Five Ways You Know It’s Time to Quit Your Job

Five Ways to Know It’s Time to Quit Your Job and (Maybe How to Do It)

I can hear the shock and your jaw drop to the floor as you read and double read the title of my latest blog. I can also hear what you’re probably thinking right now: “She’s nuts. I can’t quit my job. I must suck it up for the rest of my life!” Thank God for my psychic powers 😉 How else would I know you don’t believe me for a second.

I may sound like a broken record but I do know a thing or two about quitting a job you don’t like anymore. I know all about the staggering fear that overpowers your entire body when you imagine what it would be like to feel happy and excited about life and a job again. You probably envision a beach somewhere and dream of escaping “reality” “one day”. But what if I told you, quitting that soul-sucking job wasn’t a pipe dream and that it could and can actually happen for you?


Writer’s note:

I’m going to be all Spiritual (I mean science) and stuff and explain how the Universe works.


The entire Universe or Source or Spirit, or whatever the fuck you want to call it, is supporting each and every one of us. The only reason some of us doubt that is because we all have a million and one beliefs that it’s the total opposite. But I’m telling you, the Big U is on your side. There is nothing you can’t be, do or have. It would be helpful to see the universal energies as a big where you can order whatever your heart desires, put it in your cart, and wait for the delivery truck at your door.


I already have this knowledge but I didn’t really grasp it until I began studying the Law of Attraction in great detail. I am a LOA sponge and I absorb it all. I’m getting it, truly now. The Law of Attraction is always giving you what you are thinking about, feeling and asking for. You are manifesting at lightening speed and it only takes 17 seconds for at thought to be fully out there in the Universe and for the manifestations to arrive. Good or bad. Therefore, it is most helpful to ask for only good things and to trust that the Universe will deliver.


When you have a job you are unfulfilled in and your inner being or soul knows that it’s no longer for you, you are sending out feelings of dissatisfaction. And how the LOA works is that what you feel and emit, since we are all vibrational beings, you will receive more dissatisfaction. And who wants that? Not you!


But the good news is, you can totally create the life you want. Yes, you can. It is a law. Science. Un-woo woo. It’s real and it works.


Once you understand that the Universe loves you so much more than you currently love yourself and it hears how unhappy you are in your current job, guess what will begin to happen?


For me, it was crippling anxiety. Fun times.

Universe: Hey Jen, you should quit your job. You’re not happy and you feel like there’s something better out there for you! Want it?

Me: Naw… I think I’ll stick it out a bit longer. I need money.

Universe: Hmmmm…Well, that’s not how it works but ok.

Me: Seeing 555, 999, 000 constantly. Major life change, chapter ending, chapter coming full circle. <ignores the signs for months>

Universe: How’s that anxiety going? Are you enjoying counting all  of your dwindling sick  days every, single. night?

Me: It’s fine. I like when my hubby has to drag me to my car kicking and crying every dark cold morning.


Universe: Mmmkay.  Do you mind that when you guys go ice skating, you’re going to fall and break your wrist, is that ok? Then you can’t do 27 zippers on the kindergartener’s jackets when you go back.

Me: D < Falls and breaks wrist> Damnit. Ok fine. I’ll listen.




Now this may not be how your story is going but you can see how the Universe loved me (kind of 😉) and kept showing me that my inner being was right on track.  I had to find a way to leave and pursue my dream of being a full-time professional medium.


Here are five helpful (maybe) ways you can quit your job, mixed in with how you know it’s time:

(Because if I can, you can😊)


  1. You Have a Supportive Husband Who Has Two Jobs.

I was super fortunate that all of my crying, whining, misery and depression showed my husband that it was more beneficial to us all that I quit. He was tired from seeing me behave this way for six months and there was no smiling for me, no joy. Only my bed. I would come home from work, he would tell me to go upstairs and lay down. I’d go down for dinner only, bath and bed. At first, he did not agree with me that it would be feasible to go down one income and give up a pension and extra benefits but after seeing my decline, he changed his mind.


  1. You Have a Pension.


Yes, this may be an unpopular way to quit your job, but cashing in my pension allowed for me to supplement my loss of income for six months! There are so many options here. I could have also saved it, but I felt this was the best choice for me at the time and the wanting to pursue my dream made it all the more the best option for me.


  1. You Trust the Universe

The Universe will NOT leave you hanging if you decide to take the leap into freedom and happiness once again. Remember, the Big U only wants you to be happy and full of joy and if you’re not jumping out of bed screaming, “OH MY GOD I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY TODAY!” and it’s Monday, you’re not doing it right. The ultimate feeling or emotion we are all meant to feel 24.7 is pure joy. That is our natural state of being. If you’re not happy, you’re not in alignment with your soul/inner being. When you ignore the gut feelings and keep doing what you’re doing, the Universe will amp it up and get the ball rolling quicker for you. (i.e. Breaking my wrist and crippling anxiety that left me unable to go to work)



  1. You Believe There is Something Bigger Out There

We all came here for a reason. No, we did not come here to pay bills and die. You know you have a bigger purpose on this Earth other than pushing papers and dealing with asshole clients who never listen to you anyway. We are put here to help others, be of service, change laws, do better, expand the consciousness. How are we supposed to do that when we are driving three hours a day or more screaming and cursing at other drivers who cut us off? Your inner being knows why you are here. Reiki healer, Medium, caregiver. I don’t care what it is. Whatever it is, you are meant to do it. You have a feeling that you know why you are here. The more you ignore it, the louder it will get.


  1. You Don’t Like Taking Risks but Holy Shit


You don’t like taking risks. You like security and safety and a steady paycheck but for fuck sakes this is ridiculous. There is so much abundance available to you. Al of you. The money won’t run out. There is more where that came from. And the sooner you realize that the universe is an abundant place, the easier it will be to decide it’s time. Because it is time. It’s past time. Imagine a life of freedom, joy and happiness all from one little jump. Jump. Believe me when I say, the universe loves you so much that it would do anything to make you happy and bring you wat you desire. There is no lack. Money is there. It will come.


So, one day? Or day one.


That feeling within you that is getting louder and stronger will not go away no matter how hard you try. And like I always say, JUMP. Once in your life. And for fucks sakes, be happy. Not because it’s Friday either 😉




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