I Quit

When life doesn’t go right, turn left.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Don’t give up. Ever.

Are you barfing in your Cheerios yet? I know I am.

I’m tired. Tired of pushing. Of always doing. Being. Hustling. Selling. Giving.

At what point do you say, “Fuck it, I’m out! Thanks for coming out! It’s been grand.”

If you listen to masses, you will see, hear and receive repetitive messages of  “encouragement” both on social media feeds and like, from actual, real live people. They will tell you to keep going, you’re doing great! Dreams DO come true! And  we cannot forget my personal favourite, “Don’t quit right before the miracle occurs” posted in an inspirational meme with flowers and sunsets. What do flowers and sunsets have to do with miracles anyway? Winners never quit and stuff. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I want to run for the hills with my fingers stuffed down my ear canals and forks in my eye sockets so I can’t see it anymore. When did inspirational quotes become the norm? What if I want to scroll for an hour and watch endless videos of  adorable kittens running around and that one with the croc on the dog’s head? That one kills me every time!

Yeah, I could “stay off” or take a Facebook break, but who am I kidding? I tried that and it didn’t work. I use social media for my Mediumship business nowadays. Long gone are the treks to my unfinished basement on my dinosaur PC to update my status to, “Well, I made it through another dinner without getting sauce on me!” or “Yes! I got a nap today!” Seriously, if you scroll all the way back to 2007, they are there. I miss back when. Mind you, my only job and business back then was making sure my toddler didn’t wake up when the doorbell rang or that they didn’t fall down the stairs once they discovered how to crawl! I remember working hard mentally trying to come up with witty or funny statuses. How would I wow my 34 friends today? I got to pee by myself!!! (Actual retro status update)

If I only knew! I probably would have relished in those simpler social media times a bit longer.

Fast forward to 2017:  I take training courses on how to BLOW up your business page to 2,000 likes! I’m sorry, did you say, two thousand? Holy crap! I thought having 700 likes was “good!” Hell yeah, I want 2000 likes! Even though I had to work hard for those likes, damn it. I am striving for a bigger audience, so I’m willing to put in the work. Up until now,  I made videos of me almost crying, of giving away free shit, posting my own share of inspirational quotes and offering my services. I did my hair, put on makeup (some days). I chose the brightest color to wear because green brings out my eyes. I didn’t show you the PJ pants I was wearing on the bottom! The point is, I’m out there. I’m doing and taking action.  I am showing up. I put my heart on the line some days and the other days you get a cute meme. Basically, I’m all over your news feed. Probably. Unless you don’t follow me, in which case, shame on you, you totally should. (Jennifer Abra-Spiritual Teacher and Medium) When did “following” someone have value and take on a whole new meaning? Back in 2007, my toddler followed me to the bathroom and stuck his fingers under the door. If someone followed me outside, I’d be like, “What a total stalker!” and consider calling 911! But now, it’s how many likes or followers can I get?

Which from a business perspective, I totally understand. I am grateful to have acquired the knowledge on how to acquire more likes and fans and testimonials. It’s super powerful shit. I realize how phenomenal Facebook is when you are a soulpreneur…ha, like that one? Or entrepreneur, whichever feels good to you. It has brought me so many amazing clients and new friends. Without it, I’d be here sitting in my old house with the dirty carpet again because I wouldn’t have seen the ad for my new home! I wouldn’t have 700 “friends” on my biz page or 556 “friends” on my personal one. WHO ARE YOU ANYWAY!!? YES, YOU. That girl. I don’t know you, do I? Anyway…

There are still issues that have contributed to my rant. I mean blog.

A) I am tired. Still. Seriously all of my passwords have “tired”and “mom” in them. (Don’t bother trying to guess what it is. Nothing good to steal)  I’m pretty sure I’ve been exhausted since 2001.

Maybe I WANT to give up and give in. Maybe being a quitter has its perks. What’s the worst thing that could happen if I threw up my hands and said, “EFF YOU UNIVERSE! I AM SO DONE. YOU WIN. YOU WANNA A PIECE OF ME? WELL, HERE IT IS BIG BOY!” I am not kidding you at the exact moment I typed those words, I felt this HUGE weight lift off my chest. I felt like I could breathe again. It only lasted a second or two but holy crap, that was freeing. I know you feel that way too. I can sense it. I’m Psychic, remember? 😉 I know this because we all at one time or another feel like throwing in the towel. Not just in the laundry hamper, either. I mean like throw it, burn it, stomp on it and go to bed for a week. We want to give ourselves permission to lie down. Not just for a few minutes while there is quiet in our house. If you have small kids, quiet is not good. Go check what they are getting in to. I’ll wait while you clean up the mess.

B) We need to give ourselves permission to QUIT or surrender with a capital Q and S. It’s OK to lay down for longer than five minutes. Hell, take a two-hour nap! If we don’t feel very “worky” today in whatever we are doing, then don’t be “worky”. Fuck worky. That’s not even a word. Go binge-watch Riverdale. For reals. We are our own boss. We need to stop sometimes and say, “I’m so done. I cannot do it any longer.”  Surrender is a big deal. It’s not easy to do, trust me, I suck at it. Most of us do. We want something so badly we will keep going like the Energizer Bunny until we achieve it. But it’s necessary. Do you feel me? That pile of laundry? It can wait. That stack of bills? One more day won’t hurt. (Unless they’re threatening to turn off your water, then for godsakes, woman, pay it now!) The social media posts you NEED to be offering this most fantastic offer that no one can miss out on right this very second? Chuck it in the fuck it bucket. Seriously. One day or maybe even a week of not doing will do wonders for your brain and soul. And if you’re feeling super brave and sassy little badassy, quit that soul-sucking job you loathe and makes you miserable. But don’t let me tell you what to do. I’m not the boss of you. You are.

Let’s be proud quitters. It feels better to surrender than it does to hold on for dear life. Even if it’s for one day.  Take time for YOU. Boss lady, kick-ass Momma of two or four, goal-setter, go-getter, all-round top earner, income generator. It can wait. Whether you are the CEO of your up and coming innovative company or the Queen of your castle, I feel you and I see you. Who wants to be tired all the time? I sure as hell don’t. I know you are worthy of that nap. So, go on. Do it. Do it because it feels better than trying today. It’s medicine for the soul. And if the kids made a mess, it’s all good. I know a good housekeeper. 😉


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