A Change in the Wind

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A Change in the Wind:

You feel it dont’cha? Be it the Full Buck moon or just the energy in general, it’s a comin’. Change. I mean real change. The life-changing, big-time shifting, all-encompassing ch-ch-ch-ch changes. Don’t fear though. Fear of the unknown will only make the inevitable scary and it’s not. It’s all how you look at it. Hint hint: positively.

You need to make room for something better. How you do that depends on you. Have you been purging closets and clutter? That junk drawer empty? Hubby clean out the garage? We are all trying to make room for the new. Get rid of the old and the heavy. Permanently. Don’t look back, you’re not going that way. In fact, our old way are sooooo far gone and behind us now, we wonder how we got here!

If you have been ignoring the emotional issues that have kept creeping up, you won’t be able to do so any longer. The power of the conscious collective energy is moving all of us toward better things and greatness. It’s time to step FULLY into your power now. No more playing small. Sorry not sorry. Something off in your relationship? Someone may have a change of heart suddenly or have the courage to speak of matters of the heart. This is all for the highest and best.

You may find yourself doing deep work on yourself and making you number one; which is how it was always meant to be. You find yourself yearning, craving and making time to be alone and meditate. You find answers there and that is only when you can truly hear yourself. De-clutter the negative thoughts as well and you will see a difference in your thinking and unhelpful patterns.

Stop resisting the changes. You can’t stay the same your entire life. It’s time to change and make room for your purpose and gifts to shine.  Life is about changing, transformation and evolving. So, get ready and welcome in the Big Changes!


Medium Jen Abra

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