Signs From Spirit-An Excerpt from My Upcoming Book

Signs from the Spirit

It would probably make more sense if you knew what the most common signs are that Spirit and the Universe are most likely to give to you. There are more and I want you to trust if you think something is a sign, then it is. Don’t only go by my list here. Sensing what is a sign is a great way to trust. Here are a few that pop up most often and seem to be the favourites.  Let’s talk about universal signs and then I will talk about spirit signs. And yes, there is a difference.


Remember how I said Source/the Universe, whatever you call it, is always looking out for your best interest? Well, this goes right along with giving you signs. Right now, I’m sure you can think of a few that have already been sent your way as obstacles along your path. You know what I am talking about. You ask for a sign that tonight’s blind date is the right choice. Then suddenly, your phone stops working, you suddenly feel sick to your stomach, you rip your pantyhose (do people even wear pantyhose anymore?) and if you make it to your car, the battery is dead or you have a flat tire. Obviously, you can see a theme here. The universe is telling you, “Do not go on this date”, or there may even be an accident up the road they are saving you from. TRUST these signs! This is the Universe’s way of giving you your answer. It may not be the answer you were hoping for, but alas you’re getting it. The Universe is loving on you SO much that it will do anything to assist you.


Butterflies have dual meaning. I always suggest when you see one that you use your INTUITION to determine which message is being brought to you in that moment. They signify both a loved one in Spirit  saying hello and wants you to know they are always with you and change. Think of a butterfly and how it begins as a caterpillar and transforms into this beautiful flying creature that can soar and fly now! Have you been feeling like things have changed or transformed for you in some way? Is everything about to change in your life? I bet you’re noticing an influx of butterflies!

What about when it’s winter and there are no butterflies to be seen. I get this all the time! You can notice butterflies anywhere; they don’t have to be the insect flying around you 😉 Photos will pop up, words others speak in conversation, paintings, figurines, on t-shirts as you shop… you get the idea. Spirit will always deliver and you can’t worry about the “how” when you ask for it, you’ll get it. Just go with what you’re receiving and trust it.

On my Facebook page, Mom to Medium  , I recently offered an opportunity for my followers to ask Spirit for a butterfly. I called it hashtag butterfly challenge. I was overwhelmed with the amount of participation and videos from people who asked their loved one in spirit for a butterfly to come near them and it worked. Well, I knew it would but I really wanted others who may doubt this truth to know for sure. As always, ask and you will receive. Spirit is listening the whole time.


A feather is one of the most common signs a Loved One in Spirit will leave you. Again, if you ask for one, you will receive it. (#feather challenge) I offered the same challenge on my page and never anticipated the response I would get, even weeks after it was over. Feathers are everywhere yes, I know. Do you have faith in the invisible or are you too caught up in your head and the logical explanations it comes up with that has you doubting? Bird feathers of all kinds will show up when you’re walking, at the beach, in your home as you clean or walk up the stairs, on the coffee table and even on your blanket when you wake up. What a cool way to wake up! I even once found a blue jay feather on the seat of my SUV after leaving, locking it and all the window-shop tight. There it was in plain sight waiting for me when I returned to my car. Explain that one! If that isn’t trusting, I don’t know what is.

Dimes and Pennies

Another favourite of the gifts from above. Spirit has told me during my readings that it is more difficult for them to leave a dime for you and that is why they want you to pick it up. This goes for the feathers as well. Think about it for just a second. Spirit is invisible. A dime is a metal object. Their energy would have to deliver this to you so you will (hopefully) notice to say they are here. A gift from heaven.  So, when you get one, again, trust that it was meant for you to find. In the car, on the floor, on a walk, beside your bed and more amazing places. If you find one, pick it up and save it. Don’t be like the sweater 😉


This is probably one of my most favourite signs from Spirit. And again, dual meaning is probable. Let me explain how this one works: Spirit is a high-vibe frequency now and your loved ones are just a different vibration. They vibrate at a much higher vibration than we are capable of and that Is why we cannot see them anymore. As with all frequencies, it is energy. Think of a radio. Radios are on a different frequency (again that we cannot see) but we know it works because we can hear the music. If you’re old school like me, you remember the dial on old car radios. When you “tune-in” to your favourite station, it’s clear and has your fave songs. When you turn it just a bit, it’s static. Since spirit is a high frequency, it can deliver those special meaningful songs right to you.

The two ways you receive messages this way is 1) Spirit is trying to give you an important message to guide you on your next steps through repetitive themes in song lyrics. Best way to hear messages in songs is to scan your radio. Just hit scan and listen. are the songs playing trying to tell you something? Do you hear a repeating theme of specific words?

Here is an example: this past year, I gave up doing something I loved. Zumba and dancing have been my passion for many years. I would go to class on a regular basis and even became an instructor. but life changes had me stopped and not exercising anymore. Yikes, right? I quit my membership. Lately, I’ve been hearing songs with the word “dance” in them. “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston. “Let’s Dance”. “Everybody Dance Now” by C and C Music Factory. You get the drift. This is what spirit knows is for my highest and best and wants me to go back. I must hear these types of songs ten or more times a day. I hear them and I know they are meant for me to hear. Maybe one day I’ll go back. 😉

The second way is through a specific song from your loved one in spirit are the other signs you may receive. Usually a favourite song of your passed over loved one or that song you sang together while they were still physically here. If your loved one ins spirit had a super strong personality, you can bet you will hear it, sometimes repeatedly. How do they know? They know everything and they use the power of song to let you know they are ok and with you. When you see a medium, a lot of the time, your loved one in spirit will validate that song or mention it to me by singing it in my head. Specific Christmas songs oldies, or recent top 40, it doesn’t matter. If it’s a song they know you know and relate to them, they will tell me so that you will have no doubt they are, in fact, present. They don’t want you to be sad. They want to see you smile and laugh and have joy. Celebrating them is what makes them happy, too. If a specific song is what it takes to do that, they will give it to you. So, tune in to your favorite radio station and wait. It will be there and when it plays, crank it up and sing along!



Unearth Your Intuition will be available for purchase Spring 2018.



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