Mom to Medium

Last night I got up in front of a bunch of people I didn’t know and told my story. My voice was shaking and I almost peed my pants on stage.

The story of how I went from being a Mom to a Medium. Well, my story is mostly focused on the Mom part.

The part we as moms don’t talk about a lot or even out loud. The endless sleepless nights, the baby spit up on our only clean shirt, 
Car seats that hit your hip as you carry it, forgetting your newborn in the car for a minute because you’re so exhausted you have completely lost all sense.

I talked about how being a Mom is fucking hard work and we don’t applaud that. We don’t often say, “Wow, I love eating cold chicken nuggets cold and having breast milk leaking from my chest all day!”

We be come enthralled and obsessed with our Mom-ness. While we, of course, need to celebrate it, we also need to talk about how we as Moms put ourselves last. We sacrifice everything we used to be before we had kids. We lose ourselves in the LEGO, we find food in our hair. But we do it because we love our children more than we love ourselves.

It took me years and a really big mess to realize that we are doing it backward. We are pouring from empty cups. We are lying to ourselves while we fold umpteen piles of laundry. We put us last and in that process, we totally lose sight and feeling of who we are.

My story talks about the events and choices that led up the total destruction of my life and my old self who believed that she was “just a Mom.” I woke up one day and asked, “Is this all there is?”

Well, I got my answer in a big way.

And my journey has led me here. I’m still a Mom. A really good one now because I take care of myself. I read books and take a long bath. I pee by myself and I don’t share my chocolate. That’s for me. It’s time for me to be me now.

Want to hear my story? Join me at MoMondays in Barrie Monday October 23 at 7

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