Medium is excited to meet new faces in Georgetown, ON. She will provide validation and evidence that your loved ones who have transitioned are very much still energetically present. Simple signs such as flickering lights, meaningful songs, feathers and dimes are only the beginning of such amazing gifts that Spirit is sending you daily. Being open to them is key to receiving.

Mom to Medium invites you to come with an open heart and mind, uncrossed arms ;), happy and positive energy and an eagerness to hear from those you miss most. While Jen does her best to provide as many readings as possible, please note that not every guest in attendance will receive one. Get ready TO experience a different kind of Mediumship style unlike any other.


Why host a Girl’s Night In anyway?

Hosting your very own Girl’s Night is a great way to gather your closest friends and family in a small and intimate environment (your home) and connect with one another in an unconventional way. Bringing a Professional Medium in brings a different element than just wine and cheese! When you have a group of people who want to hear form their loved one in spirit, the collective energies, excitement, anticipation, laughter, tears and socializing make for an incredible night. One you and your guests won’t soon forget!

Hostess’ duties:

  • Gather 10 or more committed guests
  • Collect their fees and put into an envelope prior to the event
  • Follow up with each guest to ensure they are still coming
  • Let me know day before of any changes to guest list
  • Pay $50 non-refundable deposit at time of booking
  • Ask guest to bring snacks or provide your own

Medium’s duties:

  • I promise to accurately provide messages and validation that your guest’s loved ones in spirit are presents
  • Be professional, courteous, punctual and friendly
  • Communicate with you the night before
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • I cannot guarantee each guest will receive a reading BUT I do try my best. Spirit works in mysterious ways sometimes!
  • Provide reading for TWO hours in a group setting.

Guest’s duties:

  • Commit to participating and attending
  • Bring high-energy and enthusiasm
  • Be present (turn off phones)
  • Engage with Medium in order to ensure a successful evening for all.
  • Pay hostess BEFORE the event (Please do NOT give any cash to the Medium)

A BIG benefit to hosting:

  • You receive a FREE 30-minute reading at a later and agreed upon date for yourself as a thank you for hosting me.


I have done many Private Group Events and I can assure you that if your guests showup happy and open to the possibilities that there is more to this life than what you can see with our eyes, they WILL leave in awe. They will also have had a really fun Girl’s Night out.

We will work together to make sure this evening is a big success for all.

$50 each guest



I look forward to your event! Check out Mom to Medium-Jen Abra on Facebook for updates and events!

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