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Five of Raphael

I call this one the “worry” card. Not that you have anything to worry about (worrying only brings what you don’t want right to you!) Consider this card as a wake-up call to your thoughts and pay attention to what you are not only thinking, but also believing in your mind. Are you constantly worrying about every. little. thing? This is a message to say, “Hey! It’s going to be ok!” The Universe has your back. There is more where that came from. Drop the victim mentality from your being and turn it around.

I also feel like this message is for the ones who are looking back, regretting some past relationship or missing someone and wondering if they made the right choice. You can feel it in your soul, in your gut. Everything happens for a reason. It happens FOR you, not TO you. This card also emphasizes that once you release shame, sadness, loneliness, the past, you WILL receive something better. Something that is for the highest and best. You cannot make a mistake or choose the wrong path because your soul will always take you on the best path.


I also hear from Spirit: “Give yourself the love you so desire from outside sources. The love you seek is within your soul and  being. Do not regret anything that has taught you something about yourself and your purpose. Your path is higher and we are steering you on the best course of action possible. You are the light that is needed to shine.”

Keep your thoughts positive and you will receive positive outcomes.

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