Thursday, July 13: Mending

Oh dear. Everyday I ask Spirit for a card for the collective, and this one popped right out. I hear, “Forgiveness” by Don  Henley plus others regarding this important theme. You have been hanging on to past hurts and resentments and this is actually affecting your current relationships. Everyone always says that you need to forgive others and yourself to move on fully and love yourself but no one ever tells us how. Every article I’ve read: Nothing. Dude, don’t you think we want to forgive them and ourselves? We would if we knew how, right?

This card says it’s time to mend fences, hurts, the past and wounds that we believed we were over but truly deep down aren’t. We’ve been bringing up, reminiscing about and going over the past like a broken record for TOO long. It is time to forgive. Them, you, him, her. Doesn’t matter. We have been closing ourselves off from love and protecting our hearts under iron locks and keys. Forgiveness is the only way to unlock it.

So, how do we do that? Well, in a sense, we have to sit with our hurt. Like, literally sit. Down. For awhile. It’ll come up, trust me. If you sit long enough, you will begin to feel the crack in your chest. Just let it be there. We need to just feel it to heal it. Sound easy, hey? Visualise the person who has crushed you in the past, and just keep sending them love. Energetically, or mentally in your mind’s eye. Keep doing that day after day and eventually, you may feel your heart healing and that you can feel it getting less and less painful.

And if that doesn’t work: punch some pillows  😉 I’m going to google how to forgive someone 😉

P.S. Here is an article, I told you I would google….


How To Forgive Someone Who Has Hurt You: In 15 Steps



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