Trying Too Hard

This morning, I was feeling grumpy, irritated and low-vibe. I wanted to say, “fuck it” to everything. I kept asking, “if the Law of Attraction is supposed to work, why isn’t it? What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I get this?” I’ve been trying so hard to do well with it and I am wanting to give up. It’s exhausting some days to summon up enough willpower to focus my thoughts and make sure I’m happy. (For those of you who don’t know the steps of manifesting, I will post that in a bit.)

I sat in my bed with laptop on my lap, drinking my tea and trying to feel happy and joy (eff off) and certainly NOT feeling it. All of  a sudden,  I felt the need to close my eyes (I AM super tired 😉 ) and put my hands on my keyboard. As I took a deep breath, I heard words that were definitely not mine and as soon as I started typing, I knew why I was guided to type. This is what came through:

Stop worrying all of you. It’s a waste of time and energy. It is much better to go about your day in love and the energy of love and time, for there is an abundance of that. When you worry, you weaken your mind and when you are happy and full of joy, your strength it in brings layers of goodness. Perhaps it is best to do nothing at all. We’d like you to think about that and then let it go. You are resisting too hard. Too much, too tight. You cannot receive it from here. You believe lack is the norm. It is not. We wish for you to see it and know it and find it;  you deserve it and are worthy of it all. Your biggest dreams cannot come to you until you believe in it. Your power is in the now. It is now and only now. What are you feeling this exact moment? What are you trying so hard for? Stop trying. Focus on your point of attraction and it will flow. Endless streams of abundance. Light force energy wants to bring it to you. Can you see it from our view? No, you’re too set in your ways. Tell a new story. Tell a story of what you do want. Stop telling things about what you don’t want.”


What?? Who said that? And more importantly, why are they saying it to me and which dude is reading my mind?

Either way, that’s exactly what I needed this morning to turn my thoughts around. I was not feeling great about why I’m here and why I should keep going. What I’ve learned from studying Abraham-Hicks is that when you’re feeling low like I am, the best thing to do if you can’t reach for a better feeling thought is to do nothing. Nothing is good sometimes. Sometimes you need to just stay in bed or think about other fun things like kittens and books. (My faves).  But really, the truth is no matter what it is I’m feeling, underneath the goo and yuck is my Soul shouting: “Nooooooooooooo!! That isn’t the real you! You are here for joy and creating and fun! Focus on that and you’re going to be just fine!” I’m feeling better already.

I’m just done writing for now.




Steps to Manifesting/LOA:

  1. Ask/Intend
  2. Believe with NO doubts/resistance
  3. Get happy.



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