Tips For Choosing the Perfect Medium

This morning I read an interesting article on how to choose the best Psychic Medium for you. I didn’t internally scream, “PICK ME!” and I found myself completely agreeing with the author. Do I want to find more clients? Of course I do. I just don’t want to do readings for just anyone. Here’s why I am choosy now.

A year ago, I would have taken on any client. For free, for money, for exchanges, and worst of all, even if we didn’t mesh. I took on anyone, anytime and anywhere. I had one goal in mind and that was helping and practicing my gift. That mindset of taking on everyone as clients left me feeling drained and depleted. I was finding that I was attracting a lot of so-called “skeptics” who either wanted a cheap or free reading just to “see what it’s all about” or people who “just wanted to meet me.” OK that one floored me. I’m not even famous. Yet. 😉 I was attracting all kinds of blah and negativity to sit on my couch. Thank goodness for the sweet, kind and willing clients who came to the rescue!

I am grateful to these clients. The ones who tested me. Crossed their arms and had eyebrows down to their knees when I opened the door to greet them. They were my most valuable clients who came to show me that what I do isn’t widely accepted yet but more and more want to believe that their loved ones in spirit are present. PSSST… that IS true! They also made me realize some super valuable lessons on my Mediumship journey.

  1. I don’t have to help everyone. Besides, I can’t. I’m one person with an incredible gift that is meant to be shared. It’s not just possible to share it THAT much.
  2. Energy matters. The energy you bring to the table (literally) will make or break the quality of your reading. You like me and are drawn to my energy for a reason. We mesh. Our personalities, our values and our outlooks on life are similar. That’s why you chose me (or someone else) to read for you.
  3. My style is different from other Mediums, locally or otherwise. I am me and I always show up as me. That’s the best kind of Medium. I don’t try to “prove” it to you. I give you the evidence as accurately as I can and YOU decide if you believe or not. I incorporate humour, songs and love into all of my readings for you. I am welcoming and make you feel safe.
  4. You may not like me. And that is perfectly fine. I know that everything is based on energy. You may feel more drawn to another Medium because your energy is a match. You feel good about who you choose to get a reading from and THAT is all that matters.
  5. Mediums are not in competition with one another. How can they be? Mediums are here to help. Period. Help you. Help you connect with those you miss. Help each other. We rise by lifting others. Is the Medium you are researching sharing other Medium’s social media pages and posts? If not, you gotta wonder why. We are all in this together.
  6. It takes time. Time to grow your reputation and for others to know about you. We can’t all be famous and have TV shows (but I want one!) TV Mediums aren’t necessarily better than us small-town ones. They just have the means to be known. We do the same work, just as hard. Without a camera in our face.


Remember all of this if you are a practicing Medium, a student, a fellow Medium yourself or a client of mine or someone else’s. If you see something on a post or are drawn to something and it FEELS right, then go for it. Ask for referrals. Do your research. Feel out the energy. Is a big HELL YEAH or a meh? Either way, that is fine. I’m all about going with your intuition. So much in fact, that I wrote a book about it! 😉

Want to work with me as a student? I teach Private Mediumship online.

Want a reading? Do we mesh? Then YES, by all means, let’s set it up! If not, I know a few amazing Mediums you can call. 😉

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