The World

Have you been seeing 999 a lot? On license plates, trucks, signs? This means a chapter is coming full circle now or closing permanently, and you have what it takes to achieve your greatest desires. The entire Universe is surrounding you, bringing you everything you could ever wish for. Now is the time to think BIG! Do not let your ego tell you can’t have it. There is a world out there you haven’t even explored yet, literally and it may be time to pack your bags. Let go of the past and dive headfirst into a whole new world! (Oh, Aladdin songs)

It may also be time to pursue those spiritual goals you have been putting off. I hear, taking a course, getting your cards read etc. Something that will expand your consciousness like meditation. I also keep hearing, “She’s got the whole world, in her hands” remember that song from when you were a kid?? Wow, I really need to emphasize this really important message for you. Instant manifestation is here. 888 everywhere. You can have it all. Really. So, go out into the world and declare it yours.

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