A Miracle is a Shift In Perception

Another channeled message:

“Life is not a challenge. It only exists in your mind. Time is not of the essence and it is not limited. Do not believe the nay Sayers and their chiming in of doubt. For you are a servant of God and you are here to help raise consciousness with your efforts no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. Your doubt is slowing you down and disallowing the energies at work to enter. Embrace the Word and teachings of God for God is Love. The word God is noted in negativity but God IS love. Love is all around and when you allow peace to enter your heart you are a saving grace. Lack is an illusion based on fear. The Course in Miracles teaches the trust and the way back to your true essence. Allow for a moment to see the truth and the way that is Yahweh. We light beings are desiring to steer you in the best direction of our goals and aspirations. Follow the inspiration for you are not wrong. Believe in the power bigger than yourself. Search not but receive. It is in your knowing that is the power of thought.”

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