Adventures of a First-Time Traveler (Part One)

Ever since I returned from my very first trip out-of-the-country-on-a-real-plane to the Big Easy, I’ve been bombarded with the ever-popular question: “How was it?” Now, you would think my first response would have been: “It was freaking amazing!!! I loved every second and I cannot WAIT to go back!! Who’s with me?” But that isn’t the case here. Instead, I actually have no idea how to answer that question. Instead, I stammer out: “Umm, well….it was interesting…” I know that’s not the answer you have been expecting and to be completely honest, I don’t know even where to begin with this blog post. I DO know that I need to write about it, post, talk, share and blab about it as much as possible everywhere and any chance I can get because this trip taught me some much-needed big girl lessons.  More than what not to do when travelling, what to actually do at the airport, how navigate out-of- this world energies and so much more. So, grab a coffee (PJ’s was like a Starbucks here and good luck finding tea!!  😉 ) and read on.

The flight down was fantastic for two reasons: 1) I got to travel with my group and not alone and 2) They had in-flight movies (which none of the other airlines did.) When we landed, it was smooth sailing as we all hopped in a cab (with a grumpy driver) and we were on our way to the (haunted) Hotel. My fellow travelers must have thought I was nuts because I was  so in awe of seeing real-live palm trees that were NOT just in a movie anymore. I felt giddy and light-headed (Should have picked up on this right then and there because it would be my first real indication of what was to come.) Yelling, “Hi, Palm trees!” every five seconds probably seems ridiculous and some may think it was cute but I was truly excited to see these trees. I’m not sure if it was the fact that they weren’t on my television screen anymore or the fact that I could almost reach out and touch them from my cab window.

The excitement for me was building because I was also feeling incredibly free. I was not in my small town anymore nor did I need to clean my house or do the grocery shopping for six for a few days. I was proud of me for venturing out into the world that I had never had the guts to venture out into before yet here I was. Finally! When the cab pulled up in front of our (haunted) hotel (The Royal Omni Orleans) I was anxious about the energies waiting inside. The details of exactly what was residing in this historic building were not revealed to us but I was ok using my abilities to find out for myself.

Once inside the impressive lobby, I could definitely feel “something” and it didn’t feel ominous in the least. After receiving my key card, that was a whole different ballpark. It’s almost like the Spirits or energies just knew I was coming 😉 I am still undecided if they were happy with my being sensitive (understatement of the year) and how I was able to “pick up” on them. I am also clairvoyant and I couldn’t decide if  seeing  them made them or me the most uncomfortable. But I was here for an adventure of a lifetime and I had a heads up that it was highly probable (guaranteed) I would encounter this kind of “stuff”.

I sat on the bed (alone, as my roommate wasn’t checking in until that evening) and the spirits decided to introduce themselves in creepy hotel-style by making my legs from the knees down absolutely freezing. What fun! OK I get it. I’m a Medium and I know you’re there. How ’bout we not do that and just let me enjoy my alone time. HA. I managed to somehow relax for a little while until we headed out for our first jaunt around the city. Y’all ghosties can just stay here in this room.

Omni Royal Orleans.

Our first trek led us straight into Jackson Square in the heart of the French Quarter.  Live jazz music (and some bucket music-that’s right, I said bucket music), Tarot Card Readers, costumes and energies lined up in the middle of this place. Buzzing and loud, my first thought was: “I’m cool. I can handle this. This is actually freaking awesome. Best. Day. Ever.” That’s where the first photo of me smiling comes in. Day one. Smiles. We kept walking with our small starving group to find the perfect place to eat. We settled on a diner and I was fine with that. We had the cutest and most southern waiter named, Joe who ended up being one of my most favourite people of the trip. I ordered Chicken and Waffles (can you say YUM) Syrup on chicken. Who knew? Bacon in the waffles. #iaminlove I couldn’t come all this way and order fries. Or can I? So I did. On the side. Man, they were better than any fries I have scarfed down here! We all said goodbye to Joe and the diner and we headed back to our hotel. I decided it was time to chill out and rest up for our evening out and for the arrival of my roommate. The human one, not the one currently residing in room 349.

Next blog post:


To be continued.


Bring on the beignets.



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