Mediocre Is Unacceptable

I saw this blog post being shared across many Facebook profiles a while back. I remember the title so clearly, it’s like it was branded on my forehead only to  fester and ooze later. And ooze it has. The title was “What if All I Want Is a Mediocre Life?” My insides shudder just re-reading that.

I’m sorry, what?

I get it. I can understand why that woman would be happy/content with being a Mom/Wife/Writer. I get it. I really do. I understand how fulfilling raising a family can be. I get that you can love your husband with all of your heart and soul. I would never, ever put that feeling down or judge anyone who says all of the above. What I can’t wrap my pretty little head around is WHY do you think that is all there is?

Yes, a family who loves you unconditionally is the best feeling in the world. I’ve got mine. I squish my babies (who are big-sized now) and hubby just as much as the next gal. My husband rocks my world because he cooks, cleans, scrubs our dark floors on his hands and knees, changes the cat litter because he knows I think it’s disgusting, cuts the grass just the way I like it (straight lines that look pretty) plus a million other things. He hugs me, tells me he loves me, and ummm, other stuff…oh, and he also brings me tea each morning and puts it on my nightstand when I wake up. How amazing is that?

As for my children: they cuddle me, kiss me good night, show me their loose teeth, fart, do chores, bring me homemade gifts and they are my fave people to hang out with on a Sunday  morning. They are smart, bright, hilarious and make me pee my pants (from both laughing too hard and from the four times I pushed them out of my vagina :/) I would do anything for them and I love them beyond description. There are no words.

But after that, isn’t there more? This can’t be all there is. What about YOU?

When did you stop seeing yourself  as a valued human being put on this Earth to create, paint, share knowledge, heal, teach, grow? When did you lose that oompfh and drive and desire for MORE? What do YOU want to accomplish on your short time here on this planet? What is YOUR gift to the world and why aren’t you sharing it?

I’m not talking about materialistic bullshit here.

I’m talking about doing what you LOVE.

Having the dream job.

Going on dream vacations without a second thought. (Ok, maybe after you find someone to watch your kids for ya ;))

Being inspired each and every freaking morning to jump out of your bed shouting at the top of your lungs, “I AM SO HAPPY TO BE ALIVE!! WHAT DAY IS IT? WHO CARES?? I’M ALIVE AND IN LOVE WITH MY LIFE! GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE!!”

No, this made-up person isn’t crazy.

She’s you.

(Looks under blankets, armpit, behind you.)


Fuck yeah, you!!

Who did you think I was talking to? 😉

This isn’t some fantasy land or scene from your favourite chick-flick. This is the way your life is  SUPPOSED to look like. That can’t look like mediocrity. It just can’t. It’s too amazing. And I hate to break it to you: If you aren’t doing all of the above mentioned “sofreakinghappytobealivedontcareaboutMonday” stuff, you’re doing it wrong.

Life is meant to be celebrated and full of joy and happiness and bliss and non-mediocre. It’s our natural state of being. It’s when we don’t feel that way, that we realize we are off-balance somewhere.

Yeah, I know. Bad things happen to you. Shit happens. Your kid’s hamster died and you lost your job. It happens to us all and I’m no special exception.

Let me say this: If what I write triggers you in some big or small way, and you want to reach through the laptop/iPhone etc. and claw my contact-covered brown eyes out: GOOD.

That means I’ve done my job and what I set out to do here.

You’re triggered because now I’ve got your “small-self”/EGO in a tizzy. Your ego wants to keep you small and safe and mediocre. It likes when you yell at your computer screen because it’s winning. I can just imagine what your ego is saying right now:

EGO: “Screw you blog writer!! Who the hell do you think you are? My life is just fine thankyouverymuch. I like working 9-8 each day and commuting through hellish traffic. Bite me, lady. I love paying bills and being too exhausted to spend quality time with my kids. I bet my kids love me even when I stumble like a zombie to kiss them goodnight, only to fall asleep after one sentence of Harry Potter!”

But what you don’t realize (or maybe you do) is that you have another choice.

EGO: “Oh boy, here she goes again! What the heck is she talking about? Pfffft. I like my cozy little life.”

Psst. There’s someone else who would like to have a say in this. It’s called SOUL.

SOUL: “Wow, she is so right, isn’t she? I am worth  so much more than what he says. I am valued and worthy of my dream job, sitting by the ocean writing that book I’ve always had inside me. It’s time to do this! I can’t wait to see what unfolds and how exciting my life can truly be if I just quiet the EGO for a minute.”


Do you hear that? You will if you get quiet. Really quiet. I’m not talking five minutes peace in the can either. I’m talking making the choice to tune in and choose love (Soul) over fear (Ego) and listen to what your insides have to say. I bet you a free reading that if you do, your life can and will change. And you WILL want to kick mediocre’s ass and to the curbside for garbage day.  Because mediocre is settling. Admit it. You, my dear reader, are worth and deserve SO much more than that.

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