{New Blog} May I Recommend….

Lately I can’t get enough of reading. I don’t mean the romance, fiction, murder-mystery whodunnit books either. I’m talking about self-help books of the spiritual kind.

Since I was little, I have LOVED reading. Childhood favourites like Goodnight Moon and Cat in the Hat. I’ve read hundreds of kiddie books during my Kindergarten teaching days (Pinkalicious, Pete the Cat, Caps for Sale) and even last year, Gone Girl and my all-time favourite, Harry Potter. But lately, all I want to get my pretty little hands on are books that will support me on  my Spiritual journey.

Three years ago, when I began my Mediumship training, I asked my Mentor which books she recommended. Without skipping a beat or batting an eyelash, she blurted out: A Course in Miracles. <Runs to Chapters, sees size of said book, runs out without it> I made the mistake of looking inside to see what all the fuss was about. It’s like a million pages long and requires work for a year. Nothankyouverymuch. I wasn’t ready for that. I was new to my path and that book was too much for me. I decided to buy the cheater’s version, and tried that as well. I really wanted to learn the teachings. I even attended one book club meeting about it and the entire time, I was pissed off. No, not because there was no wine, but because it didn’t make any sense to me whatsoever. This table isn’t real? But I can touch it!! Being afraid is an illusion? Exsqueeze me? I’m out of here. I was way in over my head with even the Coles notes.

I can’t even read fiction anymore, to be honest. It’s not that I’m a book snob. Wait, I’m going to apply one of the principles I learned in one of my non-fiction books and not feel the need to defend my choices to you 😉

These past few months have  been exceptionally spiritually non-fiction-y for me. Why don’t I give you a list, and you can decide for yourself? And yes, I have personally read them 😉

  1. Kyle Cease’s I Hope I Screw This Up: The first book to change my life or at least my perspective and beliefs about reality. I read this in the summer and loved his humour/be yourself/add a doodle-style of writing. It kept me engaged and I learned a hell of a lot at the same time.
  2. You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero-I loved her potty-mouth style of writing. Felt like I was reading something I had written. Except she believed she was awesome, I did not. (Yet) Great book to read if you are looking to find your inner badass and own that shit.
  3. Annie Kagan’s heart wrenching bookThe Afterlife of Billy Fingers-The story of bad boy who dies and his energy channels through his unbelieving sister. This is her story.
  4. Ask and It is Given-Abraham Hicks: You know how people say a book can change your ENTIRE life? This one literally changed my entire life. No joke. I have a whole new belief system and it is based solely on the Law of Attraction. A must-read.
  5. Braving the Wilderness-Brene Brown. A friend literally messaged me videos of Brene Brown and I was SO not watching it. I wanted nothing to do with her. Then I found her book. OK, I will admit I didn’t exactly love her cut and dry, statistics-based research style writing but her ideas and concepts are extremely well-founded. She even quotes Dr. Maya Angelou. If Oprah likes her…
  6. Spirit Junkie-Gabrielle Berstein. Ok I just started this one but I also admit I refused and resisted anything by this chick for months. I’m not sure why but OMG I LOVE HER NOW. Her book is based on the teachings of (you guessed it-A Course In Miracles) and I am all in. She even has a super cute website complete with meditations.
  7. A Course In Miracles– NO, I have not started it. But I’m going to buy it. I think the Universe really wants me to.

I may even buy the long version. And do the exercises. 365 of them.


What books are you reading that are inspiring you to grow and change on this crazy journey?


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