It’s My Birthday (Almost)

It’s My Birthday!!

OH, EM Gee it’s my birthday! 43 years of pure awesomeness and fun. Ok well, umm, it wasn’t all fun but I am ready to look ahead and get ready for the best year of my life (so far!) I have so much to celebrate, be excited about and prepare for that it’s a wonder I have time to write this birthday blog post 😉
What do you think about when you hear the word, “birthday?” Some you may cringe (you’re not THAT old!), some of you may have this big toothy grin like I do, and some of you will immediately think, “PRESENTS!” Cake, singing, presents! YES! I love all of it. I don’t mind that I am turning the big 4-3 because I’ve learned that getting older is not only fun, but it’s way better than when I was 34. My life is so much joyful-er than it was back then! I remember being OK with turning 30 but for some reason 31 was the worst thing ever. But that was the old Jen and now I laugh at that girl. She didn’t know all the amazing things that were about to unfold over the next ten years.

And mind-blowing changes have occurred. For one, I’m not hiding in my bed as another year approaches. I am CELEBRATING LIKE A CRAZY LADY! Woohooo! Bring it on! Here come the best years of my life! It’s time for all of us to celebrate more, not only our ages but our amazing gifts (presents included 😉) I am so proud to get older. I may even stop covering up the greys. Ok, let’s not get TOO cray cray.
SO, because it’s my birthday and I am happy as fuck, I want to share my gifts with all of you! You need a gift on my birthday, too.
I am giving away a FREE 30-minute reading! You can choose from a past, present and future Angel card spread OR a Mediumship reading in-person or online! <—Guess that all depends where you live 😉 Go over to my Facebook page, Mom to Medium-Jen Abra and look for the Happy Birthday Live I did today. Share it and post your fave cute Birthday emojis so I know you spread the Birthday love!

Who knows? You could be on your way for some life-changing moments yourself 😀

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