FU*K It- I’m Gonna Love Me

I decided on a title for this blog before I wrote it.

I probably haven’t mentioned this before BUT I have a creative blog idea radar built-in. I just totally made that name up. No, I’m not bragging. I just have one. It’s like, “Oh, here it comes! It’s coming. I can feel it.” Kinda like an orgasm but with words. 😉 It builds and I sit in front of my laptop and wait for the words to come flying out of my fingers. It’s pretty cool to have this “CBIR” . I literally sit here and wait for the words. Here they come. Anytime now. And go. (Nervously hears the Jeopardy theme song playing in my head.)

The truth is: I’ve had the idea for this FU*K it blog for a while now but I haven’t seem to be able to find the guts to go ahead and write it. I didn’t want to write a blog just to write a blog. I always want to help my readers and hopefully have them relate to what I’m posting. Maybe it’s the New Year New Me bullshit but today I’m feeling kinda sassy and so I decided to just go for it.


If I asked you to list 5 things that you loved, how long would it take for you to list YOURSELF? I bet most of you wouldn’t even THINK of putting yourself down there and it probably didn’t even cross your pretty little mind. You’d most likely list your house, your family, your job (maybe) and definitely your cat. I know I would. But I bet you forgot the most important thing on that list. YOU.

Now I have suffered from NLME (stands for not loving myself enough/ever-and I just made that up, too.) I have had that for my whole life. While I bet I loved myself before I got here and when I was a teeny tiny cutie pie baby but then life happened. Right? I probably stared in that car seat mirror and thought, “Oh, that nose of yours! Jen, you poor little thing. Where did you get that?” I’m still doing that, actually. And I don’t know if it’s my age, the 2018 woo woo or that I’m just plain sick of being hard on myself that I decided that today was as good a day as any to cut that shit out.

If you’re what I like to call “awakened”, you know and believe that you are an extension of Source energy and that news is HUGE. If you think about it: you came from Source energy and you were created out of that immense, not- able -to -describe- it -properly, energy! The stuff that stars (the nebulous kind, not the Hollywood kind) were made of, where the grass comes from, the indescribable love that emits from a high-vibratory place. Ummmm, hellooooo…..you are part of that. So how can it even be possible that we hate our nose?? It’s like if we hate on ourselves, we are hatin’ on Source/the Universe. And if you really ponder that (or even better, meditate on it) what you will realize eventually is that what we are doing is actually offensive. We are love, We are beyond words. And if you’re not “awakened”, you will TOTALLY thing I’m nut so for saying that. But here’s the thing. I say, FUCK IT. I am going to love myself so hard my self won’t know what to do!


At the end of this blog, I am going to ask you to list all the things you love about yourself and what you’re going to do/stop doing in order to make that happen. Here is mine:

Things I have decided to do differently as a result of the decision to  love myself:

  • I will no longer tolerate the bullshit (things that others think of me and what I’ve been taught)
  • I will no longer go where I do not want to be. This includes family gatherings. If it’s not a hell yeah, you won’t be seeing me.
  • I am going to appreciate myself.
  • I am going to stop telling my nose it’s ugly.
  • I am going to stop being fake. And stop hanging with other fakers. Because I can totally feel your fake-ness. Keep that away from me.
  • I will forgive myself for hatin’ on myself for 43 years. Why did I do that? I’m fucking awesome.
  • I will take more pictures on my iPhone 6 plus of my half-naked body and not give a shit if you think it’s not hot.
  • I will take more time for me.
  • I will continue to be selfish. That includes spending all of my money saved on plane ticket to NOLA even it means none of my family gets Christmas gifts.
  • I will only do what feels good.
  • I will only post on social media when I feel inspired. No more forcing and lack- minded posts just to get you to like me.
  • I will show up as I am. Messy hair and all.
  • I am only going to choose friends who “get me”. I am going to tell me I love me. Over and over and over and over until my me feels it.
  • I’m gonna love my body. Flab and all!! I’m even going to post one I took before the Holidays. Fuck it. Here it is:

After all, I am the only me I’ve got. And Source did NOT put me here for no reason. I am here to help change the world and show others the truth about the invisible and their very own superpowers. How can I do that if I don’t love the incredible soul I am? My mind is still blown that I was CHOSEN to do this. Chosen. Nothing random about being chosen to take a path of service to others. And if I accept that as 100 percent truth, then I have no other choice but to stop being a mean girl to myself each morning (and we don’t wear pink on Wednesdays 😉 ) It’s time for the love fest. Will you be joining me? Because the good news is: you are also an extension of Source. That stuff that keeps this leading-edge time space continuum going. Can’t wrap your head around that?  Maybe you need a little more time to find that love train and realize how worthy you actually are.

I can help with that. 😉 Because if I can start lovin’ THIS, you can too.

Spiritual Coaching sessions available.  Plus a whole lotta other fantastic services that I put together just for you.


Now, show me YOUR list!




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