The Art of Being

The Art of Being (Inspired by the book “I Hope I Screw This Up” by the amazing Kyle Cease, who has forever changed my meditation practice)

I recently went on trip. It was the most amazing place I had ever been to! It was quiet and peaceful and full of wonder and magic. It didn’t require a passport and I can go back whenever I wish! Best of all, it was free! Since loved it so much, I want to share this secret location with all of you! You will want to go there too and once you go, you will want to go back everyday!

What if I told you there was a magical place where all of your deepest desires and dreams existed? A place that was pure love and heart and your rational mind cannot be a part of? What if I told you I wasn’t full of shit and what I am proposing is valid and real? Palm trees appear before you and you can see clear blue oceans. You sit under cabanas and lay on a table just receiving. You don’t have to prove yourself or your worth and you don’t have to try to get anything. It’s all yours to have because you are you. It’s all there for you because you have the power to access this place at any time.

Wait, don’t leave. I promise to show it to you. So where is this magical place? Is It Disneyworld? Is it Paris or Rome?
No! It’s BETTER!!


It’s in YOU. You have it already. You already have the means to go there. You don’t need to save up. You just go!
What are you talking about? Who wants to go to a place at home? Is this some of boring stay-cation you’re trying to sell me? What kind of woowoooo b.s is this?

Stay with me. If you’re still reading that mean I haven’t lost you yet. And there is some microscopic part of you that wants to hear more. Your curiosity is like a shy woodland creature peeking around the trunk of a massive tree. My words are like a snap of a twig that startles you and make you jump. How’s that for a metaphor 😉 ok so it’s not my best work but I’m telling you. I’m getting to the good part.
Its called, wait for it:

Isn’t that a cool name?? I thought so too!

Here’s how you get there:

Step one: stop what you are doing
Step two: go somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed
(Wait, is she just trying to trick us in to meditating??)
Step three: close your eyes
Step four: YOU’RE THERE!!

See how easy that was!! Gawd, I’m good at giving you directions, hey? Good for a girl who doesn’t know which way west or north is. 😉

The best part is you get to do NOTHING.

No cleaning or baking or cooking or sewing (Who does she think is reading this, a Grandma?)
You can’t speak or move or pee.

You just get quiet.

[I knew she was trying to trick us into meditating, hippie bippee boo]

I’m not I swear. All I am doing Is showing you the way to that place I’m talking about!

So, once you are sitting or laying down not cooking, {cause that can be messy at this point}, I GUARANTEE you your mind will say a lot of mean things to you. You may hear things like,” WTF am I doing here? I got to take out the trash or my wife will be mad at me. I’m not doing this, this is stupid. I got things to do. Brush my teeth. Oh MAN! Great, I gotta pee. How long did she say to do this for? An HOUR!! Is she bonkers??”

This is actual word for word conversation from my mind in the first fifteen minutes, maybe longer. Your mind dialogue will try everything in the book to get you to stop immediately. BUT I really really suggest that you stick with it. If you’ve ever listened to anything I have ever said, this is the most important thing.

Being the intuitive that I am, I can hear you saying aloud, WHY would I want to do this? Why why why.
Here’s why and I’ll tell you straight up:

Because if you do this, you will be instantly more creative. You will feel lighter and inspired and all kinds of amazing wicked stuff that your mind can’t fathom at this moment. Your mind will give you a million excuses why you can’t possibly visit this magical world I found.
You will be the TRUE self. The best self you already are but can’t find because you are hiding behind too many distractions. You are scrolling Facebook like a social medium zombie. You are ignoring your inner guidance that is shouting at you over and over every single day. Your spirit guides be like. Your mind wants to keep you small and safe and the same. Cozy posy little cocoon.

But what if for a minute, you choose something else.

What if you choose to humour me and this wacky idea?
What if you come out of the “BEING” place, feeling so much clearer and inspired. What if you chose that instead?

I can’t sit here and take credit for this place. I have a man named Kyle Cease to thank for writing his book, I Hope I Screw This Up. Because if it weren’t for him and another beautiful soul whom I love dearly, I would be sitting here outside and scrolling Facebook right now. I wouldn’t be having these words flow out of me so quickly I can barely keep up with my thoughts on this keyboard. These two-pivotal people didn’t invent the place, they just showed me how to get there. They handed me a map to BEING. In all honestly, they gave me back ME. I had the key all along but I was pushing it away to stay the same.

And who wants to stay the same their entire life? Did you know there is an entire WORLD out there? We all have access to this world but a lot of us are too afraid to venture out into it because of fear. They make excuses for staying the same. “But I don’t have the money to travel the world.” “I’m too afraid of airplanes” and my personal favourite and one story I’m letting go of completely “I’m the girl who doesn’t have a passport.” GET A PASSPORT. Ok. I will.

When you go to BEING, it allows you the space to let go of a lot of shit. Old stories you have learned to be true because you keep telling it to yourself over and over and have been your entire life. It became a belief because it’s what you learned, its what others told you to do and be and in the past that is all you experienced. I hate to burst your safety bubble, but it’s not true. It’s illusionary.

Here’s why:
When you visit Being, you are the truth at that moment. All you have is that moment. The past doesn’t exist nor does the future. You are in that moment and so rooted into being, you become complete LOVE. And since we all know we are love, that is exactly why being in BEING [ha-ha get it?] is where you need to be. So, you can experience the space of all that you are. The universe hand delivers to you all the incredible ideas to help you see the infinite potential that you and your life are.

This is what I experienced when I went to BEING:
• I saw a crystal blue ocean and palm trees by a pool and I was giving Reiki to someone in a cabana.
• I saw an Eagle and heard a song about raising up others.
• I was given an idea on how to pay for my trip to Bali [yes, the one I booked today!!-ME, that old girl with no passport will soon be the one of millions of women who have one]
• I saw myself standing on a stage and speaking inspirationally to hundreds about my journey.

I never in a million years could have received these ideas and visions while cooking or cleaning or scrolling Facebook like I do every single day. I use distractions to keep me small and safe and from becoming who I am truly meant to become. BEING is just that. It’s being. I can give you the map but you got to get there yourself. What’s it worth to you? Your freedom is more than a passport away. It’s right in front of your eyes. OK well, maybe just behind your eyes. Just make sure you close them before you go there. That would be weird 😉

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