{Guest Blogger-Helen Murray} The Change Challenge

The Change Challenge

Commit to making 1 of these 12 changes each month for the next 12 months &

You may not recognize yourself in a year from now!

  1. Embrace your spirituality

A spiritual journey will be very different for each of you.  It also has a completely unique feeling for you than for any other person. It may be going to Church and a specific religion, it may be finding a deeper level of spirituality, and it may be opening up to the Universe, practicing meditation, starting yoga, or delving into the world of self-development. Whichever spiritual path you choose is going to be the right one for you at this time.  As you begin to discover your internal beliefs, write them in a daily journal; this is a great way to notice your own thoughts, beliefs and personal challenges that you may have been unaware of previously.  

  1. Allow honest expressions from within

Honesty paired with faith gives us an opportunity to express our authentic, true self.  Once you allow yourself to become aligned with your values, desires, and beliefs you will be able to make effective change in your life.  Think about what activity excites you; it may be gardening, writing, playing a musical instrument, baking, etc.  Create your own vision!  If you are stuck and don’t know what you like to do, think back to childhood and look at the things you enjoyed then.  This will help you come to know what excites you most.

  1. Choose a personal quality

Choose one personal quality to focus on.  For example, practicing happiness will create a huge shift in yourself as well as those around you.  This is relatively simple; as soon as you notice yourself slipping into a rut, immediately acknowledge that feeling and then simply make the statement “I choose to be happy”.  You will not be able to help but smile when you say these words.  The power of choice is very fulfilling.  I suggest you continue on with adding a new quality each month into your focus starting with gratitude next, but that it up to you.  Continue adding new qualities into your life, and each time ask yourself what is missing in your life, and choose the quality that best fits at that time.

  1. Feel like you already have what you desire

Name one thing in life you desire right now.  Name it, picture it vividly in your mind using all your senses.  Now “pretend” that you already have it.  Continually act as though your desire has already been attained. IN this way, your focus on the desire becomes real, and you will strive to get it because in your mind it is already yours!

  1. What you resist persists

If you continually focus on what you don’t want rather than on what you do      want, unfortunately, you will continue to bring those things into your life.  Sometime you know what you want, and think you are focusing on that, but in actuality, because of the negative language you are using, you create the opposite in your life.  For example, say you are a nervous driver, and so you think you are focusing on being safe on the roads, but you are saying things to yourself like driving is dangerous, the roads are not safe, I don’t feel in control, then you are actually focusing on what you don’t want and therefore inviting more of those incidents into your life.  However, if you said things like, I am a good driver, I am confident in my own ability to keep safe on the roads, I will arrive safe, then you are focusing on the positive; what you do want. This is a very simple shift in your mindset and your language, but it can create huge results in your life if you learn to adopt a new way of thinking and use it consistently.  Begin by listening to yourself, and acknowledging the language you use, and then reframe your thoughts and your words to focus on what you really want.

  1. Learn to Forgive

When you live in a place of “blaming” you are totally incapable of forgiveness.  You must take full responsibility for everything (good & bad) that happens in your life.  Allowing yourself to be the victim will decrease your ability to move on.  If you truly desire to forgive – you must start with yourself!  You will find it is much, much easier to forgive others once you have made peace with YOU.  .   If you want to truly live a happy life, then right now, wherever you are, make a declaration that you will control your own destiny, and you will be victim to know one.  You will notice a feeling of freedom, maybe faint at first, immediately after you make this declaration to yourself.  Stand up and tell yourself you are worth it.  Have faith, and let go.  This one act will make the biggest changes in your life.

  1. Get out of the Box

You may like the security of living in your comfort zone, and therefore stay where you are because it seems easier.  You cannot grow if you don’t change – simple as that.  Change is one of the constants in life. To take risks are to grow as a person and feel alive. So think about how you can change your routine, even if it’s minor. Some examples can be to get up earlier, ask a co-worker to lunch, start a project you’ve put off for years, go to a different church, restaurant or library. Try something new, anything! You’ll be amazed at the new perspectives that open up and the experiences that come about.

  1. Be kind to yourself

This is not something that comes easily for most people.  For some reason you treat yourself worse than you would ever treat your worst enemy.  The natural tendency is to talk to yourself in a very critical manner.  Be the kind of person you are to your best friend to yourself.  Stop the put downs, and bad behavior, and honor your own needs and desires.  Pay attention to yourself, your health, your body, mind and spirit.  Love yourself for everything you are and everything you are not.

  1. Create a new mindset

Your personal discovery journey will allow you to see things in a different way; a way that you choose to see yourself, the world and everything therein.  Changing your mindset will change your results in every area of life. A new way of thinking is a simple change, but it is not easy.  Your thoughts and beliefs have taken a life time to accumulate so you cannot rid yourself of these overnight.   Much of your thinking is habitual; so it is going to take great effort to overcome your thoughts.  Awareness if the first step in recognizing your own thoughts and behaviors. Next remind yourself that you have the power to make your own choices and this includes the choice of what and how to think.  You also have a choice in how you react to each person, stimuli and situation in your life, either in a positive or a negative way.  Will you choose to be empowered and make your own choices?

  1. Create purposeful intentions

What matters most to you right now? Are you setting aside time to focus on this       or are you placing other obligations and distractions ahead of it? Write a bucket list; be really honest with yourself, dream big and set no limit to want you really want to achieve before you leave this earth.  Now, take a look at your list and prioritize the items on your list.  Create a vision board with 6 – 9 items from the top of your list, and place it in a prominent location in your home.  Look at your visions every day, and set an intention to work towards attaining these goals

11. Reflection

Reflect on your own life; ask yourself if you are living your life with purpose or simply doing what you feel is expected.  When was the last time you honestly took some time to reflect on your own life and question if this is where you want to be, if you are the person you hoped you would become and if there is true purpose to the life you are living? Ask yourself if you are happy, feel valued and love your life.  See if the way you are currently living your life is getting you closer to your goals, or keeping you from them.  Ask often, be honest with yourself, and make the changes you want in your life. Be sure that you are living life with no regrets!

  1. Serve others

Life is much more enjoyable when we are able to assist others in accomplishing their goals.  When you choose to serve others rather than thinking only of yourself you will look at situations in a very different manner.  Instead of seeing how much work you have ahead of you, you will instead come from a place of giving.  It is the small acts of kindness in helping others that will in the end help you attain your own freedom.  For instance, imagine that you walked into your work place and were thinking of how you could make someone else’s day better instead of focusing on your own responsibilities.  Ask yourself how you can make a difference in someone else’s life today.  This approach will give you a whole new perspective of things.  It will take you out of yourself (ego) and take you to a place of service.  When you operate outside of your ego you will be amazed in the difference you will make in the lives of others as well as your own!


Are you up for the challenge?  Will you create your own path?

Helen Murray

Intuitive Coach, Energy Guide, Award Winning Author

Healing Hearts Personal Coach


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