Card of the Day-Blessed Change

Oooh I love this card for you today! Have you been feeling like somethin’ BIG is on it’s way? Think Shawn Mendes’ song! It’s been playing in my head all morning and when it gets louder, boy oh boy, here it comes. It’s right around the corner and it brings such amazing blessings. The key to this change is trusting the nudges, people. It’s about making big jumps, bounds and leaps. If you say stagnant, you will stay the same. Unless the Universe has a doozy for ya, then it will come about no matter what action you take or don’t take.

It may turn your world upside down, topsy turvy and inside out. Think new home, relocation, new job offer, helpful people, even an unexpected windfall of moula. I also hear 555 for you which in Angel numbers signifies a major life change. I’m hearing the words “sweep” and “upswing”. Don’t deny the feeling. That is your intuition preparing you for all the awesomeness coming your way. Like soon. Not 6 months from now. I’m talking days and weeks.

Can you feel it coming?



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