A New Channel-Elijah

Something strange is happening. Not like speaking to Spirits isn’t strange. It’s not really, not to me. It may be to you. It is my hope that one day you will find normal in the paranormal. Look, it even has the word in it! 😉


I feel a shift happening in my world and what I am here to do.


I am only going to do what I love, which is teaching all things spiritual to those who are ready to hear it and remember.

I am only going to do group readings and events because I freaking love it.

And I will be doing shorter private readings in my home for a while. Lower price, videoed and recorded.

Bring Reiki healing back.




My head just hurts thinking about this shift.


The biggest one is channeling. I’ve been blocking it off because now that is some “woo woo” shit to others for sure. And in my mission, I want to make the Spirit World NORMAL.


I want to call myself a ParaNORMAList.

I want others to stop saying, “this stuff”, hiding from their truth, being afraid of what others will think of them when they tell you they felt “bugs crawling in their hair”, (there’s no bugs ;)) and when they saw their deceased Grandfather standing in their living room. There are SO many people who are experiencing these ‘strange phenomenons” but guess what? They aren’t fake. They are real things happening in real life. It is just as real, if not more real than your 9-5 commute or that chair you’re sitting on. It’s SO real.

If you’re not ready to hear it, you won’t hear it. From me or anyone else for that matter.  And that is definitely okay. But my truth and the truth of so many is ready to be shared. Spirit, Source, Energy, entities, channeling, higher beings, Angels, loved ones in spirit, your pets in spirit, Reiki, Intuition. It’s time to share. And that is what I will do. In my own way, in my own creativity, in my own light.


This morning I allowed the ‘Elijah’ entities to channel through me a message for those who wish to see it.

What I realized are two things:

One: Elijah is just like me. To quote my friend, Elijah means no compromise. I am going to do what I do and there is no stopping me. I have my own unique way of being me. Nothing will get in my path.


Two: I have a feeling there is a strong correlation between my being all of a sudden enthralled with the teachings of Abraham. Abraham is also an entity that is channeled by Esther Hicks. Who knew? 😉


Channeled Message:

“What is it you would like to know. You are a child of spirit. You have walked to many places standing in a forest of trees with spirals and peace and nature abound. There is a tunnel you must go through piece by piece, step by step; for it is your agreed-upon healing space. We love you and support you and many others on this physical plane who do. It is our intent that you are well received. You may not fully understand our work yet but we are true and have much of value to give and to share. Our only wish is for all to come together. Let there be no more hatred. We are viewing it from above, from inside, from all around. We see your tears and we hear your call for help. When you love, that is all there is. When you frown, that is all there is. When you hate, that is all there is. But when you find quiet, that is all there is and you may hear us and there is much value there, there is only love in that.”

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